Protect Your Joints, Especially During Strenuous Exercise

In the human body, the point that connects two bones is called a joint. There are a total of three types of joints in our body, which includes synarthrosis (immovable), amphiarthrosis (slightly moveable), and diarthrosis (freely moveable). Diarthrosis is a fluid-filled joint that connects adjacent bones with a fibrous joint capsule. The presence of these joints allows the body to move freely and stay flexible. Without the joints, body movement is definitely impossible.

Throughout scientific experiments on the human body, exercise is proven to bring benefits to the human body. Exercising allows the human body to control weight, strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system, prevent disease, etc. There are three intensities of exercise which can be done such as low, moderate and vigorous (strenuous) exercise. During exercise, joints are the most stressed part of the body, especially for strenuous exercise which includes running, cycling faster, and jumping rope.

The importance of joints to our bodies

The functions of joints include providing flexibility to the skeleton, being able to make different degrees of movements possible, providing stability to specific structures such as the skull and pelvis, and directing the motion of a specific bone or set of bones. It is the connections between our bones that allow us to bend your elbows, knees, neck, hips and so on.

Besides that, joints also can help to absorb shock and provide some support. To further explain, while we are exercising, the articular cartilage between two bones will reduce stress on joints by spreading the load, therefore cartilage helps to reduce friction and cushions pressure.

Take running and walking as examples, the joint on the knee provides flexion for the leg and absorbs the forces occured from each steps landing on the ground. If do not take good care of the joints, it will suffer from osteoarthropathy based on acute or chronic injury of articular cartilage or degeneration of articular cartilage.

Therefore, those who are suffering from joint injuries should limit their activities that involved heavy loads on the joints, avoid standing for too long and walking long distances. It is highly recommended that they should use walking sticks to reduce the load placed on the affected joints.

Furthermore, those who are overweight should lose weight. Windy and cold temperature could also affect the injured joints, pay attention to keeping the affected joints warm. For severe cases, the injured ones must take full rest on bed and avoid any movement or receive professional care and medical suggestion.

If the protection is not adequate, what damage will the joints suffer

Most of the activity in our daily life might bring huge damage to our joints. For example, climbing stairs brings six times more pressure on knees when compared to walking. An abrasion might happen in cartilage, as higher difficulty exercise could place us in a higher risk as it might intensify the friction within the joints.

Eventually, the knee will injure and suffer from pain. As such, this symptom can be seen among the older generation as age should be taken into account. Therefore, the protection of joint must be done adequately to avoid arthritis.

There are a lot of types of arthritis that should grab your attention, one of the common ones is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis refers to a degenerative disease that results from overuse of an injured joint. While it is usually a disease that comes with aging, younger people can also develop osteoarthritis from previous sports trauma.

The symptoms of arthritis include:

  1. Bone-gritting sound from the inflamed joint
  2. Cysts on the hands that may cause ridges or indentations in the nail plate of the affected finger
  3. Pain, stiffness and swelling
  4. Feel warm

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For the person who are exercising, the protection on the vulnerable areas and joints is important to prevent injury. The protection equipment can provide help to reduce the damage and impact that is brought from exercising and play a role in protecting the parts of human body.

With taking a complete protection measures, it can let people be more at ease to perform the exercise they enjoy doing such as hiking, jogging and playing ball sports. Wearing Sportswear from SPORTS WEAR can help to meet the goal of protection during sport.

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