Top 3 women’s clothing brands in Malaysia you should know about

Penulis Starry

Mar 14 2022

Today, we’ve brought you the top 3 aesthetic Malaysian clothing brands that will suit all your fashion needs. Here are the brands mentioned below!

Here are the top women’s clothing brands you will love shopping from

1. FashionValet

Fashion Valet is the leading and quickest growing modest fashion group in Southeast Asia. It has a wide range of choices, including clothes, scarves, shoes, accessories, beauty collections, bags, and essentials.

  • Clothes: They have a variety of choices, including Activewear, Dresses, Jumpsuits, Maternity clothes for women who are expecting, outerwear, pants leggings, prayer wear, and skirts and tops. Prices begin from MYR (Malaysian rupee 50-480).
  • Bags: The bag collection comprises organizers, backpacks, bucket bags, crossbody, and clutches. The price range starts from MYR50-200.
  • Beauty: Along with women’s fashion, beauty care is equally essential. Fashion Valet offers you Bath Body products, Hair and Nails, Makeup, and Skincare for you to look luscious. The price range of these products begins from MYR50-480.
  • Accessories: When you consider fashion clothes for women, think about your accessories. FashionValet presents you with Jewellery and items for Travel & Lifestyle, which contains Floats and Prayer Mats. They’re amazingly beautiful, and the price range for these items starts from MYR50-120. They also sell face masks for anyone who’s germaphobic and wants to look good as well.


SHEIN is known for being the international B2C fast fashion brand. The company is famous for its fashionable clothing in Europe, America, and Australia as a part of consumer markets. This enterprise focuses on women’s fashion and has children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and other trendy fashion items.

  • Clothes: Their clothes category comprises dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, modest wear, and size clothes. It’s a bonus for those who don’t have a certain body type but still want to dress up beautifully. The prices range from MYR11-524, respectively.
  • Accessories: SHEIN offers you Fashion Jewellery, Fine Jewellery, and watches that are also gold plated. They are pretty affordable as the price range starts from MYR1-150. They also have accessories that suit the occasion you will attend in the future. Examples include Business, school, party, vacation, street, and daily wear. Besides, different kinds of modern wall clock can be found at SHEIN as well.
  • Beauty collection: Keeping women’s fashion is extraordinary. But SHEIN will make sure all your beauty needs are taken care of. They have specific categories, including Wigs, Beauty tools, and all personal care products. The price range for all of these products ranges from MYR1-136, MYR1-436, and MYR1-68, respectively.
  • Bags: To select the perfect bag for you to carry your personal belongings, SHEIN has got it covered. The bags are quilted, totes bags, mini bags, bucket bags, ruched bags, straw bags, and baguette bags. The bags have a wider variety, so that it will be a tough choice. The price range of the item starts from MYR3-157.


ZALORA is known for being a top women’s fashion brand, where you will find an extraordinarily fine selection of independent women’s fashion clothing brands with over 1000 items to offer you. Their categories include modest wear, sportswear, bags, accessories, and shoes.

  • Clothes: Along with modest wear, dresses, jumpsuits, tops, and ethnic wear, they also showcase sportswear which is a plus point for ZALORA. The price range of their clothes starts from MYR1-250, and it further continues. For sportswear, the price range begins from 1-500+ MYR.
  • Shoes: Their shoe collection is stylish; it should be considered for someone to dress fashionably aesthetic. They offer style and comfort altogether. They have flats, slip-on heels, sandals, boots, wedges, sneakers, flip flops, and comfort shoes. The price range for all these items begins from Malaysian rupee 1-500 MYR.
  • Beauty products: ZALORA offers Makeup, Haircare, Skincare, Nail Care, Bath, and Body Products, and Fragrances. ZALORA has a perfectly organized selection on their website. They have set their prices starting from MYR1-2500. ZALORA has all your options covered, be it facial care or women’s clothing.
  • Modest Wear: We’ve considered this a separate category as ZALORA has kept new arrivals and expanded their collections. They’ve introduced Kaftans and Jubahs, Hijabs, Baju Kurangs and sets, Maternity clothing, Accessories for Hijab, all starting from MYR1-250+. The color choices are remarkably different and outstanding, and all the designs are aesthetically pleasing. Do shop from them as there’s a reason why they’re considered the top 3 women’s fashion brands. Besides, you can select newly trendiest bags including Celine bags and Gucci x Doraemonto prepare for all perfect occasions.

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