Get Perfect Hairs with the Best Hair Dryers in Malaysia

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Oct 25 2021

The importance of a great hair dryer

Not only are people concerned about getting their hair dried in a proper way, but they want their hair to look gorgeous and effortless at the same time. A good hair dryer can be the best option to solve these issues.

Although blow-drying the hair can be quite a simple task, if you have a suitable hair dryer, it can really be helpful to style your hair in an effortless manner and protect your hair from heat damage. Ezbuy has become one of the most convenient platforms for the locals to buy quality products. Although many people prefer buying hair dryers from their nearest stores, Ezbuy enables you to purchase the best hair dryer Malaysia for at ultimate convenience. Ezbuy is also a place where you can compare the prices of different hair dryers.

Types of hair dryers

You will be able to find two different types of hair dryer technologies in Malaysia.

  • Ionic hair dryers

If you want a sleek look, then ionic hair dryers can be the best choice for you. With this kind of hair dryer, the negatively charged ions are directed over the wet hair. The wet hair is charged positively so that the negatively charged ones are attracted to him, so the static effect is neutralized. An ionic hair dryer is faster and gives you smooth-looking hair, and can be great for preserving your curl definition.

  • Ceramic hair dryers

This one is among the most common types of hair dryers that can be seen in the shops and are the old-school reliable hair dryers that you have seen for many years. If the manufacturer doesn’t mention the ionic hair dryer, then it is probably a ceramic one. This hair dryer works in a straightforward manner, as a ceramic layer in the hair dryer heats up even before it gets out of the nozzle.

List of the best hair dryers

  • Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This is a top-of-line hair dryer by Dyson that is suitable for all types of hair. This hair dryer is basically everything that you need in a single package and comes with a heat control that can adapt to the surrounding temperatures. When we talk about Dyson hair dryer Malaysia price, it might be on the higher side as compared to others in the market.

Dyson Supersonic is powerful, light in weight, and has precise jets of air. In order to have quick attachment or detachment, it comes with magnetic nozzle accessories. Looking at the Dyson hair dryer Malaysia price, it indeed has a sky-high price tag but has excellent reviews. This makes the users say goodbye to any unruly frizz and pesky flyaway strands in order to get an excellent salon-fresh look.

  • Philips HP8233/03 Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer

This is an ionic hair dryer that you will not find very expensive. Although this Philips hair dryer is among the older models found in the market, it is undoubtedly a mighty one. You are able to get a trouble-free experience with its lightweight design, but you may find it bulky, making it a little less convenient when you travel.

When a user is pressed for time, the Turbo Boost Function of this Philips hair dryer offers you a quick drying process. It would be quite helpful help if you kept in mind that when drying quickly, your hair will not be looking like a mess. You can use the Thermo Protect Function of this best hair dryer Malaysia for drying and styling purposes.

  • Mi Negative Ionic Hair Dryer

The Mi Hair Dryer is another high-quality product that you will be finding both practical and very affordable. It is also adorable because of its dainty size, and it is light in weight so that you can go out on a trip without any worries. While being quiet, the Mi Hair Dryer uses ion technology by delivering hot as well as cool air.

Aside from being easy to handle and light in weight, it features fast drying and styling.  

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