Cold-weather Destinations in Southeast Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world and most of its area lies north of the equator. There are a total 11 countries stated in Southeast Asia including Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and Timor-Leste. Southeast Asia is located in the tropics, and most areas have a tropical monsoon climate. There are only dry seasons and rainy seasons throughout the year. Therefore, crops in these countries are generally sown in the rainy season and harvested in the dry season.

You can find cold weather in Southeast Asia

Although there is only summer all year round in Southeast Asia, there are also cold-weather destinations to be discovered. The coolest place can only be determined by an elevation which refers to the vertical distance of a point on the ground above sea level.

Special activities in winter

There are many activities that can be done during winter. The most common activities are ice-skating, snowball fighting and jet skiing.

  1. Ice skating

Ice skating is the activity of propelling and gliding oneself across an ice surface while wearing ice skates with metal blades. It can be done both inside and outdoors on artificial ice surfaces as well as on naturally frozen ponds, lakes, canals, and rivers. In Southeast Asia countries, artificial ice is mostly implemented for ice skating that is built in indoors.

  1. Snowball fight

A snowball fight is a game similar with dodgeball, in which snowballs are hurled for the purpose of striking opponents down. Snowballs can be formed by using artificial and natural snow. Most of artificial snowball can be found in Southeast Asia country which does not have winter.

  1. Jet skiing

Jet skiing is the practice of moving through the water with a jet ski. Although jet skiing can almost be done through year around, the feeling of jet skiing during winter has another experience. However, jet skiing during winter should consider before heading out on the water as it may contain some dangers. In Southeast Asia, one of the locations that can experience jet skiing is Langkawi, which is a suitable and comfortable place for many activities.

5 cold destinations to check out in cold weather

Five of the cold destinations that can find in Southeast Asia as below:

1. Genting Highland – A plateau summer resort in Southeast Asia

Genting Highlands is a hill station located on the peak of Mount Ulu Kali in the Titiwangsa Mountains which is located in one of the states of Malaysia, Pahang. Pahang is the central Peninsular Malaysia at 1,800 meters of elevation. The annual temperature at Genting Highland is around 22°C. It is the largest and most famous entertainment centre and summer resort in Malaysia.

2. Cameron Highland – The largest highland summer resort in Malaysia

One of Malaysia’s most well-liked tourist spots is Cameron Highlands in Pahang, a cluster of tranquil townships positioned 1500 metres above sea level on a nest of quiet mountains. The ideal location for a leisurely vacation, beautiful valleys and meandering hillslopes are dotted with cooling resorts, tea plantations, and strawberry fields. This is the other world that is concealed in the surrounding surroundings, which is a rainforest ecosystem rich of natural wonders that has long interested scientists and naturalists throughout the world.

3. Bukittinggi, Indonesia

The third-largest city in West Sumatra of Indonesia is Bukittinggi. The city is well-known by tourists because of its comfortable cool climate (usually between 16-24°C) and convenient location which located 930m above sea level. Due to the affordable textile and fashion items, Bukittinggi is also an attractively shopping area, particularly for the Malaysians. To have a tour at Bukittinggi, there are several means such as by foot, by car, or by motorcycle are highly recommended.

4. Chiang Rai, Thailand

Chiang Rai is located in Thailand’s northern highlands, around 200 kilometres north of Chiang Mai. Chiang Rai is the ideal place for people who are wanted to get rid of sweating their clothes off and want to go somewhere where they can cool off, with an average yearly temperature of 24.6°C and become even more lower during the New Year. The magnificent temple as well as masterfully carved sculptures that must be viewed in person to truly appreciate them. More than that, the area around Chiang Mai has gorgeous hiking trails, leading visitors to waterfalls, mountains, and tropical rainforests.

5. Sapa, Vietnam

The Northwest area of Vietnam is home to Sapa, a renowned tourist destination known for its magnificent scenery and the kindness of the local minority population. Travelers are able to experience a cool and muggy winter, particularly at night. Snow is present throughout the winter; however, it differs from the snow found in certain temperate regions. In Sapa, snow is little bit clumpier than the small snowflakes that fall from the sky.

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