Getting In Your Sporty Spirit With Polo Shirt Malaysia

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Dec 09 2021

Looking for smart and practical tips for women? Have you checked out Sports click for their polo shirt Malaysia for women? There are many reasons for opting for polo shirts for women.

Having plenty of options to wear for daily work, it is a woman’s personal choice to wear a dress or a polo shirt. If you want to wear something easy to carry and practical, a white polo shirt is always the best option among the polo shirts in Malaysia.

The online Sportsclick outlet has different clothing brands; things also included the polo shirts Malaysia, which is a trendy and practical choice for durable outfits.

Polo Shirts

A polo shirt is a classic fashion trend of elite sports, such as tennis, golf, badminton, and polo. When it comes to polo shirts, the mind naturally has an image of a male role wearing the shirt. Still, in reality, polo shirts are also available for women, and these polo shirts in Malaysia have the same quality and colors but have different stitching.

Short sleeves are a mark of bolo shirts as a polo shirt will always have half sleeves, along with that a polo shirt will always have an additional pocket. A polo shirt is different from other shirts and T-shirts.

What makes a random shirt different from a polo shirt in Malaysia is the color. Normal shirts around next can also be characterized as a deep V or oval neck. But a polo shirt has a collar and a button palate in front. Though both shirts are made from cotton, polo shirts are made from knitted cotton called plaque.

Another difference is that polo shirts in Malaysia have their signature motif on the side of the buttons. The color scheme of polo shirts is usually the color palette of a rainbow, and the name was derived from their use, which was the wearing of such shirts for polo games.

Polo Shirt for Women

A knitted cotton shirt with light color hues having three to four buttons and short sleeves is a polo shirt for sure. But a polo shirt for women has one difference: the location of the buttons.

The polo shirts Malaysia normally has buttons on the right, but for women, the shirt has buttons on the left. The colors are usually similar, and both have front pockets and collars. Even for polo shirts in Malaysia for women, the white polo shirt is usually the most frequently bought one.

White Polo Shirt

The polo shirt Malaysia is available in plenty of colors which are usually the hues of the rainbow. You can buy your choice of color among the polo shirt collection on Sports click.

But even with all these colors on hand, the white polo shirt is always a popular buy. The reason is that even though it is just plain white, it is one of the most versatile shirts on the planet and matches almost every color and dress.

The polo shirts Malaysia is a balance between formal and casual shirts which means you can even wear these collar shirts to work without any objections. Many white-collar jobs accept the attire as professional.

Due to the white color, this polo shirt is one of the best dresses to wear in summer and cut the heat. Not only because of the cotton but also because white reflects lights and keeps the body cool. This is also one reason why polo shirt in Malaysia is usually found in light colors.

Own a Polo Shirt

 There are many reasons you should own at least one pair of polo shirts:

  1. Very airy and ventilates easily.
  2. Very elegant and professional.
  3. Can be worn as a semi-formal shirt.
  4. very easily washable.
  5. Keep the body cool and does not absorb sweat.

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