A Guide to F/W 2022’s Top Fashion Trends

With the year end in sight, the overarching mood of the Fall/Winter fashion trends can be summed up in one simple word: Nostalgia.

Designers gave us a lot to look at in the Fall/Winter 2022 collections, and from what we can observe from the creative collectives in New York, London, Milan and Paris, all the brands were showcasing throwbacks to iconic styles from different eras, most notably the early 90s and ’00s. But really, it is no real surprise that a majority of designers have been gravitating towards classic and fun styles of quintessential eras as of late, especially after two long, grueling pandemic years.

Hence, as we roll into the final few months of 2022, here’s a list of the most-covetable fashion trends of Fall/Winter 2022, all with our fashion insiders’ seals of approval.

Colour Blocking

For those that have not heard of ‘colour blocking’, it essentially means the use of contrasting blocks of colour, typically in bright shades. Colour blocking has been around for ages, gracing the runways in the late 60s worldwide, but it was the 90s (everyone’s favourite decade) that transformed colour blocking from its haute couture origins to something more free-spirited and street friendly. For those that are apprehensive about how to color block? have no fear- here are the top 3 tips to easily rock the look;

  1. Mix colours with monochromes

Colourful pieces in vibrant shades (reds, yellows, blues, greens, etc) work best when it is the only standout piece in a monochrome outfit. Thus, if you’re rocking a bright top, wear it with muted gray or black pants. That being said, you can also add a vibrant pop of colour to your accessories and shoes as well, as long as it compliments your ‘standout piece’ without clashing hard. Have fun with it!

  1. Don’t mix mild monochromes together

By ‘mild monochromes’, we mean shades like pearl gray with dark gray, or teal with sage green. If there is not much contrast between the two shades, it would not create the desired colour block effect.

  1. Rock the minimal white

For many of us, bright blocks of colours can be intimidating, so the best way to ease into wearing them without feeling like a party clown would be to wear all white with just a pop of vibrant colour- truly one of the more classic and timeless ways to rock the colour block.

With the influx of bright neon colors, metallic sheens, and exaggerated shapes, colour blocking is a surefire way to elevate your wardrobe in new and exciting ways. Personally, one of our favourite chic ways to colour block is to mix muted shades with more playful colours in structural shapes below your neck and around the middle, as it helps to define the waist and accentuate the neckline. For those that prefer a softer yet eclectic, hippie aesthetic, mixing floral with bright splashes of geometric prints really elevates the overall outfit. In addition, for those that prefer to be more bold, wear blocks of colour around the arms, preferably with oversized sleeves for that vibrant and chill 90s vibe.

Denim on Denim

Denim is truly timeless. It came from humble beginnings as workwear trousers to be a common staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Without a doubt, denim is the top article of clothing that never goes out of style.

While there has been a constant revolving door of statement-making denim trends—from the 70s-inspired high waisted denim and skinny jeans trend that every millennial loved, to wide legged, raw hem edge that the current generation rocks, the current trend we saw making a big comeback is the denim on denim look.

It is no longer a faux pas to mix denim together, hence the best way to rock denim on denim is to play with different silhouettes; like a fitted chambray denim shirt with loose fitting denim jeans, or a dark denim blazer with a classic denim miniskirt. To add a level of sophistication, pair high-rise, wide-leg jeans with a denim vest or a cropped denim top with a V-neck to draw attention to your face as well as elongate your body. For those that want to add a fun twist to the usual denim combo, a denim dress or a denim jumpsuit are fun, bold statements.

Denim on denim has always had that vintage ’90s appeal—pairing that combo with a simple tank or cropped tee immediately gives it that soft grunge look- if you really want to nail that timeless 90’s gritty style, make sure to incorporate embellishments and embroideries to your full on denim outfits- such as fun badges or pin enamels to add a pop of colour and personality to your denim ensemble. Black denim with distressed and ripped designs are usually the preferred choice to rock this look, but a light-wash and acid-wash look much more streamlined, while still incorporating the classic grunge elements.

Leather is Back

Leather has never really been out of style, even in our tropical climate. While it might not be suitable for daily wear, it has always been a timeless favourite. The cut and silhouette of it can truly transform an outfit- for example, incorporating a vintage black leather jacket to your ensemble can add an inherent edginess to your look, reminiscent of the 90’s grunge vibes, while a drop shoulder leather jacket with gold or silver buttons adds an overall classy and chic vibe to your look.

Want to add some spice to your leather ensemble? Rock a leather skirt with your leather jacket! While the combo might sound too adventurous for the faint-hearted, a leather on leather combination can absolutely be stunning if done the right way. Be sure to pair it with a simple crop top or a chiffon layered top to dress it down for a day look. If you really want to go all out, pair your leather ensemble with some statement earrings and sexy kitten heels (or bold high heeled boots) to really steal the limelight.

