3 Things you should know before getting an electric kettle

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Feb 24 2022

Temperature Setting

The temperature settings you require depend on what you will use your kettle for and how particular you are about reaching just the ‘right’ temperature. Some electric kettles heat to a specific degree that you set, some have pre-set temperatures, while the others have no temperature control at all. So if you want to prepare the perfect cup of coffee or tea, you can opt for the electric kettle that allows you complete control over the temperature setting.

Type of pour spout

Some kettles have a gooseneck that looks like a long skinny spout, shaped like an S, while the others have a beak-shaped pour spout. The former pours liquid slowly, giving you more control over the speed of the pour, while the latter dispenses liquids very quickly, often leading to splashes and spills.

Volume of liquid

In the end, you would have to decide the size that is ideal for your usage. How much water do you want your kettle to hold? Do you make a single cup of coffee every morning, or do you need more cups simultaneously?

Now that you understand what to look for in a kettle, let’s have a look at some great options you can find at Mayer’s online store.

Electric kettles at Mayer’s online store

Mayer Marketing is a leading distributor of quality home and kitchen appliances in Malaysia. Years of dedicated service have earned the company trusting customers that rely on Mayer for all their household appliance needs.

You can find high-quality electric kettles in Malaysia at Mayer’s online store. We will now take a closer look at the available choices of electric kettles at Mayer’s.

Mayer 1.5L Digital electric kettle

This electric kettle has 5 temperature settings and a sensor touch digital control panel. It is a triple wall kettle with scald protection, and the interior wall is made from food-grade stainless steel. The kettle has an automatic power switch that offers protection from over-heating. It can keep the liquid inside warm for up to 6 hours.

Mistral 1.7L Stainless steel electric kettle

This electric kettle has a SUS 304 stainless steel body and a power indicator light. It also has an automatic cut-off switch that ensures protection from over-heating. You can store the kettle cord at the base of the kettle.

Mistral 2.5L Cool touch electric kettle

This electric kettle is available in two exciting colors: pink and mint. The inside body is made of stainless steel and can hold up to 2.5L of water. The kettle has a double wall so that it feels cool to the touch. This model also features an automatic cut-off switch to offer protection from overheating.

More about Mayer’s online store

Mayer marketing was founded in 1987 in Singapore. Since then, the company has grown into a leading distributor of high-quality home and kitchen appliances. After it was acquired by KHIND Holding Berhad, the company explored new business opportunities and added reputable brands such as Honeywell and Aqua Optima to their existing house labels, Mayer and Mistral.

Mayer strives to bring happiness to kitchens and cooking! The company aims to source brands and products that are attractive, functional, durable, and moderately priced for the diverse customer base. Their vision is that every household and kitchen would have a Mayer product that the whole family can enjoy.

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What is Atome?

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How to pay at Mayer’s store using Atome?

  1. When you are checking out from Mayer’s, select Atome as your payment partner.
  2. Enter your user credentials and proceed to checkout.
  3. Pay the first part (1/3rd) of your bill, and the remaining amount can be paid in the subsequent months.

Final Verdict

If you want to find an electric kettle in Malaysia, Mayer’s store is the ideal place for you. Customers trust Mayer’s for high-quality and durable home and kitchen appliances, so you can stop worrying about subpar products when shopping at their online store.

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