Adore More: Make Life Easier with Slip-ons!

If your shoe collection consists primarily of complicated pairs as opposed to comfortable slip-ons, it is time to rectify that. Do not dismiss the idea yet by picturing boring old Crocs or basic slides. No matter how plush they feel around your feet, they don’t make for appropriate footwear for every occasion. The slip-on shoes that we are referring to are fashionable, comfortable, and come in a wide variety. These belong to the massive collection designed by the flourishing shoe brand that goes by the name Adore More.

Seeing how technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, would it be excessive to ask for a fabulous and easy-to-sport slip-on version of every kind of footwear? I think not. In today’s hectic world, where grinding 24/7 is a way of life for many, it is crucial that we have access to shoes that make us look on-point without killing our feet one step at a time.

How do slip-on shoes make life easier?

Almost every one of us is guilty of splurging on a branded pair of heels that are our most cherished possession despite the fact that it turns into a torture device after an hour of being worn. Your love for snazzy things should only be inflicting financial damage and not physical.

On the contrary, if a pair of shoes is not pinching your feet, there is a high chance that it requires at least five minutes to put on each shoe. What if you miss the bus or arrive late to the morning meeting because of lace-up shoes? On that note, here are a few reasons that will make you want to replace all your shoes with slip-on ones from Adore More.

Save yourself time and effort

Don’t you hate it when you are dressed up and ready to leave, but the herculean task of putting on strappy sandals stands between you and the beginnings of a fun night? We do too. While it is okay to put up with complicated heels every now and then, it becomes cumbersome if you have to wrestle with laces, buckles, and clasps on a daily basis. On the other hand, a slip-on shoe would effortlessly glide onto your foot, ensuring that you are out the door in no time, which is why you need slip-on kitten heels, block heels, stilettos, pumps, sneakers, sandals, and everything in between.

Walk on clouds

Since slip-on shoes lack the extra straps and buckles, they tend to be lightweight. This is a massive plus because walking around in weighted shoes can fatigue your feet, and you want to avoid that at all costs. Wearing bulky and impractical footwear often can take a toll on your feet, especially if you find yourself walking around a lot. If you can relate to this situation, it is high time to shop for some cute and functional slip-on footwear from Adore More.

Comfort above all

All of us have had to put up with straps, buckles, and clasps that dig into the skin and cause painful blisters. Said blisters then take ages to heal – at least it feels like that – and leave marks. A great perk of owning slip-on heels, sandals, and shoes is avoiding cuts, bruises, and blisters caused by poorly designed clasps and buckles.

What makes Adore More special?

Adore More is the result of a woman’s unmatched appreciation for all things shoes. After years of wearing various pairs of locally-made and branded shoes, she realized that a high price does not equate to comfort. So, she created Adore More to express her love for shoes and provide women with comfortable yet chic footwear.

This Malaysian-based brand houses a massive collection of eye-catching footwear that caters to the fashion requirements of many. Each hand-made pair is impeccably crafted by talented shoe designers and seasoned shoemakers. Additionally, the brand also values quality over quantity, so you can trust Adore More shoes to stand the test of time.

Presently, it ships women’s beautiful slip-on shoes and other footwear to Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia, and Singapore.

Hot-selling slip-on shoes at Adore More


This faux-leather masterpiece is designed to complement all your outfits perfectly. It features the classic pointed toe that does a great job of elongating your legs. The highlight of this slip-on high heel is the cluster of thin rope-like straps that go across the foot, making the shoe elegant and outstanding. This stiletto has a 9 cm high heel and comes in the staple colors of Nude Brown and Beige.


If you have been searching for a statement heel that is easy to carry and not too high, you need to hit ‘add to cart’ on this one. Coppio is the latest addition to Adore More’s stock of shoes, and it is a mesmerizing combination of an open square toe, low kitten blade heels, and a bold design. It is made with faux leather and a breathable lining to ensure maximum comfort. Coppio has a short heel that measures 5 cm high and soft slingback straps for easy wear. You can get it in Black and Brown colors.


This is that quintessential pair of pretty flats that every shoe collection needs. Sonya by Adore More is an effortless slip-on shoe that sports a wide mesh fabric strap adorned with a dainty bow of the same material. The classic block heel is 1 cm high, making it ideal for daily wear. It is available in Black and Beige colors.

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The correct footwear can take your look to new heights, giving the impression that you have put in a great deal of time and thought into a basic outfit. It is even better if said footwear is comfortable and easy to put on. If your collection of shoes is full of pairs you dread wearing, head over to Adore More’s website now. Their exclusive collection of amazing slip-on shoes for women will have you hitting the add-to-cart button on several pairs.

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