The Most Comfortable and Protective Safety Shoes in Malaysia

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Nov 18 2021

It is essential to keep your feet safe when working, and when you have comfortable safety shoes, you can be sure that your feet are completely protected when you are working. These safety shoes can also keep your feet cozy, well-supported, and comfortable all day long. Whether you are looking for sporty safety trainers or you would like to go for robust safety boots, you can find the perfect pair at Zalora. It is a trendy online retailer that comes with a high standard and process to make sure that all of the brands you buy are entirely authentic. When it comes to safety shoes Malaysia, Zalora has some of the best ones in the market that you can get at your doorstep.

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Different types of safety shoes

Safety shoes come in different types, and it is the material of the toe that they depend on. The following are the options available in Zalora that you can choose from.

  • Steel toe

This is considered to be a standard safety shoe and is usually quite heavy as well as resistant. A steel toe is excellent to protect you from any impacts and is capable of carrying up to 1000 kg weight without losing shape. This makes them the best choice for the majority of workers.

  • Alloy toe

As far as protection is concerned, an alloy toe gives you the same protection as that of a steel toe, but it is much lighter in weight. Typically, this shoe weighs almost half as compared a steel toe shoe and usually is thicker. Therefore, it improves your flexibility and mobility without any safety compromises.

  • Composite toe

There is a blend of plastic and carbon fiber that covers the toe area of the shoe featuring a composite toe. Its non-metallic and non-magnetic nature is its most significant benefit and doesn’t let your foot feel hot or cold. A composite toe safety shoe can be perfect if you are working with electrical hazards.

  • Soft toe

This particular type of safety shoe doesn’t come with protective wear in its toe area. You will find this shoe to be very comfortable and appropriate for light work. You can buy soft-toe safety shoes if you are sure that you are not running into any danger of your toes being crushed.

List of the best safety shoes Malaysia

  • Black hammer safety shoes

Specialized in the department of safety shoes for the past many years, the customers of Black Hammer safety shoes still find them unique because of the innovative designs that are available at affordable prices. Black Hammer offers you a wide range of shoes, but their safety shoes are designed for professionals who wouldn’t want to risk their lives when at work.

  • Oscar safety shoes

The Oscar safety shoes are specially designed to offer resistance to acid, oil, heat, and penetration of nails. These shoes are made from the highest quality buffalo leather for multipurpose usage. Oscar safety shoes are tailored for the hardworking individuals in construction as well as manufacturing and are fitted with a dual-density outsole to offer you added comfort.

  • Kings safety shoes

This is a world-class safety footwear manufacturer that offers you the best safety shoes that can guard against slip and abrasion. The King’s safety shoes have a removable insole to offer you a day-long comfort and come with steel toes to protect you from any impact. These shoes are considered to be perfect for construction, transportation as well as wind energy workers.

  • Caterpillar safety shoes

Caterpillar is a brand that offers waterproof industrial boots and can, therefore, be a great choice if you would like to have a slip-resistant and waterproof pair of shoes for your safety and comfort. The Caterpillar safety shoes are suitable for the majority of working environments including challenging job sites. These shoes are much lighter than the other safety shoe brands and also feature electrical hazard protection.

  • Timberland safety shoes

If you would like to have alloy safety shoes, then Timberland is the brand for you to consider. This shoe is manufactured by one of the best brands and offers the best protection with an alloy toe that can be great for heavy construction work. The Timberland safety shoes are designed to offer you maximum safety and protection. These shoes come with the best fit as well as a firm foundation to deliver an equilibrium between reliability and versatility.

Use Atome to get the most comfortable safety shoes at Zalora

Zalora is considered to be a leading online fashion destination in Malaysia and is the fastest-growing e-commerce site that showcases excellent brands and products to its customers. It has an extensive collection of shoes from the top brands in the world, and when it comes to safety shoes, it offers you the most comfortable ones. You can get the ideal safety shoes at Zalora through Atome, which has become one of the top BNPL platforms where you can buy any product and pay for it in three easy, interest-free payments.

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