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Feb 24 2022

FASHREVO offers card holder wallets to its customers that promise safety and maximum capacity. Card holders bought by FASHREVO have proven to be highly beneficial for customers in the past. This article will walk you through the best card holders at FASHREVO, a sneak peek into what they offer, and their payment method through Atome.

A sneak peek into what they offer

FASHREVO provides customers an opportunity to live through memorable one-stop shopping experiences. The products offered at FASHREVO are branded/designer products. However, their pricing is highly competitive, making FASHREVO an excellent online shopping platform.

FASHREVO offers its customers a variety of items, including backpacks, watches, card holder wallets, coach card holders, other wallets, belts, bags, lanyards, sunglasses, perfumes, and makeup; a treat for all women. So if you’re looking for a men’s card holder or a card holder for women, this is the place to go.

Look at the best card holders at FASHREVO

FASHREVO offers hundreds of card holders to customers on its online website. These card holders are of diverse natures concerning their designs, shapes, and colors. Therefore, these are wonderful for all kinds of shoppers. As we have mentioned the importance of a card holder earlier, we will now follow up with a list of the best card holders at FASHREVO. These options are put forward keeping in view capacity, safety, design, and color combinations.

Kate Spade Card Holder Medium Darcy in Blackberry

This Kate Spade Card Holder is as trendy as a card holder can get. Adopting a blackberry shade, the card holder is exhibiting some regal vibes. The refined grain calf leather material further enhances this card holder’s outlook and adds to its durability. A zip at the top has an attached keyring with the zip.

In addition, this Kate Spade Card Holder does not lag in the capacity department. A single large compartment consists of 4 back exterior card slots and one slip pocket. The safety that it ensures is what sets it apart from other card holders. Even if you forget to close the zip, it is improbable that any of your belongings are going to slide out.

Kate Spade Card Holder Staci Tea Garden in Blazer Blue

If you are fond of keeping things low-key, then this Kate Spade card holder is crafted for you. In a blazer blue shade, the card holder wallet soothes the eyes. With white dots over the surface, the card holder manages to stay relevant without going over the top.

Coming to its capacity, the card holder wallet doesn’t follow a zip format. It is divided into three sections. It consists of 6 card slots along with 1 center slip pocket. Although it might appear wide open, the pockets are stitched together tightly to ensure that nothing slips out.

At the lower end, KATE SPADE is imprinted in capital letters. However, it gets up with the rest of the design, nowhere looking enforced.

Tumi Gusseted Card Case in Black

This is another classical design that takes you back to old times. A beautifully crafted black article is never out of fashion, as they say, it. With textured leather, the material further enhances the appearance of this card holder. The case consists of 6 credit card slots. It is an indication of how spacious this credit card holder is. Not only is it top-notch with regards to design and capacity, but it promises users comprehensive safety.


FASHREVO is a shorter version of Fashion Revolution. The journey of FASHREVO commenced in the winter of 2013. The goal of the e-commerce giant is to bring to customers options to adopt new fashion trends at affordable prices.

FASHREVO promises to provide middle-class people opportunities to co-exist in this new world. All of the items available at the online shopping platform are procured from brands and designers.

FASHREVO in Collaboration with Atome

Ever heard that you can divide your purchase into three payments? Many of you wouldn’t have, and we are to give you the good news! FASHREVO has joined hands with Atome to offer customers a fantastic opportunity to divide their payment into three parts. If you choose Atome as your payment method at the checkout, your purchase will be automatically divided into three payments.

What is Atome?

Atome has its headquarters set up in Singapore. It offers its users various flexibilities. One of them is the option of dividing their purchases into 3 payments. It promises customers great convenience and opens various possibilities for them. You can check out their merchants here. Want to get the app for flexible payment shopping? Take action right now!

How to pay for your card holder through Atome

There are often inquiries as to how to make payments through Atome. Follow the following three steps to buy your favorite card holder using Atome:

  • Proceed to the checkout menu. When at the checkout menu, choose Atome as your payment method
  • This will take you through to the following menu. You can make the payment through your Atome app if you have it installed. If not, it will proceed you to the Atome google site, where you can log in
  • Once you log in, you can complete the transaction

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