What Is Soft Water? How Can You Distinguish Between Hard Water And Soft Water?

INTACT WATER is a company that provides professional water filtration technology to families in Malaysia so that they can experience a better standard of water quality. The company was founded in 2006 with a mission to elevate the lifestyle of Malaysian families and offer them better drinking water. They deliver a wide variety of products, each aimed at providing pure, clean, healthy, safe, and tasty drinking water.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between soft and hard water to help you better understand the benefits of the INTACT WATER filter.

What is hard water and soft water?

Many people look at water and wonder what the different types of water are. Especially with so many terms flying around—hard water, soft water, filtered water, spring water, sparkling water, mineral water, boiled water—anyone can get confused. The main question that many families face is the difference between hard water and soft water and whether either of the two affects their health and well-being.

Interestingly, hard and soft water both have advantages and disadvantages, making it even more challenging to choose one. Is hard water more beneficial than soft water? No. Is soft water better than hard water? Not necessarily. So, how do you establish which one is better for you? In truth, it all comes down to your personal preference. Let’s look closely at what these two types of water actually mean to help you decide what you want for yourself.

Hard water

Hard water is natural water that is consumed in the majority of homes in Malaysia. It is rich in minerals like manganese, calcium, iron, and magnesium. When rainwater falls to the ground, it is pure. However, when it falls into lakes, rivers, and soil, it consumes limestone and chalk deposits from the surrounding environment. These minerals seep into the rainwater to turn it into hard water.

Human bodies need minerals; therefore, hard water is not bad for your health. However, it is rough on your skin and hair.

Soft water

Soft water, however, has a lower mineral content (especially calcium) than hard water. Soft water may occur naturally from rainwater, ponds, lakes, glaciers, icebergs, rivers, and streams, or it can be created through water treatment. Not every naturally occurring water is drinkable and needs water purification before it can be consumed. Since soft water has fewer minerals, it attracts minerals from other sources, which may result in other contaminants getting pulled into the water.

Soft water, as the name suggests, is soft to the touch and gentle on your skin and hair. While it doesn’t have the health benefits of hard water, it does not cause you any harm.

What are the differences between hard and soft water?

Now that you know there are two primary water types, you may wonder: how can you tell if your house has soft or hard water? The most accurate way to find that out is through water testing. Nevertheless, this section will highlight the differences between the two to help you reach a conclusion without the test.

Effect on health

The first concern is how hard and soft water affects your health.

Hard water has essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium that human bodies need; therefore, it is safe for drinking. In fact, most people pick the taste of hard water over soft water for drinking purposes.

Soft water is also safe to drink, but it poses a risk to people with high blood pressure conditions because of elevated sodium levels in the water. However, the amount of sodium in soft water is within normal ranges for healthy adults, so that should not be a thing of concern for everyone.

If you have a condition that you feel might be triggered by increased sodium intake, you should consult with your doctor before drinking soft water. Some people get special faucets installed that bypass the softening plant for personal use.

Ultimately, hard and soft water is safe for drinking and does not adversely affect health.

Effect on hair and skin

This is where the variations begin to show. The elevated level of calcium and magnesium in hard water can damage your hair and skin. It can cause your hair to turn brittle and dehydrate your skin. With hard water, you will find that your soaps, shampoos, and cleansers– nothing lathers up. It results in a film building up on your skin and hair.

Research has shown that hard water is also responsible for causing and heightening eczema in some cases. Since children are particularly vulnerable to this condition, hard water poses a real threat to families.

Soft water is gentle on the hair and skin and doesn’t cause any type of damage. It increases the effectiveness of skincare and haircare products because it comes in direct contact with your skin and hair. Moreover, soft water doesn’t trigger sensitive skin and keeps families safe from the risk of conditions like eczema.

Effect on home appliances

The increased concentration of minerals in hard water causes problems with plumbing by leaving deposits in pipelines that result in clogging. In addition, it leaves behind layers of buildup around drains, faucets, showerheads, and any other appliance or fixture that comes into contact with hard water. The mineralization on household objects looks unattractive and makes everything look much older than it actually is.

