Treat Your Pet Cat to Professional Grooming Services This Summer

Does grooming your pet cat require a tremendous amount of effort where the process turns into a violent ordeal and the results are below average? We understand your predicament, and so does PawCatz. This cat-loving venture will gladly take on the responsibility of brushing, bathing, and pampering your furry child.

It is no mystery that cats love their personal space and seldom indulge our need for cuddles. They are more self-sufficient than we can ever be, occasionally blessing us with their attention when they need us to do their bidding. But there’s no use complaining because we love them all the same, are helpless in the face of their furry cuteness and continue to spoil them rotten.

However, there is one cat demand that no human can fulfill, and that is their adamant refusal to bathe. The minute you try to put them in a bathtub, it’s utter chaos. Thankfully, it is time to put those days behind you and let PawCatz clean your cat. Instead of spending grooming time getting scratched and running, you can sit back and relax while the pet shop pampers your pet!

Why do cats have an aversion to bathing?

Every cat owner has witnessed their pet throwing a massive fit at the idea of being cleaned and washed, and it is not the most pleasant of experiences. But have you ever wondered about the reason behind such extreme reactions?

  • Felines, particularly cats, naturally have meticulous grooming habits and spend the better part of the day working on their hygiene. Along with cleanliness, this practice ensures an even distribution of natural oils, improves circulation, and regulates body temperature.
  • Have you noticed that it takes hours for your cat’s fur coat to dry? Going around with wet fur must not be the most comfortable experience for them, which seems like a sound reason for despising baths.
  • Wet fur is also heavier, which means your cat has to roam around with added bulk until it finally dries up hours later. This must slow them down and hinder their daily activities.

PawCatz – pet grooming near you

Grooming is an umbrella term that refers to the various steps necessary for your furry friend to feel and look their best. It includes brushing, bathing, and nail clipping, tasks that aren’t as simple as they sound. Fortunately, there is no compulsion to do them all simultaneously; in fact, breaking the entire process into individual tasks will allow you to perform each one more meticulously while saving you a lot of energy and time.

On the contrary, you can go for the most convenient and relaxing option of all: employ PawCatz’s fantastic pet care services. Out of the many benefits of trusting PawCatz, you might find this to be the best: going home with a fresh and clean pet without needing to engage in a battle of wills.

The institution is staffed with a highly competent pet welfare team equipped with all the necessary tools and training required for working with cats. Moreover, they take in no more than ten felines each day because PawCatz believes in the quality of work rather than quantity. So you can be at ease about your furry child getting the attention and care they deserve.

If you have been looking for a trustworthy pet grooming service around Puchong, Penang, or close by, there is no better place than PawCatz. Get in touch with them through a phone call or pay them a visit.

No 75-A (Ground Floor), Jalan Dua, Cinta Sayang Resort Homes, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah



Grooming Packages

PawCatz understands that all felines have individual grooming needs, which has led them to curate different packages that you can choose from. What’s more, you have the option to book the same session for a kitten or an adult cat.

  1. Basic Grooming

This deal is perfect if you want a quick and affordable option to get your cat cleaned; it includes a relaxing bath, thorough ear cleaning, and nail clipping. The pampering will ensure that you go home with a relaxed and cheery cat in tow.

Please note that the cost of this package, like the rest, will vary depending on whether you have brought in a kitten or an adult and the length of their fur.

  1. Medical Grooming

As the name suggests, this package consists of specialized treatments to help your cat’s medical conditions. It is not the one you opt for on a regular basis but only when there is a need. Along with washing your pet’s ears and trimming and clipping their nails, PawCatz offers a Cat Flea Bath or a Fungus Bath, depending on what your cat needs.

PawCatz x Atome

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How to book a PawCatz appointment with Atome?

  1. Log on to PawCatz’s website.
  2. Click on the grooming package that you want to avail yourself of.
  3. Select the age of your cat.
  4. Pick one of the available dates for the appointment.
  5. Specify the remaining details and click on ‘Book Now.’
  6. In the payment section, select Atome as the payment method.
  7. Log in to your Atome account and enter the amount of your bill.
  8. Use vouchers, if any.
  9. Review the payment schedule and make the first transaction.
  10. Take your cat over on the day of the appointment without stressing about the remaining payments since the app will automatically charge them to your bank card on the due dates.
  11. Note that you can just as easily use Atome to make in-store purchases.

Cats are the most adorable creatures, and there is no denying it; from their adorable faces to their little paws, everything makes them lovely. No one is immune to their aloof demeanor and sweet faces! They may not bestow us with enough attention, but they still deserve all the care in the world, and what better service to opt for than PawCatz? The cat-friendly venture has a soft corner for all cats and will treat your baby like one of its own. So book an appointment without a second thought and let your cat have the best time! Remember to pay with Atome for some fantastic benefits.

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