A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Planter Box

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Sep 22 2021

Howdy, all the gardening lovers out there! Looking for a vibrant planter box or a flower pot in Malaysia? Or are you unsure of what to look for while buying plant pots? This article is the best guide for you to make an informed decision.

Here are the things we will be discussing:

  • Choosing an appropriate planter box
  • Selecting the best type of soil
  • Plant  at the right time
  • Tips to improve watering
  • Choosing the best types of plants
  • Maintenance of the pot plants

Let’s get started!

Choosing an Appropriate Planter Box

You must have some ideas in your head about choosing the shape, colour and design. It can be an addition to your existing landscape or remodelling to give your garden a fresh look. While buying a planter box in Malaysia, you can go way beyond your imagination.

When selecting a planter box, check to see that the planter box is frost-resistant and has drainage holes. The surplus water may then simply drain away.  Also, avoid selecting planter boxes that are too tiny. Always use a little larger flower box to allow adequate room for the roots to grow. Besides, look at the plant label to see how large it will grow.

Selecting the Best Type of Soil

Most potting soil providers offer a variety of potting soils that are suited to the plants they are intended to be used with, as well as nutrient and mineral content that plants must have in order to thrive. Rich, sandy loam is the ideal soil for most plants. There are three primary types of such soil. Soil amendment using compost is usually required. This will depend on how compact the soil is. Do not buy potting soil based just on pricing, but rather on the type of plant you have. You’ll get more out of it.

Plant at the Right Time

The best time to buy and pot plants are in mid-May after the night frosts have passed. To be safe, don’t rush out to the local plant store when you see your first rays of sunshine. Be patient with the plants, it’s all going to be worthwhile.

Tips to improve watering

Prior to noon, when the soil temperature is cooler and water has a better chance of permeating deeply, outside flowers and vegetables should be watered. If you water your plants early in the morning, they’ll have enough moisture stored in their roots to survive a scorching summer day.

The Optimal Way To Water A Planter Box

  • Fill the planter to the brim, leaving about 2 centimetres of space to allow for watering.
  • The first time you water the pot, top it off with a few handfuls of new potting soil if needed.

Do not overwater flower pots, different plants are requiring different amounts of water and sunlight. Studying the plants you’re growing in advance will help you know their optimal growth dynamics.

Especially in hot, bright, dry weather, compacted plants need to be watered as much as once or twice a day. Remember to soak the whole soil in the planter when you water it, not just the borders. For example, if the soil in your pots dries up too soon, you may have too many plants in them. It may be necessary to remove part of the plants, trim them back, or relocate the pot to an area that receives less sunlight.

Choosing the Best Types of Plants

Too many plants in a planter box is a bad idea. Choosing plants that demand the same amount of water and sunshine can give your flowerpot some colour contrast. As discussed earlier, all plants have different demands when it comes to water and sunlight, therefore, it is essential to select plants cautiously to get the best results.

Maintenance of the Pot Plants

While buying a planter box in Malaysia, the maintenance of the plantation in it would be your primary concern.

To begin, rapidly growing plants require a lot of nutrients to thrive. In pot gardens, fertilizer is essential due to frequent wetting and the little amount of soil.

Slow-release fertilizer pellets should be mixed into the potting soil according to the directions on the box. Every week or two, dissolve a water-soluble fertilizer in the watering can to provide additional nutrients during the growing season. Or, if you want, dilute the product by half to a quarter.

Plants that are past their prime should be removed and replaced with new ones. For example, bulbs and primroses in spring may be changed out for annuals and vegetables in summer and beautiful pansies for fall.

Pruning leggy stems back to buds or branches and eliminating off-coloured and damaged foliage can keep your plants looking lush and full. If you remove the wasted blooms before they set seed, many plants will continue to bloom. Remove a leaf or a bud from the flower stems by pinching them back just a bit.

Rotate planter boxes to enable plants to grow equally on all sides. Plants that are kept in the shade tend to grow lanky as they reach for the sun.

Choose light-coloured, non-porous pots like plastic or glazed pottery to reduce watering tasks. Keep pots out of direct sunlight and wind.

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