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Sep 07 2021

Ever thought about a shopping payment model where you can buy now and pay later? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an app that lets you buy all your desires, but with the freedom to pay across 3 months? Though many shops and apps pay later buy now services, they all require a tax of some percentage. But Atome is the only app that lets you pay later buy now for all your purchases at no fees.

Atome is an available online app that provides pay later buy now on all the brands and services Atome has collaborated with, which are made up of the best brands on the market.

What is the “Buy Now, Pay Later” business model?

If you aren’t aware of BNPL’s business model, here’s what you need to know. BNPL applications and payment methods like Atome Malaysia enable you to purchase your favorite items now and pay for them at a later date. Plus, there’s no interest cost involved and nor are there any hidden fees.

BNPL payment modes like Atome payment Malaysia work through a simple business model. Each time a purchase is made from any of their merchants/retailers, these payment mediums charge a small fee from these merchants. The percentage of the fee depends on the purchase – the heavier the purchase, the greater the transaction fee. This fee is also highly dependent upon the type of service or product the merchant offers. As a simple rule of thumb – the costlier the product, the higher the fee.

Online Purchase to No Limits

Having a pay later buy now, the policy is new, but online shopping has been a new trend for a while now. It also became the new way of shopping when people understood how easy it is to select a product that you find and the size you wear; all you need to do is select it and pay for it.

The ideology of online shopping was pretty simple, you do not have to drive to the store, you do not have to walk through the aisles, and you do not have to talk to the cashiers and other people while you do your shopping. It is the same with Atome, but due to their payment policy, pay later buy now, you can enjoy the payment process accordingly.

Apart from the policy pay later buy now, Atome has the best brands on the platform for the users to enjoy.

Advantages of Pay Later Buy Now

Atome is a buy now pay later app that has introduced the great motto of “pay later buy now,” representing their payment plan. Even though Atome has been launched back in 2019 but has been getting much popularity in Malaysia, Indonesia, and of course, Malaysia, where it is fully functional; due to ” pay later buy now,” you can have all the amazing products and services that you desire and pay in 3 months.  

  1. You get to avail all the services and products that you want. Also, you can use them before paying them back.
  2. You do not have to worry about the payment while you are purchasing.
  3. You can get the best product and have easy payment plans.
  4. You have three months to pay in installments for the products you purchase.

What is Atome’s installment plan and why is it so popular?

In its essence, Atome gives you 3 months to pay for your purchases if you happen to shop from any of its merchants. Atome installments are interest-free and you’ll find tons of Atome payment reviews to vouch for that. Moreover, there aren’t even hidden charges to fret over.

The manageable, interest-free installment plans are what make Atome stand out amongst the herd and make its user simply fall in love with the futuristic application. Furthermore, Atome is free to use and the application is tremendously user-friendly too!

Atome payment

Atome Payment Policy

The payment policy of Atome is fairly simple. The app is available on other app stores and the application store for all to use. All you need is to download it on your phone, make a profile and start scrolling on the app.

Atome has collaborated with all the best brands on the market. Put it simply, 6000+ merchants both online and offline in 10 markets These brands include all the top-notch fashion brands, accessories, makeup, perfumes, homecare, personal care, and even rifles.

According to the payment policy of Atome “pay later, buy now,” you can buy every item and avail of every service you want, with the leverage of paying back when you can see in three easy installments.

Using Atome app

The Atome app is not a shopping brand; rather, it is a platform that collaborates with different brands and brings them all to one platform. Like any other online app, the Atome is very user-friendly. It helps you find everything you are looking for on one single platform.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

1. Know what software you have on your phone; if you have an Android, you can download it from the Google Play app. But if you have an iOS, you can check your App Store for the version of the Atome app that is compatible with your phone and its software.

The problem may arise if your phone is outdated and might not support the app, for it needs a higher and modern version of software to work properly. Alternatively, simply scan the QR code to download the Atome app for further purchases.

2. If your phone does not have the space for downloading or has little space left, it will keep crashing the app until you clear out the space.

3. Once you have downloaded the Atome app on your phone and it is successfully installed. It would be best if you started by creating your profile, which will include your location, name, contact number, address, payment plants, and even email address. It is also preferred that you add your bank info to help in your three installments in the payment plan “pay later, buy now.”

4. Now that your app is all ready and up to use, you need to select the items you like and are interested in, giving you a more personalized and customized home screen that will have your selected brands and products related to your liked categories.

5. The next step is pretty simple; you can scroll through your home screen and enter all the available brands and have collaborated with Atome. Brands and products that are in collaboration with Atome will be listed as such.

6. Now that you are done with your shopping, you can move to the checkout and choose the three-month, interest-free plan.

Atome payment reviews

A lot of positive reviews back Atome payment Malaysia and rightfully so! The application is excellent and proves pretty worthy if you’re not a fan of upfront payments. Thousands of happy and content users vet Atome – there’s no doubt about that!

Here are some of Atome’s distinguishing features:

  • Atome operates in 10 regions around the world and works with 6,000+ merchants.
  • There is 0% interest to worry about.
  • There’s no hidden fee.
  • The application is 100% safe and easy to operate.

If you’re looking for reviews to vet your choice, search for Atome on Google Play Store or Apple App Store and see all the reviews for yourself! But do remember first users will get a $10 shopping voucher! Never miss out on such an opportunity!

Atome payment reviews


Atome is an amazing app when it comes to online shopping and online purchases. Apart from the ease of online shopping, it also has “pay later, buy now,” allowing customers to purchase items easily while keeping within budget.


How does buy now pay later work?

BNPL modes work by charging a small fee from merchants to their users to break their bills into installments. Most BNPL modes allow you to break your bills from any of their partner retailers into much more manageable installments, giving you multiple months to pay for your purchase.

Should I use buy now, pay later?

Yes, you definitely should if you’re looking for better financial management. Moreover, Atome provides a safe and secure shopping experience for all of its users.

Why is buy now, pay later so popular?

The top reasons for BNPL being so popular are:

  • 0% interest fee.
  • Flexible financing.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No need to make upfront payments.

Today, no one wants to make upfront payments today, which is why the concept of buy now, pay later is swiftly gaining traction, and people simply adore it!

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