Stanton Hotel Kota Kinabalu: Welcome to Your Second Home 

The Stanton Hotel Kota Kinabalu will soon be your most desired destination for business or leisure. In this article, you’ll find out about all the reasons why Stanton Hotel KK is the best and most accommodating place for you to relax and enjoy your time in Malaysia.

The hotel is the rebirth of the AIA Insurance building. With its motto of ‘Pergo et Perago,’ which translates to ‘I preserve, and I achieve,’ the hotel uses magnificent Georgian architecture for the building with a beautiful logo inspired by North Borneo Chartered Company (1881). 

Today, the hotel combines the incredible colonial past and present of North Borneo, giving rise to an awe-inspiring miracle of architecture and state-of-the-art services and luxuries. Read ahead to find out everything you need to know about Stanton Hotel.


Stanton hotel (KK – Lorong Karamunsing C) is located at the prime location of No.13, Lorong Karamunsing C, Jalan, Karamunsing, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Sabah, 88100, where you can relax and enjoy your stay for however long you please. 

The Hotel Stanton KK is situated, taking into consideration the nearest shopping center and venues for entertainment. Staying at this hotel will allow you to have the unique experience of being at the center of the commercial and business market of Kota Kinabalu.

Booking hotel rooms

Many different types of rooms are available at the hotel. Book the one that suits you best!

Standard Queen Room

This room comes with wifi, a 42-inch LED TV offering live channels, and blackout curtains so you can have the best sleep possible in a comforting and relaxing environment. Centralized air conditioning will make sure the environment in your room is kept perfect. In addition to that, you’ll find in your room a fully stocked mini-bar and tea and coffee service. The stylishly designed bathroom has a rainwater shower, toothbrush, towels, and comb. In the room, a platter of fresh fruit awaits you eagerly. Muted tones of the decor in the room deliver elegance and style in a way that has never been done before.

The queen-sized room is perfect for you if you’re exploring the city alone or even if you’re with a colleague on a business trip. Experience the luxury of a first-class hotel by staying at the Stanton hotel.

Superior Queen room

This room is even more spacious and also has all the amenities offered in the standard queen room. You’ll find in the bathroom sanitary bags and a shower cap, and if you place a request, you can even be picked up from the airport.

Superior twin room

Are you someone who is used to sleeping in their own bed? Can’t compromise on all that space to maneuver and sleep as you please? We’ve got just the room for you! The superior twin room has the amenities of a standard queen room with two beds to provide you the comfort you want during your stay.

Standard family room

This one is for that group of friends on a college trip or for your family as you discover the sights and sounds of Kota Kinabalu. Find Stanton hotel Kota Kinabalu vacancies for a family-sized room at the reception and get ready to have the most wonderful adventure. The room contains a queen-sized and a single bed with all the essential amenities. 

Deluxe Queen Room

The deluxe room is spacious and stylish, fit to accommodate two adults. Exquisitely comfortable feather pillows await you on the queen-sized bed as you get ready for a good night’s rest after a long day of exploring, shopping or work. All the amenities of a queen room will be available to you with a complimentary fruit platter. Book this room today and start your stay at the Stanton Hotel with all the flare you deserve. 

How to book a room at Stanton Hotel?

To book a room at this spacious and classy hotel, simply visit the website through Stone’s page and click on ‘book now’ in the top right corner. The next page will take you to a screen where you can plug in the dates on which you will be staying at Stanton hotel and check the availability and prices of the room you want to choose. You can view the payment in terms of per room per night or fee for the whole stay, depending on the specifics of your itinerary.

Wedding at Stanton Hotel

The pandemic has changed the world irrevocably, but in the chaos and panic of the past two years, some emerged with new ways to adapt to the rapid changes. Stanton Hotel did not fall behind! Check out the various micro wedding packages on their website. Micro weddings are now the new normal, and we’re all for it. Enjoy your special day with a close-knit gathering of family members at and much more affordable cost. 

You will also find on the website packages for pre-wedding photoshoots. Choose a package that suits you best and get professionally clicked photographs on your special day with your loved ones. 

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How to use Stanton Hotel services with installment payment plan: Atome app

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In conclusion

Ready to travel the world? Your first stop, Malaysia, and your first hotel of choice, the grand Stanton Hotel. Enjoy a classy and luxurious experience of being pampered at a world-class hotel in Kota Kinabalu. With Atome as your shopping companion, you will have no trouble booking the best rooms at an affordable price.

Don’t wait for a second longer; start your adventure today with Stanton Hotel! You no longer need to wrack your brains and find hotels near you, simply book a room at Stanton with Atome and start your trip today!

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