Discover Beauty Beyond Boundaries with Sasa: Unleashing Radiance, Confidence, and Wellness
Discover beauty beyond bounds at Sasa, the Malaysian trailblazer offering over 10,000 skincare, fragrance, makeup, hair, body care, and health supplement products. Delve into a world of choices where skincare caters to diverse needs, fragrances tell unique stories, and makeup empowers self-expression. Sasa's own brands blend nature and science for radiant skin, vibrant hair, and flawless makeup. Explore exclusive products sourced globally for a touch of luxury. Beyond products, Sasa fosters self-discovery and empowerment, embracing sustainability. Step into Sasa, where beauty is an exceptional celebration of individuality and well-being.
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Nov 29 2023
Celebrate National Healthy Skin Month with Atome
Embrace luminous skin this National Healthy Skin Month with Atome's exclusive collaboration featuring Sulwhasoo, One doc, and L'OCCITANE en Provence. Discover the essence of time-honored beauty rituals with Sulwhasoo's Korean glow, enriched with ginseng. Experience cutting-edge technology at One doc, offering personalized skincare solutions. Immerse yourself in the Provencal beauty of L'OCCITANE en Provence's exquisite products. Atome, your gateway to luxurious skincare, ensures affordability with flexible payment options. Celebrate a radiant future for your skin with transformative products, innovation, and indulgence. Scan the QR code to download the Atome app and unlock a continuous journey to healthy, luminous skin.
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Nov 27 2023
Be Sports Ready with Atome: Unveiling the Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality
Unlock your sports potential in Malaysia with Atome! Explore Al-Ikhsan, your local sports haven, offering top-tier gear for football, basketball, and running. Decathlon invites outdoor enthusiasts with affordable gear, made even more tempting by Atome's three easy payments. JD Sports' trendy sportswear meets financial flexibility with Atome, redefining your collection. Picture a future where Atome democratizes access to quality sports gear, empowering aspiring athletes. Al-Ikhsan, Decathlon, JD Sports—coupled with Atome—create a lifestyle where being sports-ready is accessible to all in Malaysia. Gear up with confidence, Atome has unlocked your potential!
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Nov 22 2023
Sephora: Elevating Your Beauty Experience in Malaysia
Elevate your beauty journey with Sephora in Malaysia – a glamorous gateway to self-expression and confidence. Immerse yourself in a world of premium beauty brands, from global icons like Fenty Beauty to local gems like Breena Beauty. Explore skincare sanctuaries with La Mer and Kayman Beauty, dive into makeup wonderlands featuring Huda Beauty and Lipstiq, indulge in haircare havens with Ouai and Bawang, and capture your essence with fragrances from Chanel to Ne'mat. Sephora goes beyond products, offering workshops, a Beauty Insider community, and a seamless online platform for a holistic beauty experience.
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Nov 20 2023
Atome+ Challenge: Shop and Win an iPad Worth RM2,099
Unlock a world of possibilities this November with the Shop & Win Atome+ Challenge! Dive into a month-long shopping spree for a chance to win a sleek iPad worth RM2,099. Simply make a transaction with Atome+, spin A+ wheels for extra rewards, redeem exclusive A+ Rewards, and stand a chance to be a lucky winner chosen at random. Explore diverse offerings from your favorite brands, enjoy flexible payments, and experience secure transactions. Embrace the shopping frenzy and let Atome+ redefine your November with excitement, surprises, and the chance to win big!
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Nov 15 2023
Unlocking the Latest Makeup Trends: A Malaysian Perspective
Unlock the secrets to staying chic in the ever-evolving world of beauty! Dive into the Malaysian makeup scene with our article, exploring the hottest trends from Shu Uemura's 'effortlessly chic' look to Laneige's radiant Korean glow and YSL Beauty's bold allure. Discover Shu Uemura's flawless base essentials, Laneige's hydrating wonders, and YSL Beauty's sultry sophistication. Malaysians, known for embracing diversity, find their makeup inspiration in cultural influences and modern trends. Don't miss our tips for mastering makeup in the tropical Malaysian climate. Stay on trend, stay confident, and explore your unique style with Shu Uemura, Laneige, YSL Beauty, and the vibrant Malaysian makeup culture!
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Nov 13 2023
Embrace Your Exceptional Self with Atome’s Exclusive Offers
Unlock a world of savings with Atome+! Dive into the November Atome+ Giveaway, where 10,000 Atome+ points await lucky winners, transforming your purchases into thrilling rewards. Discover how Atome+ redefines your shopping escapades by earning points effortlessly—1 point for every RM1 spent. Explore the Upsized Points Campaigns for bonus opportunities, magnifying your rewards. The power of community shines through the Refer a Friend program, with a massive 6,000 points reward. Atome+ isn't just a payment platform; it's a realm of benefits, where every purchase is rewarding. Join the revolution in digital commerce and experience the future of savings with Atome+!
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Nov 08 2023
Embrace Your Exceptional Self with Atome’s Exclusive Offers
Embrace your exceptional self with Atome, the leading buy now, pay later platform revolutionizing the Malaysian shopping experience. Explore a diverse world of fashion that celebrates individuality, from chic to avant-garde styles. Atome goes beyond fashion, curating lifestyle products that define you, from personal accessories to everyday essentials. Empower your beauty routine with top skincare and makeup brands, making beauty a celebration of your uniqueness. Unlock confidence with exclusive November offers, including RM11 to RM30 off vouchers. Atome, headquartered in Singapore, offers flexible payment options with over 10,000 partners in 10 countries. Scan the QR code, download the app, and redefine your exceptional self affordably.
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Nov 06 2023
Nelissa Hilman: Where Footwear Celebrates Womanhood
Elevate your style with Nelissa Hilman's exquisite shoes. Celebrate individuality and confidence through meticulously crafted designs that blend classic elegance with a youthful touch. From sophisticated pumps to playful sandals, each pair is a canvas for your personal style journey. Experience empowerment and convenience with Atome's payment options. Step into elegance today.
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Sep 20 2023
Embrace Modesty in Style with POPLOOK: Malaysia’s Homegrown Modest Fashion Label
POPLOOK - Malaysia's Homegrown Modest Fashion Label
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Jul 05 2023
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