Obermain Wedges Shoes to Complement Your Summer Outfit

Penulis Mavis

Nov 11 2021

One can have limitless footwear options when the summer is in full swing. People love shoes, but sometimes, it can be not very clear for them to choose out of so many different kinds of sandals. It is better to avoid any unnecessary stress at the store, as you can have wedge shoes that have traditionally been a summer staple for a perfect reason. Being extended from the back, their bottoms have a raised heel and serve for you as a sole as well as a heel. Obermain has been offering quality leather items, including shoes, bags, and different accessories, for more than a century.

What are Wedges Shoes?

The wedge shoes are also known as the wedgies or lefties, and these are the ones that have a sole forming a wedge shape. The bottom of the wedges shoes happens to extend from the back and have a raised heel serving as a heel as well as a sole. You can find the best wedge shoes at Obermain, as there is a good range of casual to elegant ones available for you in different colors, styles, and materials. This way, the wearer is able to get stability and added support to offer you an instant boost in height.

Although the wedges shoes are primarily associated with women, wedge shoes are also sported by men in the form of work boots. You can find the wedge shoes in a variety of styles which include wedge heels, wedge pumps, booties, and sneakers. One can wear them year-round with any ensemble because of their versatility.

Different types of Wedges Shoes

Those who want to buy new wedge shoes can have plenty of options to choose from. Obermain is a specialist that offers high-quality wedge shoes of all types to its customers. The following are some of the most popular wedge types that can be found in Obermain.

  • Wedge Heels

Those who wear wedge heels as an alternative to traditional heels like mules, stilettos, or pumps can have a completely new meaning to the leather products and accessories with Obermain. Wedge heels have the tendency to make any outfit look more formal, just like a classic heel, but it can be a lot easier for anyone to balance these because of the sole’s even distribution.

  • Wedge Pumps

If you would like to have a glamorous touch of pumps and have a blockier heel in order to have a much more conservative look, then the wedge pumps can be the best option for you.

  • Wedge Sneakers

When we talk about wedge sneakers, you will find them to be comfortable, chic and leg-sculpting, if you happen to wear them on a regular basis. A wedge sneaker can be one of the best ways for you to give your basic outfit an edge.

  • Wedge Boots

The wedge boots or booties made for women offer excellent stability and ankle support as compared to the heels. Usually, the wedge booties contain embellishments like buckles and hardware.

  • Platform Wedges

If you would like to have an enhanced style of any outfit, then the platform wedge is the best, as it contains some decorated elements like colored trim, printed fabrics, satin uppers, or ruffled materials.

  • Ankle strap wedges

Those who love to have ankle strap wedges must be aware that these sandals feature a fabric strap or any strap that tends to wrap around the ankle for aesthetic appeal as well as support. It is worth noting that these straps can be adjustable.

Are heels and wedges shoes considered to be the same?

Although you will find wedges and heels to be appearing quite similar, there are some distinct differences that you can find between both. The main difference between wedges as well as the heels can be related to the soles.

When it is about the high-heel shoes, their heel is somewhat separate from the sole, and you will see an arch between the heel and the toe. As far as the wedge is concerned, you will see a continuous wedge-shaped outsole that tapers down to the toe and is elevated to the heel.

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