WOODY LAB Office Desk Gives You New Office Experience

Sit-Stand desks are the new age of office work, and we cannot be happier about it! Day after day, we have had to park ourselves in front of desks, staying seated for hours on end, oblivious to the dire consequences. It is time to change that! Determination and effort at work will no longer equate to compromised health, and Woody Lab is here to make sure of that.

Think about it, if you are going to be working at the same table every day, shouldn’t it be comfortable, to the very least? It needs to be the correct height so that you do not find yourself hunched over, ruining your posture and spinal health in the process. An appropriate work desk must be fitted with the right amenities to boost productivity and save time. Furthermore, they should not be flimsy, ready to cave in at the slightest strain. Woody Lab’s affordable Sit-Stand desks bring all this to the table – pun intended – and more!

Continue reading to discover more about the wonders of these novel desks and learn how to order them with Atome.

What is a Sit-Stand desk?

As the name suggests, these ergonomic work tablesallow you to get things done while sitting and standing. This is made possible by the motorized mechanism installed into Woody Lab’s Sit-Stand desks that enables you to raise or lower the surface with a single tap. You can choose to stand up at any moment and continue working without having to hunch over. These desks will help you avoid back pain and leg cramps successfully. That’s not all; they have several other features to offer, which will be discussed ahead.

Hazards of a sedentary lifestyle

The idea of staying seated for an extended period might sound pleasant to many, but it comes with a fair share of cons. Have a look at the problems that affect those who spend the better part of the day sitting, be it for work or leisure.

  • Prolonged sitting hinders metabolism, diminishing the body’s ability to generate crucial energy and purge waste products from the bloodstream. This is because being seated limits the extent of physical activity, which in turn disrupts the metabolism.
  • Excessive sitting leads to a compromised posture and damage to the spine, which reveals itself with the passing of time. It also puts added pressure on the lower back and the associated joints and muscles. People tied to their desks are more prone to back and neck pain as well as other related ailments.
  • If you are spending most of your time sitting at a desk and clicking away at a computer, chances are you aren’t socializing as much. A sedentary lifestyle cultivates laziness which puts a damper on one’s social life, keeping them from meeting new people and having incredible experiences.
  • Staying immobilized for long hours also affects joints all over the body, which makes way for diseases like osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of many rheumatic disorders, and it entails inflammation of the joints.
  • A predominantly inactive lifestyle causes fat accumulation within the body, leading to obesity. The simple reason behind this is the imbalance between the number of calories consumed and the amount utilized. Greater consumption and reduced expenditure lead to the body storing all the excess energy as fat.
  • That’s not all; a desk-bound lifestyle significantly increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and overall mortality. So, if you fall into this category, it is imperative that you reconsider your life choices and make immediate improvements. The positive results will further motivate you to live a healthier life.

About Woody Lab

Woody Lab is an ode to the magnificent creations rendered in the finest wood. With a background in commercial interior designs, Woody Lab has vast experience in woodwork, and the unmatched craftsmanship is evident in every product that comes out of its workshops.

The electronic Sit-Stand desks are a result of the brand’s understanding of ergonomic interior design and appreciation for high-quality wood. Upon visiting the online store, you will come across four exquisite variants of this state-of-the-art desk; Teak, Suar, KSK, and Rubberwood. Each desk is crafted from different types of wood but shares the same unique features.

Adjustable height

These desks are so promising because they offer flexibility and diversity by letting the user alter the height of the tabletop with a single tap. You don’t even have to make do with standard height settings; instead, you can preset heights suitable for you and access them easily.

Durable and sturdy

You don’t have to worry about your Sit-Stand desk malfunctioning, all thanks to the dual-motor system that can lift up to 100 kg. In fact, the silent powerlifter ensures that you don’t hear a peep when the desk changes positions, keeping your focus intact.

Healthier choice

Neither constant standing nor sitting does your body any good; what you need is a balance between both. Owning a Sit-Stand desk will guarantee that you take breaks from sitting, walk around and stretch your legs, giving your body a much-needed reprieve.


When placing an order for your Sit-Stand desk, you get to choose between three dimensions, two desk frame colors, the addition of wheels, a live natural edge or straight edge, and straight or rounded corners. You can also contact Woody Lab for a wholly customized desk to match your preference. These desks also come with a child safety lock and an optional cable MGMT slot.

Trust Woody Lab and Atome to have your back

Stop pondering and place an order for your favorite Sit-Stand desk now! These affordable desks are made more pocket-friendly thanks to Woody Lab’s collaboration with Atome.

Just like these desks, Atome is a modern-day innovation, and it makes high-end products and services more accessible to everyone. It is a payment application that splits the total amount spent into three manageable payments that are supposed to be paid according to a schedule. The schedule is extremely feasible, with substantial gaps between each due date, and the payments are free of interest.

Additionally, there are more than 15,000 local and international brands that allow shoppers to pay via Atome. So, basically, you can use it to pay for most goods and services! Affiliate brands also offer tempting deals and discounts to people who shop with Atome. New members are rewarded with a discount voucher of RM15 that they can use upon spending RM50 or more at partner brands.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

You can start using Atome now, simply download the application (get it here) and sign up by creating an account. It is a straightforward process and barely takes any time. The best part is that there aren’t any additional charges! Android and iOS users can also get the app from Google Play Store or App Store for free.

Making an online purchase with Atome

  1. During checkout, tap on Atome under the Payment Method section.
  2. Log in to your Atome account or make one if you don’t have it already.
  3. Enter the total amount spent and use the available voucher code.
  4. Review the schedule of payment and due dates.
  5. Make the first payment so that your Sit-Stand desk can be shipped.
  6. The app will automatically charge the subsequent payments.
  7. You can also use Atome for in-store shopping.


The hustle and bustle of everyday life have made it so that most of us have pushed our health to the sidelines. We must rectify this because ignoring one’s physical and mental wellness comes with a lot of risks. Woody Lab’s Sit-Stand desk is exactly what you need if your occupation requires you to work at a desk for long hours. Sign up on Atome and purchase it on a convenient payment plan!

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