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Jul 30 2021

What is Korean Foot Peel? Does foot peel mask really work? As the name suggests, this brand is all about your face. It is a Korean brand, and the Koreans are well known for their exquisiteness. Beauty is a standard that differs from nation to nation and heritage to heritage. However, taking optimal care of yourself is with you only. Over the centuries, Koreans have combined various herbs and perfected their beauty concoctions. That’s why they stand out from the rest by their beautiful and glowing skins. They have become pioneers in aesthetics. Similarly, a foot peel mask can serve your feet well while going out in the sun.

The logo of Face Shop consists of the Goddess of beauty Demeter gathering the forces of nature, namely the herbs, to enhance the beauty. The brand aims to gather the forces of nature and let nature do its work.

It is as important to look fresh as it is important to look proficient. You leave a negative impression if you end up looking tired and saggy. It is why it is important to look after your skin. If your skin feels fresh, you end up looking smart and beautiful.

These days the market is full of skincare and beauty products. Most of them have chemicals that damage the skin, and sometimes the damage is permanent. To look after your skin, be sure to use nature as your therapeutic therapy. The products you use should have natural healing powers to restore your skin to its utmost.

Atome and The Face Shop

Atome is a payment method. If you buy through Atome, your payment shall be divided into three equal monthly installments. At Atome we recognize your need to look and feel fresh, which is why we have liaised with The Face Shop so that you can buy the products you need to rejuvenate your skin without worrying about the payment. Foot peel mask is available at Marchant’s site to buy. Select Atome to buy it.

The Brand Information: Face Shop

This is a South Korean brand that has been reigning in Korea for more than a decade. It has slowly spread across the globe because of the demand for high-quality products. It has won various awards due to its high performance and the best quality it offers. All products are handmade, and professional craftsmen have studied the bounties of nature and the principles of aesthetics. This is why this brand has become a top-notch k-beauty brand. Their motto is “Inspired by nature, perfected through technology.” They offer over 1000 quality products for skincare, haircare, body care, and makeup.

There are more than twenty The Face Shop outlets across Singapore. They also have an active online presence to cater to all kinds of clients and customers.

Products Offered at the Face Shop

This brand provides beauty products catering to all parts of the body. From head to toes, they have something you can benefit from. These fall into categories.

SKINCARE: It is essential to look after your skin because gaining beauty is only possible through beautiful and vital skin. The Face Shop offers a huge range of skincare products.

  • Cleansers are the most important skincare product. It is important to choose the correct cleanser for your skin tone. At The Face Shop, separate cleansers are available to men and women. There’s the cleanser water, the cleanser, milk, and dry skin, cleanser cream. You can choose from the foaming range or otherwise. The scrubs offered are organic and are dermatologically tested for not damaging the skin.
  • Toners are used to renourish the skin, moisturize it after being cleansed. Cleansing removes dirt particles and often important oils from the skin. It’s a toner’s job to return the right amount. Hence it is necessary to choose the right kind. It helps the skin to reset.
  • Creams are used to ensure that moisture doesn’t escape from the skin. It is essential to use after exfoliating the skin. It is used as a seal to keep the goodness of the essence and toner.
  • Lotions are used for sensitive or acne-prone skins. They should also be used for humid regions in place of creams as they do not contain oils.
  • Sun Care is essential in hot and humid climates as the sun rays contain harmful UV rays. The range offered at The Face Shop gives a broader spectrum of protection. They should be applied beneath the makeup and removed properly.
  • Mist or face mists are water-based face nutrients that are dispensed vial a spray bottle. Their purpose is to give the face skin nourishment. The mists offered by the face shop include chia seeds, aloe vera, and other nutrients to be absorbed directly.

BODY CARE: It is not just the skin of our face that needs care. Our entire body needs to revive to gain that fresh look.

  • Body Wash should be used daily to remove the sweat and other particles stuck to the skin. The Face Shop has a range of derma body care kits to rejuvenate your body.
  • Body Scrubs are important for removing the finer dust and removing dead skin cells that give the body a dull look. The deep cleanser body scrubs and the gentle polish scrubs from the face shop our best to revive the body skin.
  • Body Creams and Lotions are requir to balance the skin moisture. Physiogel is an ideal product being used worldwide.
  • Hand Care is extremely important since the hands are the most exposed part. Keep using the hand wash and hand lotion offered by the brand to ensure smooth hands.
  • Foot Care is as important as the rest of the body. Feet are one part of the body that takes the most toil and are then neglected. Often the skin around the heel is broken and develops deep cuts. The Face Shop offers Smile Foot Peeling Jelly Mask that should be applied daily to eliminate the dead skin. The Smile Foot Peeling Mask claims that you shall feel the change after one use. The Foot Mask ensures that with regular use, your feet will be as smooth as a baby.

HAIR CARE: Hairs are as important as your skin. If your hair looks dull, you would not be able to give a positive persona. At The Face Shop, they offer a range of shampoos and hair treatment formulas that would restore your healthy hair and make them shiny and bouncy.

Why Buy Foot Peel Mask via Atome?

Feeling beautiful is as important as looking beautiful. Use the right products by the right brand to achieve your desired looks. ATOME will help you out by helping with the payments. Be sure to order all you like and pay through ATOME. This way, your initial payment will be just a third of your actual payment. The rest you can pay in the next two months. This way, it will ease your financial burden. Remember, this is an interest-free service. We have no hidden charges!!!

Enjoy looking beautiful and take good care of your feet by buying a foot peel mask. Appreciate yourself and appreciate nature.

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