Best Chinese New Year Home Decoration Ideas To Bring Good Luck To Your Homes

Chinese New Year, also called the “Spring Festival,” is celebrated in China and many other countries with significant Chinese populations, such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Knowing how beautifully and passionately these festivities are celebrated is always amazing. Although this event’s main customs and transitions are similar across China and other Chinese-populated countries, some traditions are modified or different due to cultural influences.

For instance, in Malaysia, the event’s festivities can last up to fifteen days after New Year. Moreover, activities like lion and dragon dances, street parades, and temple fairs are conducted to mark the occasion. There are also different Malaysian cuisines in addition to traditional Chinese cuisines. However, despite the changes, various things are similar in both cultures.

One main thing is how people decorate their homes, streets, and buildings. Cleaning and decorating homes and apartments before the New Year is considered promising. It is believed that decorating homes is a way of welcoming holy spirits and good luck to the home for the rest of the year.

There are plenty of ways and things with which one can decorate their home for the Chinese New Year, such as red couplets, New Year wall paintings, red lanterns, flower arrangements, plants, and pots.

Tasteful Ways To Decorate Your Home For Chinese New Year

Decorating homes may sound like an effort and time taking process, but it is one of the most fun-filled and exciting things to do. Here are some important things you must include in your home decorations to guide all the good luck to your home and ward off evil spirits for the rest of the year.

  1. Red Ornaments

The red color and similar shades of red are believed to symbolize luck. Prosperity and happiness. Therefore, this color is seen everywhere during Chinese occasions, especially Chinese New Year. Get some beautiful red and gold decorations such as wall hangings, door hangings, and couplets, also known as Chunian.

Couplets are special for this event’s decoration because a couple of traditional Chinese writings or characters are mentioned on them. These couplets are hung on the main door to greet or welcome good spirits and guests. It is known as a couplet because they usually come in pairs.

You can always buy these tiny red and gold decorations from the local Chinese markets or make them at home by simply using red paper, threads, and pens.

  1. Ingots

Ingots are the traditional Chinese golden metal objects, also known as “yuan bao.” This small golden object signifies wealth and status and is used as a decoration in Chinese New Year. Ingots are also presented as gifts to the guests as a sign of wishing good luck and wealth for them.

These look extremely beautiful when decorated on the dining tables or along with the flower arrangements on side tables. Interestingly, ingots were used as currency in ancient China, but now these are only used as decoration pieces during the main Chinese-originated events.

  1. Red Lanterns

Beautiful red and golden Chinese lanterns are believed to bring guidance and hope in life. There is a huge significance of lanterns in Malaysian culture because they are used in multiple events such as the Spring Festival, the lantern festival, which is usually held at the end of the Spring festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, and Malaysia day.

However, it is one of the most commonly used items during the Chinese New Year. People decorate their homes with lanterns that come in various shapes, sizes, and prices. You can embellish your home uniquely by using miniature lanterns, hanging them in your backyard or doors, and using them as a gift.

  1. Flower Arrangements

Plenty of flower arrangement ideas available on the internet will look wonderful in your home during the Chinese New Year. However, it is always better to use red or pink flowers to decorate the front doors, side tables, or dinner table flower arrangements.

Buy some fresh flowers from the nearest florist and decorate your home using contrasting colors, especially red. You can also decorate your home by making flowers at home. And yes, there are also some DIY flower-making videos and images on the internet. 

  1. Potted Plants

It is a common tradition to decorate homes with indoor plant pots and small outdoor vases. Potted plants symbolize growth, longevity, and good luck in Chinese and Malaysian culture.

These plants and flowers not only enhance the beauty of the homes and create a lively atmosphere but also represent the idea that the New Year brings new growth opportunities. Some auspicious plants and flowers such as oranges, Kumquat trees, Peonies, and Narcissus are commonly used during this event.

You can buy a variety of plants and pots from local Malaysian markets and stores. The best idea is to use red and pink floral plants with golden vases or pots. In Malaysia, just like in Chinese culture, it is not difficult to find indoor plant pots.

Potted plants are a great way to add a touch of culture to your home décor and bring good luck to your family. Bring some beautifully made pots and plants and welcome growth, renewal, and prosperity to your homes.

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