What is Buy Now, Pay Later?
In the world of retail and e-commerce, the concept of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) has gained significant traction. It offers consumers the convenience of making purchases without upfront payment and instead deferring the payment to a later date. This popular payment option goes by various names, and it is commonly referred to as "Buy Now, Pay Later."
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Jun 15 2023
How To Spring Clean Your Finances – 4 Effective Ways
If you’re looking to manage your finances better, we have listed 4 ways you can get a head start and spring-clean your finances for the new year.
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Feb 23 2023
Discover Your Shopping Personality
People have different shopping personalities but one thing is common: Everyone wants convenient payment options! Let’s explore how you can shop with Atome.
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Feb 20 2023
Let 88 Pets Mart Tell You How to Dry Wash Your Dog to Avoid Splashing 
88 Pets Mart ialah jenama yang merangkumi semua yang memenuhi semua keperluan haiwan kesayangan anda. Anda boleh melawat mereka untuk segala-galanya daripada produk mandian anjing kepada fotografi haiwan peliharaan.
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Aug 15 2022
Atome X Huawei | Huge Surprise Discount Offer for Huawei Users!
Huawei Malaysia dan Atome telah berkumpul untuk menawarkan pengguna mereka diskaun besar-besaran di lebih 15,000 kedai dalam talian dan luar talian. Pergi untuk melihatnya!
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Aug 15 2022
Standard Chartered invests in Atome’s BNPL service
Standard Chartered has announced a 10-year strategic partnership with Atome Financial to support its Buy Now Pay Later services.
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Dec 21 2021
Sephora Malaysia adopts Atome BNPL payment
Sephora Malaysia has launched cooperation with Atome by adopting Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) policy, hoping to explore more business possibilities with Atome.
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Dec 20 2021
Pay Over Time for Easy and Accessible Shopping
Atome supports pay over time policy which allows users to manage their budgets and have higher quality goods.
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Sep 14 2021
Want Luxury Lifestyle Items at a Reasonable Cost? Buy Them With ATOME
Ted Baker offers stylish, unique and high-quality items. If you pay by Atome, you can pay them in installment.
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Sep 10 2021
The Dream of Every Shopping Enthusiast: Pay Later Buy Now
t is for people like these, who want to shop maybe for luxury, or out of need but due to financial restraints, they are unable to do so, the payment model of “Pay Later: Buy Now” has been introduced.
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Sep 10 2021
Hak cipta 2023 Atome. Hak cipta terpelihara.