Hard water isn’t good for laundry either, and you will find that your clothes are never really clean or soft. To reverse the effects, you end up using more detergent and fabric softener for a better wash.

Hard water vs. soft water: Final Verdict

Hard water and soft water are safe for human consumption, but the disadvantages of using hard water in households are too significant to ignore. While soft water may not be as beneficial for health as hard water, it is definitely better for skin, hair, home appliances, water pipelines, clothes, and faucets.

Thus, we can conclude that soft water is a clear winner out of the two. And if we look at the benefits mentioned above, it is clear why more and more families are opting to install water softeners in their homes.

INTACT WATER SDN BDN: The solution to your hard water woes

INTACT WATER understands the significance of soft water for families; therefore, it offers highly effective and safe water softener solutions. In its mission to deliver high-quality water, the company has a variety of products that help transform your home and living standards.

You can find the following water filtration solutions at INTACT WATER:

  • Indoor water dispenser
  • Outdoor filter
  • Ionizer/ hydrogen water system
  • Cooler

INTACT WATER’s outdoor filters are an ideal water-softening solution for your home. Once you install a water softener, all the problems you face because of hard water simply go away. It will increase the life of your faucets, home appliances, sinks, bathtubs, and other household objects that come in frequent contact with hard water. Imagine how much money you could save on maintenance with a one-time water softener installation cost.

And that’s not all. Soft water also ensures that your skin and hair are well taken care of, so you don’t need to invest in expensive skincare and haircare products to retain their natural beauty.

INTACT WATER is one of Atome’s partner merchant

While investing in a water softener plant for your home means saving costs on maintenance in the long run, the initial installation cost may be inconvenient for some people. To reverse this situation and increase the ease of shopping at INTACT WATER, the brand has partnered with Atome, a BNPL company, to offer users monthly payment plans. Through Atome, buyers can shop for the products they want and pay in three parts instead of one. Isn’t that an excellent deal? Continue reading to learn more about this buy-now-pay-later service called Atome.

What is Atome?

After the pandemic, retail markets have observed a shift in consumer behaviour in terms of payment. Modern buyers today want more than just a regular shopping experience– they want the ability to own things they want with the option of flexible payments. In response to this change, several BNPL companies have entered the retail space to cater to consumer demands.

Atome is among the leading BNPL companies in Malaysia that also operates in 8 countries worldwide. It has over 15,000 partner merchants, which means Atome users have unlimited choices in premium products and services through a single payment platform. With Atome, users can divide their bills from any partner merchant’s online and offline store into three equal payments. They have to pay the first part at the time of purchase, and the remaining payment can be paid over subsequent months.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Atome combines the thrill of shopping with convenience to allow users to stay within their monthly budgets while enjoying high-quality products. Download the app (Get the app) from Atome’s website to take your retail therapy to the next level. Set up a new account and wait for verification (it takes just a few minutes). Once approved, you can start shopping immediately—it’s as easy as that. A bonus of downloading Atome’s app is a welcome voucher of RM15 that you can use on your first purchase.

How to pay with Atome at INTACT WATER

  1. For in-store purchases: Scan the QR code from Atome’s app at checkout.
  2. For online purchases: Select Atome as your payment partner when you check out. Enter your user details when redirected to the next page.
  3. Pay the first part of your INTACT WATER bill and pay the remaing amount in the following months

Choose INTACT WATER for quality water

Water is a fundamental necessity that is required for a variety of activities every day. From drinking to laundry, dishwashing to bathing– you need water for basic survival. Good quality water means a better quality of life, and that’s why you should opt for a water-softening plant for your home.

Choose INTACT WATER’s products for superior quality and effortless installation. You can even partner with Atome to make this investment lighter on the pocket. With Atome, you only need to pay the amount on your bill without any service fees or interest charges. So, what are you waiting for? Visit INTACT WATER today or head to their website to view the complete product catalogue.

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