The best iPhone cases available on Machines 2022

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Jan 29 2022

Introduction of Apple products sold on Machines

Apple is launching a new iPhone almost every year. When the first iPhone was launched, it made its landmark in the smartphone industry. It is often debated that iPhone is just an expensive phone without any special features compared to an Andriod. But iPhones have taken security to another level. It has introduced fingerprint and face recognition modes to protect your iPhone from potential thieves and hackers. These measures were introduced for internal safety. But what about external safety? Apple has launched iPhone covers to protect the body of your iPhone. These iPhone covers are available at the Apple store and can be found in many other reseller shops.

The best iPhone cases available on Machines

  • iPhone 11 case –pro

It is available in multiple colors, navy blue, pitch black, dark violent, bottle green, and blood red. If you are a fan of leather made mobile covers, then this product is for you. It is made up of European leather. For extra protection, there’s a thin line of microfiber. You can use the back of the cover as a wallet for keeping cash and credit cards.

  • iPhone x case

This iPhone x case is designed to fit perfectly on your iPhone x. It has a unique feature: the aluminum buttons, which matches the finishing of this iPhone x case. The outside is so soft in touch that it does not sweat your hands when holding for too long. You can keep it with yourself even if it’s in wirelessly charging mode. One drawback is that it is only available in red color.

  • iPhone 6 cases

When looking for an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus case, you will find it in two varieties a leather one and a silicon one. The silicon iPhone 6 plus case is available in eight colors. You can go with a soft natural color or a dark, sophisticated color. Machines have it all. This silicone case fits perfectly on your iPhone 6 and 6 plus. It has a soft microfiber lining for extra protection. If you look at the leather iPhone cover, it has been designed with a delicate outer touch and a hard inner layering for protection. It is available in three colors leather, brown, black and orange.

  • iPhone 7 cases

It is available in two colors, mustard, and pink. Both colors have a feminine and masculine touch. Anyone can use it. The best thing is that it protects your iPhone from dirt and scratches. There is a minor difference between the iPhone 7 case iPhone 7 plus. However, the iPhone 7 case can be used for an iPhone 8, as stated on the official website of Machines.

  • iPhone 12 case

iPhone 12 case is available in nine colors, gold, black, blue, green, and many more. It is designed in such a way that it can fit both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro. The primary material is silician and its MagSafe. The outer surface has a buttery touch and a silky look. The best thing is the magnetic lining that makes the charging process faster. When you need to charge it, leave the iPhone 12 with the case on. Switch on Megsafe mode and see the quick charging results.

  • iPhone 12 pro max case

iPhone 12 pro max case on Machines is available in multiple colors. Like other Apple products, it is tried and tested before placing it in the shop.iPhone 12 case comes in a wide range of materials. From silicon leather to transparent style case. Also, it is a super cute case if you are a selfie lover. You can check the store for a detailed description.

  • iPhone XR case

If you are looking for a transparent case for your iPhone XR, this is the best option. With protecting with its polycarbonate material, it is a very light case to carry. Along with protection, it gives an elegant look to your iPhone XR, with the Apple logo visible. If you want to charge it wirelessly, just leave the case put on and set it to your Qi –charger.

Machines and Atome

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Machines are offering a wide range of iPhone cases. From iPhone 6 to iPhone 13. Also, every case has a distinct quality. Silicon and leather phone cases are the most preferred ones. You can choose from several colors available. Also, you can pay with Atome. With Atome, you don’t have to worry about your budget. No matter how huge the payment is, you can divide this payment into three compartments and pay whenever you are ready.

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