An Introvert’s Guide to Navigating New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s day means preparing for the biggest party of the year anywhere, and most people can’t wait to get their party hats on. Everyone’s excited, the entire family has time off, and you can get together with your friends and go out.

But while this time of the year means drinking and relaxing for most, it can get pretty hectic if you’re an introvert who just wants to relax alone or with a few friends. Seeing as everything about New Year’s Eve is loud, it’s not the best place for someone who likes peace and quiet.

You must follow a few tricks and figure out how to keep yourself calm.

Tips for Surviving an NYE Bash

Even if you’re not someone who likes the hustle and bustle of parties, you should know how to navigate one without letting a good time become a source of stress. Here are a few tips on surviving a New Year’s Eve party.

  1. Know the Quiet Spots

New Year’s Eve is an exciting time, and it usually means fireworks and big parties with flashing lights and loud music. Not everyone’s cup of tea. But even if you want to get into a blanket at home, avoiding every social gathering is only sometimes possible.

Then there are noise-cancelling headphones, but you can’t have them on the entire time in case someone calls you. And they’re not the best fashion choice if you’re all dressed in a fashionable outfit and can’t keep them in a clutch.

So, no matter where you are, there will be a few quiet spots where you can get away from the crowd. It’s great if you’re at a friend’s house where you can get an empty room for close friends, but even a restaurant isn’t crowded everywhere.

A rooftop restaurant like Roofino Skydining will allow you to soak in the skyline at the side for a few minutes.

  1. Go to the Party with a Friend

Another critical point is that if you’re an introvert, never go to a party alone, even if you want to step out of your comfort zone. Having a friend with you is a buffer and helps you feel relaxed when entering a large crowd.

Since the lunar New Year centres more around family gatherings, you can get a close cousin or sibling to accompany you. The critical point is not being alone.

Having an extrovert friend is even better since they can steer the conversation without being awkward and help you participate.

Going to parties with a friend is helpful because, if nothing else, you know there’s someone close to you around, and that alone is enough confidence. If you didn’t do anything earlier, you could look forward to the Chinese New Year 2023.

  1. Stay Close to the Snacks and Drinks

Whether it’s a house party or a reservation at a restaurant, an NYE bash will definitely have a buffet set with finger foods and drinks for guests to enjoy. And for an introvert, there’s no better place. Everyone’s bound to pass by at least once, and you can wish them a happy new year.

The best part is that you can keep yourself busy, and it gives a great small talk topic, so there are fewer chances of you feeling awkward even if you’re alone. Of course, the food itself is also a bonus.

If you want to go back feeling satisfied, the least you can do is eat to your heart’s content. If you’re with a friend, it gives you a chance to meet other people you know. After all, you don’t need to be glued together just because you arrived together.

  1. Head to the Bathroom to Take a Break

One of the best-known party hacks for escaping to the bathroom when you want to get away from everyone without anyone being able to approach you. It gets you out of any uncomfortable conversation, and you can spend a reasonable amount of time if there’s a large crowd.

Wishing everyone a happy Chinese new year can get tiring at a party, even if all you’re doing is introductory small talk. Only some have a large social battery, and that’s alright.

Even if everyone’s doing traditional activities, it’s alright to get up and leave for a few minutes and come back. It also lets you freshen up and redo your makeup to make sure you still look amazing.

  1. Plan a Specific Time to Leave

Whether with friends or alone, planning a specific time to leave does wonders. If you were stuck wishing people a happy new year 2022 and didn’t have anything to do for hours, changing this part this year can make any party more enjoyable.

The essential part is that it gives you a limit, which means you know when to go home. Try not to spend the entire time staring at the clock and enjoy while you’re there. Since you know when you’re leaving, you can focus on the present.

It also keeps you from getting too tired so that you can socialize more according to your rules.

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