Khind multicooker brings joy back to cooking!

Khind multi cooker is a benchtop kitchen appliance that can perform the task of several appliances, including slow cooking, pressure cooking, rice cooking, air frying, and steaming, to name a few. This multi-functional product makes cooking a breeze and takes the stress out of timing your meats and vegetables.

Multicooker buyer’s guide

Are you excited to try out this product? Here are a few things you should consider when buying a multicooker.


The size of your multicooker depends on the number of people you are planning to cook for. If you have a family of 1-2 persons, a 3- 4.5l multicooker will be suitable. However, if you have to feed more than 2 persons, a 5- 8l model will suit your needs better.

Pressure settings

The pressure setting determines the amount of time it takes to cook a meal. If you are usually short of time, you can opt for a cooker with higher pressure to prepare your dishes quickly. However, you should keep in mind that the longer the cooking time, the more flavorful your dish turns out to be.

Steam release valve

You should check if the multicooker has a steam release valve that can be used manually to release the steam inside the pressure cooker at the end of cooking.

Pre-programmed cooking times

Some multicookers are designed with additional features such as pre-programmed cooking times. They also have settings that you can alter according to the food you’re cooking, such as rice, pot roast, curry, and more. This feature makes using multicookers even more convenient for daily use. You can simply set the cooking time according to the manual and let the cooker work its magic.

Control panel

You should check the control panel of the multicooker for bright indicator lights and if the control switch is conveniently placed and clearly labeled. An easy-to-use control panel makes it possible to delegate cooking chores to others with less intimate knowledge of the multicooker.


Since a multicooker is used for cooking different food, it’s essential to clean it thoroughly. Therefore, you should look for one with easy to disassemble and clean body parts. Stainless steel exteriors are usually more difficult to clean, so if you aren’t keen on spending your time scrubbing, you can invest in an alternate material.

About Khind

Khind is a company that provides its users with high-quality kitchen appliances to make their life easier. All Khind products are designed to be reliable, trendy, and affordable, and the company focuses on maintaining appliance performance for a satisfactory customer experience.

Khind offers a variety of products, including

  • Cooling and air movers (fans and air coolers)
  • Small kitchen appliances (rice cookers, toasters, air fryers, coffee makers, electric kettles, thermos pots, food processors, multicookers, etc.)
  • Large kitchen appliances (cooktops, freezers, refrigerators, cooker hoods, and display chillers)
  • Home appliances (vacuum cleaners, water heaters, washing machines, iron, and clothes dryers)
  • Electrical accessories (insect killers, wiring accessories, and emergency light series)
  • Personal care appliances
  • Spare parts
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Khind cooker products

Good kitchen appliances that can reduce cooking time are the need of the hour. Khind cooker products fit the bill perfectly with versatile and convenient kitchen appliances that support different cooking schedules and styles.

Let’s have a closer look at the cooker products Khind has to offer

Khind multicooker Model MC 398R

This ultimate cooking appliance comes with

  • A multi hot plate
  • A deep pan
  • A grill pan
  • A Steam shelf
  • A pancake pan
  • A recipe books
  • 6 pcs utensil set

With Khind multicooker, you can grill, bake, steamboat, steam, deep-fry, and stew your dishes to perfection. It has adjustable temperature control and a removable base. The unit is easy to disassemble and clean, making it convenient for everyday cooking. The multicooker is equipped with a powerful and quick heating system, but the handles are cool to the touch for easy handling. It can also be used as a Khind slow cooker for some dishes.

Khind 1.8L digital rice cooker

This sleek-looking Khind rice cooker can be the perfect addition to the modern kitchen. Pre-programmed for nine cooking functions like rice, stew, cake, soup, etc., this rice cooker helps you prepare meals without any hassle. Made with a 5-layer material, the Khind rice cooker is a solid investment.

Khind induction cooker Model IC1600

The Khind induction cooker has an ultra-thin design that adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen countertop. Designed with power, temperature, and timer selection modes, this induction cooker even has a safety child lock function.

Khind baby porridge cooker

The Khind porridge cooker can be used for making soup, and porridge, keeping food warm, and steaming or stewing food. The porridge soup cooker has a high-quality ceramic inner pot that effectively preserves the nutritional ingredients from the food and is ideal for preparing baby food.

Khind products can be purchased through Atome

If you want to try out Khind cooking products for yourself, Atome is a great way to buy them. It is a payment app that enables users to enjoy flexible payment options. Since Khind is one of Atome’s partnered merchants, you can purchase any of their products with this service.

What is Atome?

Atome is a leading BNPL company that is currently operating in 8 markets worldwide, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Mainland China, etc. With over 6,000 partnered merchants, it offers users high-quality products and services across fashion, lifestyle, travel, and more.

As a buy-now-pay-later app, Atome allows users to split their bills from their fellow merchants into three parts. The first part is paid at the time of checkout, while the remaining amount can be paid over two months without any extra charges.

Simply download the app (Get the app) and register yourself on the Atome platform. You get RM15 off on your first order if you download the app now! So hurry up, and start shopping with Atome now.

How to pay with Atome at Khind Store

  1. Scan Khind’s in-store QR code or use the Atome app to pay at checkout.
  2. Pay one part of the bill and defer the remaining amount.

Final verdict

Khind is a leading maker of kitchen appliances known for its ultra-modern and functional designs. If you want to save your cooking time and relax with your family, invest in Khind’s multicooker for an all-in-one cooking experience. You can use Atome’s payment service for an interest-free, flexible payment schedule.

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