6 Trendiest Celine Bags to Add to Your Wardrobe

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Oct 11 2021

Hello, all Celine fans out there! Fasten your seat belts because this article will be an excellent ride of Celine information for you all. Who doesn’t want to include Celine bags in their collection? Indeed, we all do! So, here is this article with the most interesting historical facts about Celine, alongside the five trendiest Celine bags that you must add to your wardrobe to be in the limelight 24/7.

Some Interesting Historical Facts About Celine

Celine began in 1945 as a made-to-measure shoe store in Paris, founded by Celine and Richard Vipiana, a husband and wife team. Following their first success, this dynamic team felt it was time to expand, and Celine created a ready-to-wear collection for the everyday Parisian lady.

Celine had gone “viral” by the 1970s, and shops were springing up all over the world. In 1987, LVMH’s CEO and Chairman, Bernard, saw Celine’s success and purchased the brand and all 89 shops. Vipiana remained Celine’s leader until she died in 1999.

While several successors came and went, it wasn’t until creative director Phoebe Philo stepped in and secured Celine’s fate, re-establishing it as one of the world’s top luxury brands. Many credit Phoebe’s success to drawing inspiration from Celine Vipiana’s basic concept: the daily, Parisian chic, minimalist style.

Do you remember when Phoebe Philo stepped down as creative director and Hedi Slimane took over? The fashion world was thrown into disarray. Nobody imagined Phoebe Philo could be replaced; in fact, “oldceline” was a popular Instagram account. Everyone was a little reluctant when his first collection debuted. However, Slimane has grown into his designer and continues to create iconic and timeless designs for Celine.

Celine Belt Bag

In the spring of 2015, there was a controversy about the Celine belt bag. It’s difficult not to fall in love with a stunning Celine belt bag; the design is flawless. This timeless classic purse is easy to wear and carry, and it’s a Celine handbag worth investing in. When the bag was first released in 2015, it did not receive the excellent reception that the company had hoped for. People began to see Phoebe’s concept and accept her design as time passed.

Celine Tote Bag

Celine’s tote bag is the epitome of chic. The colour scheme and palette are flawless. This bag is suitable for both the beach and the city. When this tote bag was first released, it quickly sold out and is even harder to come by on the secondhand market. Yes, a new Celine Horizontal tote is now on the market all across Malaysia; nevertheless, it pales in comparison to the original, it’s worth purchasing!

Celine Wallet

This Celine wallet is made of calfskin and has a snap button clasp, one flat pocket, one pocket with gussets, one zipper pocket, one big note pocket, seven credit card slots, a calfskin lining, and gold-toned metal hardware. 14 cm x 10.5 cm in size. It’s perfect for carrying your cards, phone, notes, and other small stuff in the most stylish way. For a minimalist yet chic look, Celine wallet is the accessory you need to carry along.

Celine Classic Box Bag

The Classic bag is one of Celine’s most famous and timeless items. It’s all in the name! It’s a timeless piece that is strongly advised to add to your wardrobe for a worthwhile addition.

The traditional box bag was initially launched in the 1970s, and while the form has changed slightly over time, the basic shape has remained consistent. As your first Celine bag, experts strongly recommend you to get the classic bag. Small, Teen, and Medium are the three sizes available for the Classic Box Bag.

Celine Luggage Bag

The Celine luggage bag is available in four sizes: Nano, Micro, Mini, and the now-discontinued Celine Phantom. According to creative director Phoebe Philo, this bag, which was first introduced in 2010, didn’t achieve popularity until a few years later

The Celine Luggage Bag is unquestionably one of the most investment-worthy bags! Celebrities were seen carrying the purse shortly following Philo’s makeover. This timeless classic has plenty of room inside and is a fantastic investment item. It’s also reasonably practical, so you’ll be able to wear it for years.

Celine 16 Bag

Small, Medium, and Large are the three sizes available for the Celine 16. A small 16 bag comes up with a removable shoulder strap, an outer flat pocket under the flap in satinated calfskin, and a leather handle. The bag has a Celine padlock on a leather key cover and a twist-lock closure. Do you remember lady Gaga carrying this mind-blowing bag? Well, everyone was jaw-dropped, right? Celine 16 bag is also on the list of the most popular bags in 2021. You can check on the internet your favourite celebrities wearing Celine 16 bags.

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