Converse Malaysia and Novelship – Where do the two worlds meet?

Penulis Starry

Feb 16 2022

Equipping yourself with shoes that know your needs are a must-have. A suitable pair of sneakers allow you to work out and play seamlessly without the worries of injuring yourself haunting you. Over and above that, the right shoes are just what you need to complement your outfit and feel like the royalty you really are. If you’re looking for some sturdy, long-lasting shoes, Converse Malaysia is where you should pay a visit.

Converse Malaysia is an off-shoot of the original American shoe company in Malaysia. Converse is a footwear prodigy that designs, disseminates, and licenses various skating shoes, sneakers, lifestyle brand footwear, clothes, and other accessories. Converse formed its roots in 1908 and has been listed as a subsidiary of Nike since 2003.

Today, in this article, we’ll be looking at some of the shoes offered by Converse Malaysia that can be easily purchased from Novelship, one of Asia’s leading e-commerce platforms.

Novelship shakes hands with Converse Malaysia.

Novelship is a renowned e-commerce platform in Asia and is listed as one of Asia’s topmost e-commerce platforms. If you’re determined to buy Converse shoes, we suggest you make the purchase from Converse Malaysia from Novelship.

Novelship has a massive variety of Converse shoes and aims to put customer satisfaction above everything else. Let’s have a look at some of the Converse shoes offered by Novelship.

Converse Chuck Taylor 70s

Novelship prides itself in its collection of Converse Chuck Taylor 70s. Pick up a pair of the basketball-inspired Converse Chuck Taylor 70s from Novelship. Enjoy a courtside look every other day with Converse Chuck Taylor 70s’ low- and high-top designs.

The Converse Chuck Taylor 70s are available in an iconic black and white canvas, high-end fabrics, and exquisite prints.

Novelship has a huge variety of the Converse Chuck Taylor 70s; some of the Converse shoes are as follows.

  • Converse Chuck 70 High ‘Hamilton Brown’
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi ‘Play’
  • Converse Chuck 70 ‘White’
  • Converse Chuck 70 Low ‘Black White’
  • Converse Chuck 70 Hi ‘Black’
  • Converse Chuck 70 ‘Yellow Flame’

Converse All Star Disrupt CX

The Converse All Star Disrupt CX boasts innovative technology and next-level comfort. The Converse All Star Disrupt CX features stretchy faux leather, and its brilliant innovative foam phylon midsole is there to support your tread with maximum level of comfort.

The Converse All Star Disrupt CX features:

  • Rubber soles.
  • CX foam phylon midsole for maximum support.
  • Innovative rubber tech for optimum flexibility.
  • A 3D CX foam bumper on the heel.

At Novelship’s website, when you look for Converse Malaysia, some of the Converse All Star Disrupt CX shoes you’ll find are:

  • Converse High Cut All Star Disrupt CX ‘White Wild Mango’
  • Converse High Cut All Star Disrupt CX ‘Blue Slate’
  • Converse All Star Disrupt CX High ‘Olive’
  • Converse All Star Disrupt CX Low ‘White Wild Mango’
  • Converse All Star Disrupt CX Low ‘Black Wild Mango’

Converse One Star

The Converse One Star shoes are impactful and simple. The Converse One Star flaunts a fresh take on one of Converse’s earlier designs. On the market, there are only a few sneakers that can beat the comfortability offered by Converse One Star. In the Converse One Star, you’ll find a high-shine sidewall that is only complemented by high-quality suede.

Here are some of the variations of the Converse One Star you’ll find at Novelship:

  • Converse One Star Ox ‘Plume’
  • Converse One Star Ox ‘Candy Pink’
  • Converse One Star Suede Low Top ‘White’
  • Converse One Star Academy Low ‘Earth Tone Suede ‑ Bossa Nova’

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is a variant of the original Converse High Top Chucks. The conversion resulted in a low-top pair of basketball shoes. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is versatile, classy, and fully yours! So, get your Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars from Novelship now!

About Novelship

Novelship offers you access to Converse Malaysia and is easily one of Asia’s most prominent e-commerce platforms. From apparel and footwear to accessories and other stuff, Novelship Malaysia has an enormous range of products to offer to its customers. Moreover, Novelship’s online website is pretty easy to choose, and you can buy your favorite article within literal seconds.

Novelship also has a stock of limited-edition items, so if you missed out on anything previously, Novelship is there to put an end to your gloom! Novelship offers products from a huge number of brands, including Converse Malaysia, Nike, Adidas, and more!

Novelship is also one of Atome’s listed merchants, meaning that using the Atome app, you can break your purchase from Novelship into three interest-free payments.

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Ending Note

If you want to flaunt your enthusiasm about basketball, then wearing Converse shoes is your best option. Converse Malaysia offers you a vast collection of Converse shoes to choose from!

Don’t wait; buy your favorite Converse shoes from Novelship now and pay the smart way using Atome!

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