The finest ground coffee to give your mornings a kickstart!

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Mar 04 2022

Do you want to improve your mental health and be more positive? If yes, we have a simple solution to ground the health risks. It’s Ground Coffee! You heard it right; while it’s debated for years that coffee may increase health, recent studies have proven that people who drink more ground coffee have better health quality than those who don’t.

Are you one of those sleepyheads who need coffee every morning to shoo away laziness? Or generally speaking, you could be someone who finds coffee as their best friend to keep them fresh throughout the day.

Best types of Ground Coffee Malaysia to shop at Buna Market

While pure ground coffee is no less than a treat for your tastebuds, it is not easy to find. Here is what you can buy if you look for a true taste of coffee grounds to boost your mornings.

[Mister Coffee] Coffee Bean / Ground Coffee – Espresso Gold (500g)

This chocolaty and nutty flavoured ground coffee comes in different ground sizes. You can choose from extra coarse to medium, fine, or even extra-fine according to your preference. This isn’t any simple coffee you find in the market. After all, it’s a fine coffee packed with 4 different flavours in one packaging. It has mellow-bodied taste notes with a sweet toasted bread fragrance finishing with a hint of nuts, cocoa powder and malt. It tastes even more great with milk. It is medium to dark level roasted and has a bean type of Arabia + Robusta Blend.

Bonaroma Bali Kintamani Coffee Ground 200gm

This incredible taste Bonaroma Ground Coffee is sourced directly from the volcanic Bali regions in Indonesia. It is Arabica Coffee roasted at a medium-dark level that will give your coffee mug a strong earthy-bodied taste due to its blend with Robusta. Followed by a slight hint of nutty and woody flavour, your coffee mug will be strong and very refreshing. Its strong aroma is a bonus for enlightening your mood with the earthy coffee bean smell.

[Mister Coffee] Coffee Bean / Ground Coffee – Espresso Bar (500g)

The Espresso Bar is the best choice to keep you warm and cosy in winters, with its aroma of fried fruits. Comprising of four taste notes, you will taste sweet toasted bread fragrance and mellow bodied finishing with a hint of nuts, cocoa powder and malt. You can even add in milk to better its taste and your mood too.

Bonaroma India Malabar Coffee Ground 200gm

The India Malabar coffee makes the best strong cup of coffee with a bold and musty aroma that you love. This strong blend of coffee grounds is sourced from the west coast of India, from Kerala and Karnataka states. It is Arabica coffee roasted at medium to dark level with a blend of Robusta that will give you a warm yet bold taste. To treat yourself even better, this coffee follows a unique taste that combines spicy flavour with a finishing of caramel-like flavour.

About Buna Market

Buna Market is a home for coffee lovers who serve their best interests by gathering coffee from local and international markets.

Buna warehouse and third-party sellers make up the Buna Market business. Their inventory in the Buna warehouse mostly stores items that are not directly related to coffee beans and are packaged and sent by our team. All coffee beans sold by local and international coffee roasters are prepared and shipped straight from the relevant roasters.

Buna Market is dedicated to bringing together small and large coffee roasters to create a vibrant coffee community by offering the broadest selection of coffee-related items.

You can browse through the vast collections of ground coffee sourced from different parts of the world on Buna Market webiste.

Buna Market in Collaboration with Atome

Atome does not miss any opportunity to collaborate with authentic, unique, and best local and online stores worldwide. Hence Buna Market and Atome are in collaboration. We value your tasty, bold cups of coffee, so we bring to you one of the best ground coffees in Malaysia. Shop your favourite ground coffee with Atome.

More About Atome

With payment made budget-friendly and convenient with the help of technology, Atome aims to empower tech-savvy consumers by making online shopping easier.

The leading online platforms for high-end brands and trendy products let you split your purchases into three interest-free payments. Thanks to Atome, the affordability and availability of quality products is made easy with even easier payment methods. Atome collaborates with over 5,000 merchants and brands that serve the best quality to their customers.

You can browse Atome website to find your favourite brand listing and experience smart shopping with convenient payment methods. For a better and smoother interface, download the Atome app.

How to purchase Buna Market Ground Coffee via Atome

Payment through Atome is made easy with only a couple of steps you need to follow. Here is how you can pay for your ground coffee in three payments through Atome:

  1. After proceeding to the checkout option, choose Atome as your payment option.
  2. Your shipping total will be divided into three interest-free payments with Atome.
  3. Choose Atome as your payment method and pay the first half of your total.

Ending Thoughts

By now, if you have made up your mind to buy the ground coffee from Buna Market and pay later via Atome. We can’t wait for you to try out the bold cup of coffee that will make you wish you had known about Buna Market earlier.

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