The Matches Store: It’s Time to Accessorize Yourself!

The Matches Store houses some of the most artistic works of fine craftsmanship. Who needs gold rings for women when you have expertly crafted rings made from sterling silver and plated with Rhodium? At The Matches store, you’ll find wedding rings, simple rings, unisex rings, couple rings, and other jewelry items boasting the most heavenly designs. The online store makes the process of buying the merchandise extremely easy; you can buy anything you want right from the comfort of your home, so grab your favorite piece of jewelry today!


The Matches Store has all kinds of jewelry waiting for you. Whether you are looking for rings for women or men, necklaces, bracelets, or anklets, the Matches Store has got it. Let’s look at some of the fantastic products available at the store!

Jewelry for women

Hema Ring

This beautiful piece made of sterling silver with Rhodium or Rose Gold plating will suit anyone’s hand. Gift your loved one the perfect ring and make her the happiest woman in the world. The premium Zirconia will leave no corner darkened by its radiant glow and charm. If you choose to buy this ring, its package will contain a product care card, a ring adjuster, a thank you note, a cloth specifically for polishing the ring, and anti-tarnish paper.

Faye ring

This delicate design is truly a rarity. Two bands will wind around your finger with stones spaced equidistant from each other between the two delicate bands. A perfect accessory for any occasion, add this beautiful, timeless piece to your jewelry collection today.

Cara ring

This novel item added to the Matches store boasts a sleek and stylish band made of sterling silver plated with either Rhodium or 18K Rose Gold. Zirconia stones adorn the thin silver band and give it a subtle radiance. We’re sure this ring will make the most precious wedding ring for women.

Trinity ring

The Matches store has many more ring designs for women. Available in a number of sizes, the trinity ring has stones aligned in a beautiful trinity shape, signifying the beautiful start of a lifelong relationship. Check out this elegant piece available on the Matches store Malaysia.

Couple Set 111 ( Men Ring V7 + Plain Ring )

Going for something simplistic? This couple ring set is the perfect way to celebrate your love. Start your life together with this graceful set of rings available in different ring sizes for women and men.

Rhea Double Hoop Necklace

The double hoop necklace is made of sterling silver with an adjustable length of the chain. The design is also available in a standard size in either Rose Gold or silver.

Love Band Ring + Lyla Pearl Butterfly Necklace

Looking for the perfect gift for your best friend? Give her this set! Containing a love band ring and a lovely butterfly necklace encased in a beautiful black box, this gift will surely blow her away.

Ellie Pearl Clover Bracelet

The clover shape is known as a universal lucky charm. This bracelet uses the clover shape to design an elegant, timeless piece.

Luna Ring

Looking for silver rings for women in unique designs? The Luna ring is the best option. Also available on Rose Gold, with custom sizes, grab this ring at the store today before it runs out of stock!

Maya Herringbone Chain Anklet

The anklet is a unique piece available in Rose Gold or silver. You can also get a free engraving as an add-on to the product at the Matches Store! Talk about stellar service.

Gracie Beads Double-Chained Anklet

As the name suggests, this one comes as a double chain made of sterling silver. Double bands with a small heart-shaped TMS logo make this a perfect accessory for any occasion.

S925 Earring

These fine silver earrings are a miracle to behold. The stone is fixed delicately on top of a thin frame with a metal stopper to clasp the earnings in place. This set will go perfectly with any of the rings available at the Matches store. Check them out today by visiting the website!

Jewelry for men

Men Ring V5

The Matches Store has a variety of options for men. Browse through the collection on the website today. A popular piece, the V5 is a classy single band made for anyone who enjoys beauty in subtle things.

Men Ring V2

This bold piece has a Zirconia stone front and center placed into a thick band. Gift this to someone who likes strong, heavy designs that grab one’s attention instantly.

Plain ring ( unisex )

This unisex plane ring is for men and women alike. An elegant and simple band adorned on your finger will make for an accessory you can permanently wear every day.

How to buy at The Matches Store Malaysia

Convinced to get your favorite ring in rose gold from the Matches Store? Hold up, we just have another small surprise for you. The Matches Store is now a registered partner with Atome.

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Ending thoughts

Looking for luscious and exotic jewelry. The Matches Store will cover all your needs at the most affordable price. Browse through the exceptional collection of bracelets, anklets, diamond rings for women, silver rings for men, couple rings, and earrings for the perfect gift for a loved one or the most exquisite addition to your jewelry collection.

With Atome as your shopping buddy, you don’t need to worry about the cost! Grab what you need, and let us handle the rest. Hurry and visit the store today; the best rings are waiting for you.

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