That being said, a leather skirt also works for office wear, if it is the right length and paired well. Opt for more midi length skirts and pair it with a turtleneck top or a collared shirt with sensible pumps for that classy, sophisticated look during office hours.

Much like a leather skirt, leather pants can both be dressed down for office wear and also worn as a bold statement piece. The one key difference that changes the vibe of leather pants would be the silhouette; high rise and flared leather pants are more suitable during the day while still adding that subtle edginess to your overall look.

For a night on the town, you can rock all kinds of silhouettes, from baggy to high-rise, skinny and flared. Be adventurous by rocking something other than basic black leather, like ecru or burgundy to stand out from the crowd.

Small Statement Bags

Once upon a time, huge tote bags were all the rage- the most popular socialites and celebrities were carrying them everywhere, and often in the brightest colours, making it the biggest statement piece of their outfit. Now, we have reached a new era in which the smallest and most dainty bags make the biggest statements of all. Thus, it is time we rest our large and medium sized bags at the door, because the mini bags trend is back!

Many would remember mini bags being all the rage back in the early 00s, and while that is true, did you know that mini bags were historically associated with the aristocrats and members of high society? The elite often preferred delicate teensy handhelds that can only carry small accessories or trinkets while their butlers carry the rest of their belongings. It is fascinating to see how the ‘symbolism’ behind this particular accessory still prevails to this day- that is, as a ‘status symbol’ for the wealthy, as they never have to worry about carrying so much stuff on their person like us normal folks.

While its classist roots may be a polarizing topic to some, most of us are captivated by the tiny purse trend because we simply adore these gorgeous bite-sized accessories that really elevate our everyday look. Cute and eye-catching, mini bags also symbolize a ‘less is more’ approach to life, inspiring many of us to kickstart a journey to minimalism.

Our favourite small bag picks would have to be the mini shoulder bags, reminiscent of the vintage 90s preppy chic vibes- its dainty size compliments all figures, and it is the perfect item to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Another fave micro bag on our list would be the tiny crossbody. It pairs well with athleisure or just casual outfits for when you’re running errands- it’s near weightless, thus making it perfect for while you’re on the go.

If there’s one thing that all fashion lovers and enthusiasts know, is that not every accessory has to necessarily be functional- it just needs to look pretty and make us feel great about ourselves. Hence, that is what’s so fun about the mini bag- practicality doesn’t define this trend, therefore you can play around with vibrant colours and textures, exploring new geometric shapes and avant garde styles.

There’s a mini bag for every style, from fun-sized versions of classic, iconic silhouettes to fun party-ready pieces. While the size might seem tiny, many of these purses were designed to fit your daily essentials so don’t be afraid to just have fun with it!

Preppy Style

It is interesting how the elements of a preppy style haven’t really changed in the past century. The school uniform-esque looks with the pleated skirts and argyle sweaters are still as trendy today as it was when preppy style icons like Blair Waldorf and Cher Horowitz rocked it in the 00s and 90s respectively.

Want to incorporate some prep to your style? Here are the top 4 essential preppy clothing basics that would definitely spruce up your everyday wardrobe.

  1. Basic fitted blazer

A well-fitted blazer is a timeless item that everyone needs to elevate their ensemble. Basic colours like black and navy are optimal, as these shades make it the perfect layering piece for your outfit, no matter what colour.

For the ultimate casual yet preppy outfit, layer a fitted blazer over a crisp white t-shirt and pair it with slim jeans in a dark wash. Add a mini buckle bag with some white tennis shoes or mary jane pumps for that added vintage prep vibe.

  1. Sweater

Sweaters are definitely a cornerstone of the preppy aesthetic. To rock a sweater in a preppy style, always make sure to stick with solids so that you do not overwhelm your look. That being said, classic patterns like argyle, houndstooth and fair aisle are prep faves, especially when paired with button-down shirts and neutral toned pants or skirts. If you want to add a slight edge to your preppy look? opt for a sweater vest dress instead for an effortlessly chic summery look.

  1. Classic collared shirt

A basic collared shirt in neutral tones is an absolute staple for preppy wardrobes. They are easy to dress up and dress down for any occasion- you can style up a classic button-down oxfords with the right accessories and also give it a more casual vibe by pairing it with denim jeans.

  1. Crewneck sweatshirt

While hoodies tend to have more street cred, this classic garment is the perfect combination of classic prep with athleisure- much like a timeless sweater, a crewneck sweatshirt looks both comfortable and polished at the same time. The best way to rock this prep classic into your wardrobe is to wear it with wide-legged pants in dark colours and classic, sensible pumps.

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