Royal canin hair and skin: the most popular pet food brand

Penulis Starry

Nov 11 2021

Pet foods are being manufactured in the United States and Europe since the 1940s, and today one can find hundreds of manufacturing plants all over the world. The balanced and complete pet food products are formulated in such a way that they become a single source of nutrition for a pet. Royal Canin is among the most popular pet food brands that cater to both cats and dogs alike. It offers a wide range of breed-specific recipes like Royal Canin hair and skin that are not produced by the majority of pet food brands.

88 Pets Mart is a Malaysian one-stop pet store that offers a number of pet accessories and services. Established in 1985, 88 Pets Mart offers dog and cat grooming, spa treatment, dog swimming pools, dog hotel, and cat hotel. Besides offering services for dogs and cats, it is also specialized in services for small animals. With 88 Pets Mart, you can find all the Royal Canin products for dogs and cats at your doorstep.

Why is Royal Canin the top pet food brand?

There is no doubt that Royal Canin is the most recognizable of the pet food brands that can be seen on shelves. It is owned by Mars Petcare that has become a pet food conglomerate, and this conglomerate also owns a number of other pet food brands. There are several Royal Canin facilities where their products are manufactured all over the world.

You will find Royal Canin to be found at thousands of pet retailers, and 88 Pets Mart is one of the largest in Malaysia that sells all of the Royal Canin products, including Royal Canin hair and skin and many others. You also have the advantage of purchasing their high-quality products online from the 88 Pets Mart website.

The best Royal Canin products found in 88 Pets Mart

  • Royal Canin Hair and Skin

The Royal Canin Hair and Skin offers you top-quality protein sources and minimum fillers or by-products without any cheap starches. This makes Royal Canin Hair and Skin one of their best products in the market that has a lot of customer demand.

  • Royal Canin kitten

If you are planning to give your fur baby the best possible nutrition in its most active growth months, then you don’t need to look beyond Royal Canin kitten. You will find this food with a lot of meat and no fillers.

  • Royal Canin indoor

Royal Canin indoor is a special diet that offers the best nutrition to your furry friend as it starts aging. The effect of this product has carefully been researched on kidney disease by Royal Canine. Therefore, they have balanced this particular diet in order to have low phosphorus levels so that the cat’s kidneys stay protected.

  • Royal Canin urinary

This is one of the top products by Royal Canine and is considered to be very good for cats. If your cat has any urinary tract and bladder issues, then Royal Canin urinary can be an ideal product to get rid of this problem.

  • Royal Canin British shorthair

Royal Canin specially formulates the British shorthair by keeping all of the nutritional requirements of an Adult British shorthair cat in mind. The Royal Canin British shorthair comes with a balance of minerals which can be very helpful to maintain and support the healthy cardiac function of your cat.

Choose your favorite Royal Canin products from 88 Pets Mart with Atome

88 Pets Smart makes sure that your pet gets the best grooming services, and you are able to find all of the pet-related accessories in a single place. 88 Pet Smart makes sure that you can get all the Royal Canin products like Royal Canin hair and skin and Royal Canin kitten at your doorstep without any hassle.

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