LILIT. X Bingka Launch: A Fusion of Creativity and Culture
Step into a world where fashion and culture intertwine seamlessly. The LILIT. X Bingka collaboration unveils a collection that celebrates Malaysia's essence. Infusing Bingka's local flair into the beloved "Comeback Set," each piece becomes a canvas of tradition and modernity. Explore this cultural fusion and elevate your fashion journey with Atome's convenient payment options.
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Sep 27 2023
Nelissa Hilman: Where Footwear Celebrates Womanhood
Elevate your style with Nelissa Hilman's exquisite shoes. Celebrate individuality and confidence through meticulously crafted designs that blend classic elegance with a youthful touch. From sophisticated pumps to playful sandals, each pair is a canvas for your personal style journey. Experience empowerment and convenience with Atome's payment options. Step into elegance today.
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Sep 20 2023
Kapten Batik: Elevating Tradition to Everyday Elegance in Malaysia
Discover the essence of Malaysia's batik tradition at Kapten Batik. We blend heritage with modernity, offering exclusive everyday wear that seamlessly incorporates the beauty of batik. Our meticulously crafted pieces bridge tradition and style, honoring cultural roots while embracing contemporary aesthetics. Embrace the legacy of batik with Kapten Batik – where tradition meets innovation.
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Sep 13 2023
SHALS: Transforming Everyday Fashion with Versatile Elegance
Where its philosophy resonates beyond borders, inspiring a global movement towards embracing simplicity in style. With an unwavering commitment to quality, versatility, and cultural homage, SHALS aims to create not just garments, but a legacy that transcends trends, empowering individuals to curate their personal narratives through the art of understated fashion.
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Sep 06 2023
Elevate Your Look with Atome this September: A Stylish Journey through Fashion, Lifestyle, and Technology
Transition to September's promise with Atome: Beyond Shopping, an immersive lifestyle destination. Elevate style with Zalora, Nike, and H&M. Embrace Apple, Fitbit, and IKEA for a holistic lifestyle. Shop & Win for rewards up to RM10,000. Celebrate Malaysia's diversity. Atome offers flexible payments and user-centric convenience. Elevate your journey.
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Sep 04 2023
A men’s guide: What to wear on the first date?
Jeans can make or break a look! Use Atome to get economical deals on the best jeans, watch, sneakers, and cologne and make a good impression on first dates.
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Aug 14 2023
5 must-have trendy outfits to complete your corporate wardrobe
A knit top paired with formal trousers make for a stylish work outfit. Shop more fashionable and comfortable office wear at top clothing brands with Atome.
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Aug 01 2023
Embrace Modesty in Style with POPLOOK: Malaysia’s Homegrown Modest Fashion Label
POPLOOK - Malaysia's Homegrown Modest Fashion Label
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Jul 05 2023
How fashion has evolved through the decades
“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” While the quote by the famed Yves Saint Laurent does ring true, we feel that it is more apt to say “fashion is reimagined, style is eternal.” This is because if there is anything that we can all agree on in the fashion world, it's that fashion always recycles, whether we like it or not. Over the last few decades fashion has changed rather dramatically, but has also kept trends from the past very much alive.
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Jun 26 2023
EasyStore x Atome
Scaling your online business, opening a retail store or even both,EasyStore has partnered with Atome to offer customers with flexible payment options. By helping customers manage their budgets more effectively, basket sizes and checkout success rates are increased.
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May 10 2023
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