Car insurance in Malaysia – Bjak is here to save the day!

If you want to dodge the bullet of having to pay hefty car repairs and maintenance bills, you should get an insurance policy that covers your car. Whether new or old, modern or antique, we believe that every car should be backed by a good car insurance policy – a policy that’s not only flexible but affordable as well.

If you want the best car insurance in Malaysia, we suggest you choose Bjak for all your car insurance needs. For the same reason, in this article, we’ll be having an in-depth discussion on the different car insurance policies offered by Bjak. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Why get car insurance?

Having an insurance policy that pertains to your cars is a necessity in most countries and states around the world. Even if you’re at fault in a car accident, a good car insurance policy ensures that all of your losses are covered. These losses include the other party’s damage costs and their medical bills. A good car insurance policy also makes sure that all of the legal fees, in case of an accident, are covered.

Why you should get your car insured!

  • Car insurance is required by law in most regions.
  • A car insurance policy offers you financial protection, and you don’t have to pay heavy bills.
  • Car insurance may be required by your leasing agent or lender.
  • Car insurance policies also protect your passengers.
  • You don’t have to pay repair bills.
  • Car insurance ensures that you yourself are also protected.

Car insurance by Bjak

If you’re on the lookout for car insurance in Malaysia, we suggest you get your car insured from Bjak.

Just by selecting your car type, you can get a free quote in a matter of seconds from Bjak’s website.

In addition to all that, you can become a VIP at Bjak and get an unlimited towing service complemented by 24-hour customer support. Moreover, Bjak’s pro members even get rewards and gifts for free every month. All the customers of Bjak love it for its fast and easy car insurance renewal and flexible car insurance renewals and policies.

Types of car insurance offered by Bjak

Here are some insurance policies offered by Bjak.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance is frequently referred to as first-party insurance. It provides the most comprehensive defense. You will be protected against accidents, fire, and theft. The insurance will also cover (pay the cost) if an accident occurs involving your vehicle and the person you struck. This coverage is appropriate for vehicles that are less than ten years old.

Third-party, fire, and theft Car Insurance

This sort of automobile insurance covers your own car in the event that it is lost or caught in a flame. If an incident happens (and you are at fault), you will be responsible for repairing the car with your own cash, while the car you struck will be reimbursed by your car insurance provider.

Third-party Car Insurance

This is the most fundamental sort of auto insurance. It only protects the third party in an automobile collision. There will be no protection in the instance of a major accident, burglary, or fire. Third-party auto insurance is subject to approval by insurance providers.

Get to know Bjak

If you don’t know about Bjak yet, let us break it down for you. Bjak is a tech-focused company that specializes in car insurance policies and makes the insurance job easier for you. Bjak is the number one car insurance company in Malaysia and prides itself in its mission of giving equal accessibility, opportunities, and security to all of its customers.

Over and above that, Bjak has more than 6 million users that are loyal to them and won’t trust any other company with their insurance needs. Plus, the customer service is available 24/7.

Plus, if the insurance premiums are what’s bothering you, Bjak allows you to use the Atome app to break up your bills from Bjak for flexible payment options.

Bjak and Atome

Atome is a payment software that allows you to save money when you purchase at any of its (more than) 5,000 merchants. You may divide your invoices into three monthly payments by using the Atome app (download the Atome app). Furthermore, because there are no interest expenses involved, the transactions are completely interest-free. Atome is based in Singapore and has offices in nine countries across the world.

First Order Up To RM15 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To RM15 Off! Download Atome!

Atome is free to use and has over 5,000 merchants you can shop from, and Bjak happens to be one of them!

Here’s how to pay car insurance using Atome

  • Check out using Atome as your payment partner from Bjak.
  • Confirm your Atome account.
  • Pay one-third of the whole bill now and the balance later.

You can learn more about Atome at


Getting a comprehensive insurance policy for your car is absolutely necessary for many reasons. If you want to steer clear of heavy bills, car insurance is a must-have. Get the best car insurance in Malaysia from Bjak now and use the Atome app to break down your bills!

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