Escape to Nature And Refuel on Weekends with Tiarasa Escapes

Tiarasa Escapes is the perfect retreat if you live in Kuala Lumpur and get tired of the hustle and bustle of residing in a large metropolitan area. It’s easy to feel burned out after working for days on end, and the resort is a spot where you can let go of your worries and relax for the weekend.

With several facilities, you’ll want to visit over and over again because it’s perfect if you want to enjoy nature without sacrificing the comfort of modern facilities. Whether you’re looking for a weekend hike or an extended vacation, visit Tiarasa Escapes for the best experience.

The Benefits that Come with Being Close to Nature

There’s a reason so many mental health experts and psychologists recommend that people go on hikes or walks, even at your local park. Several physical and psychological health benefits come with being close to nature.

  1. Stress reliever

Research shows that even seeing scenes of nature can reduce stress, and being among trees can reduce stress and increase pleasant feelings. It helps you slow down and take a breather when you’re usually wound up trying to meet deadlines at work.

Being in nature reduces stress because it takes your mind off other matters, and if even small plants are good for you, imagine what being in a place filled with them will do.

You might not be someone who enjoys braving the elements, so the Tiarasa Escapes Glamping Resort is the best choice for you. With pre-made huts that offer you the facilities technology provides with a natural ambiance, there’s nothing like it to relax.

  1. Boredom breaker

If you are tired of being cooped up in your home, going for a relaxing weekend will help remove the stress. Being in a natural environment reduces the production of stress hormones.

Some experts attribute this to biophilia, a hypothesis that says humans are naturally attracted to nature. People often want to remove themselves from the city to recover their health, but it’s hard to find a place that’s not too far away from the city.

The Tiarasa Escapes Glamping Resort in Janda Baik offers all the perks of nature without being too far removed from Kuala Lampur.

  1. Impacting Your Mental Wellbeing Positively

Since being in nature helps reduce stress hormones, people are bound to feel better. Research shows that people closer to nature are generally happier because they get to relax. You can take your mind off everything else when you’re in nature.

Being in nature for just 20 minutes a day can reduce stress and even increase problem-solving skills and creativity.

Whether on your own or with your entire family, there’s nothing like Tiarasa Escape to improve your mental well-being without having to worry about taking several days off from work.

  1. Improving Physical Health

Going on walks in nature helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate and reduce muscle tension. While exercising at the gym is also suitable for you physically, being in nature offers more opportunities.

Even if you only go on short walks, it does wonders for your health because you can also enjoy the fantastic scenery. There’s nothing quite like packing fruits and water in a bag and exploring nature.

Becoming more active and learning new skills helps reduce mortality and ensures you live a long and healthy life.

  1. Providing Comfort and Escape From a Busy Life

When you’re among nature, you don’t have to worry about issues that otherwise permeate every aspect of your life. Since you won’t be on your phone, you can remove yourself from society for a short while.

You don’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule and have the chance to regain your rhythm and prep yourself for the time ahead. Sometimes, what you need is some time alone and not thinking about anything else.

It even helps increase your self-esteem because you aren’t surrounded by media that will make you want to compare yourselves to others constantly.

Visit the Foothills of Janda Baik

Located just 45 minutes from Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lampur, the Tiarasa Escapes Resort is in the village of Janda Baik. Known for its tourism industry, the area is surrounded by coniferous trees and mountainous terrain.

If you live in the capital or any surrounding cities, it’s easy to plan a weekend retreat without messing up your weekly schedule or planning a long trip and trying to get everyone to match schedules.

With enchanting wildlife, the resort is a dream come true. Architects WHZ Environmental Design worked with the alternative to incorporate the existing topography and retain the area’s authenticity for the guests to enjoy.

There are also 5 treetop villas made using recycled wood to create a harmony between modernity and nature intertwined with luxury.

What Tiarasa Escapes Offers to People Looking to Relax

Apart from the Tiarasa Escapes Glamping huts, people can rent one of the 20 tented villas or 5 treetop luxury villas for the perfect experience. They’re designed to help you relax in any way possible with a pool and hammocks to lay down in.

The resort has several facilities to help create an unforgettable experience. There are ranger-led nature walks and birdwatching sessions you can book, and even riverside picnics. You can choose a picnic menu and take the prepared basket with you.

There’s also a daily bonfire lighting at sunset at a communal amphitheater that’s perfect for sitting with loved ones and enjoying BBQ while sharing stories. There’s even a moonlight cinema that lets you lounge on beanbags and enjoy popcorn.

Finally, guests are encouraged to sow a plant and name it before leaving to promote sustainability and give you the perfect end for your trip.

Why City People love Tiarasa Escapes

If you want to have your dream destination wedding without having to dish out thousands, Tiarasa Escapes provides you with a picturesque backdrop for your big day. From catering to design, you’ll have the entire experience.

Tiarasa Escapes is terrific even if you want to arrange other events like birthday parties. Companies can also plan corporate retreats to increase teamwork among employees.

City life is attractive because it has many facilities, but it can get tiring. Having a place to turn to is essential, and the resort aims to fill that void and help you reconnect with your roots.

Any Tiarasa Escapes review will tell you how much people enjoy their time at the resort.

How to Book Your Stay Now

You can easily book your stay on the resort’s website, and Tiarasa Escapes prices are affordable compared to the experience it provides.

Their Dragonfly Tented Villas cost RM999 per night, while the Hornbill Tented Villas are available at RM1320 per night.

There are also the Rajah Brooke Family Suites for your entire family, with two bedrooms, bathrooms, and a lounge at RM1740 a night. Finally, the Ficus Treetop Villa provides the best one-bedroom experience at RM1320 a night.

All villas have Wi-Fi and are equipped with king-sized beds and air-conditioning to ensure a comfortable stay.

If you want to hold a significant event at the resort, there’s a separate Ranee Suite that you can enquire about.

Tiarasa Escapes is one of Atome’s partnered merchants

Tiarasa Escapes has partnered with Atome to offer its customers an option to enjoy nature at its best without compromising their monthly budgets. This partnership means that users can book their stay at Tiarasa Escapes and pay in flexible monthly payments. Please continue reading to explore more about Atome and its services.

What is Atome?

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You can download Atome’s app (Get the app) and stay updated on pending payments. Apart from checking the status of your payment schedule, you will also be informed when your payment cycle is complete. In addition to splitting your bill into three parts, Atome ensures that customers only pay the amount that’s due without any extra service or interest charges.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

If you download the app now, you get a welcome voucher of RM15 that can be redeemed on your first purchase.

How to pay through Atome at Tiarasa Escapes

  1. For physical bookings, scan the QR code from Atome’s app at the time of checkout.
  2. You can select Atome as your payment partner for online bookings at Tiarasa Escapes.
  3. Enter your user details to verify your account.
  4. Pay the first part of your bill and forward the remaining amount to subsequent months.

Book now with Atome

Tiarasa Escapes combines the beauty of nature with modern amenities to offer a relaxing package that’s hard to refuse. Whether you want to plan a two-day excursion or organize an event, Tiarasa Escapes has everything you need to make it larger than life. Partner with Atome to make your time at Tiarasa more pleasurable and enjoy the benefits of easy monthly payments without stress.

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