Jeans That Will Last for Ages: Meet The Air-Flex Jeans by Bottom’s Lab

If there is one piece of clothing that transcends the bounds of time and is a commonality between different generations, it is a pair of blue jeans. You will often see a toddler and a grandpa wearing jeans and looking fly. The denim-paved road to finding that perfect pair of men’s jeans is long! There are multiple options, styles, fits, and types of jeans from which to choose. A pair that might be roomy around the legs may exsanguinate your butt.

Well, meet the perfect pair of men’s jeans you can find in the market now! Bottoms Lab offers you the jeans that your heart and butt will love alike.

The origin of Jeans: Pants of the working-class

Have you ever wished to time-travel? Let me take you back in time, some 150 years. The year is 1871, and the location is San Francisco. A laborer walks into a tailor shop owned by Jacob W. Davis. He orders a pair of sturdy pants that would withstand the wear and tear of his hard work. Davis gets to work. He immediately knows which fabric would be the best for the pants, denim!

In 1853, chasing the Gold Rush of California, a German businessman, Levi Strauss, flocked to the city of San Francisco. There he set up the western wing of his family business of selling dry goods. He sold in his shop the very fabric that Davis needed, the denim. The two men meet and start a revolution that would end up defining generations, subcultures, and eras to come. Davis and Strauss had invented the first ‘Blue Jeans.’

The real invention of Davis was the copper riveting that he placed in the pants at places which rip the most, the pockets and the fly, making them sturdier and the true ‘worker’s-pants.

Evolution of the blue denim jeans

Since the first ever blue jeans were invented, the 501 by Levi’s, the jeans we wear today have evolved tremendously. Per today’s fashion standards, a typical jeans collection now has skinny jeans, ripped jeans, straight ones, and even jumpsuit jeans!

Here’s how the worker’s pants, a utilitarian garment, have now become a fashion staple!

Jeans: A fashion staple

In the 1930s, Hollywood movies, cowboys, and American soldiers popularized jeans as a fashion staple. The influence of jeans can be realized by the fact that entire generations and eras are defined by the style and fit of the jeans they wear. What started as sturdy bottoms for the laborer now became a fashion staple across the globe.

Jeans become a symbol of rebellion

More than half a century after the Jeans were invented, in the post-war era of the 1950s, working-class youth and members of certain motorcycle clubs and street gangs came together to rebel against the conformity in society. Inspired by Marlon Brando’s movie, The wild one, and James Dean’s movie, Rebel without a cause, this movement became a popular subculture known as the ‘Greasers .’They were named so because of their signature look: greased-back hairstyle, a pair of loose blue denim jeans, a white or a black tee, a black leather jacket, and cowboy boots. Jamming to rock n’ roll music, the greaser subculture became very influential through the 50s and 60s. Hence, the jeans became a symbol of rebellion! So much so that some public spaces like schools and theaters even banned them.

The revival of Jeans: Fashion meets function

By the 1970s, many companies started making jeans of different styles that catered to a wider customer base. And soon, Jeans made a comeback into the fashion world. But apart from fashion, jeans were also very functional. For example, Levi’s made the first five pocket types of jeans which are still how men’s jeans are made today.

Jeans are where fashion meets function!

Why do people like to wear Jeans?

The answer to that is highly subjective, but here’s why most people love to wear a pair of denim jeans:

  1. Pants for all occasions

There are several styles, fits, and types of jeans that make them perfect for every occasion. They are the ultimate work-leisure pants. Going for a cool, careless look? Put on ripped jeans. Looking for a tight fit to go with those new sneakers? Just put on skinny jeans. Going for that professional office look? Go for a pair of straight blue jeans. Or maybe you want to go for a cute and cozy look, well there are the jumpsuit jeans. Be it summers or winters, putting on jeans can never go wrong.

  1. Comfortable but durable

Due to the copper riveting on stress points and the sturdy denim fabric, jeans are meant to last for ages. Manufacturers are also adding flexible materials to denim to make them more stretchable and comfortable.

  1. The older, the better

Jeans are probably the only clothing that becomes better as they become older. The color of the denim fades so that they get a characteristic distressed look that looks rugged and cool. Hence, there is no need to wash them so frequently.

Meet Bottoms Lab’s Air-Flex Jeans

Many companies have entered the jeans space since they were invented. Levi’s, Wrangler, Calvin’s, and more recent companies like Nudie jeans and Momotaro jeans have all contributed significantly to the industry. But meet Bottoms Lab, whose mission is to deliver fashion without compromising comfort. They challenge the status quo, not just by words but by innovation.

Bottoms Lab brings you the Air-Flex Jeans. They are the best professional and casual men’s jeans. Here is why they are so good:

  1. Inseam Gusset

This additional fabric panel is integrated into the inseam of the Air-Flex Jeans to keep you comfortable down south, even with a wide range of motion and position of legs. Bottoms Lab focuses on what matters the most. It is truly an innovation in the men’s jeans industry.

  1. Articulated Knee

Have you ever felt your jeans rubbing against your knees whenever you sit or crouch? Well, meet the articulated knee tech of the Air-flex jeans. It helps the denim fabric take the shape of your knee, reducing fabric stress and improving comfort and range of motion.

  1. Ultra-stretchable Denim

By integrating highly stretchable fabrics into the denim, Bottoms Lab has made the Air-Flex Jeans ultra-stretchable keeping those pants comfy while allowing for a wider range of motion.

  1. Reflecting Hem

What if I said that Air-Flex Jeans are the safest type of jeans on the market? With a reflective tape integrated along the Jeans lining, you will be more visible to others at night while riding your bike, motorcycle, or skateboard, ensuring that you remain safe.

  1. Anti-radiation pocket

They have copper material integrated into the pockets to help minimize long-term exposure to radiations of your smartphone.

Air-flex jeans will protect your genes. Literally.

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Air-Flex Jeans by Bottoms Lab brings you not only the latest in the men’s jeans world but also unparalleled comfort. You really must try it to know it. They offer the best innovative features that are cutting-edge and transformative. They have added another rung on the ‘blue jeans’ legacy.

With Atome’s fabulous service, owning a pair of jeans and building your very own signature jeans collection is now easier than ever! So, why wait? Like Strauss, flock down to the Bottoms Lab website, and be a part of this Golden Rush.

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