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Jan 05 2022

A regular cat is believed to have nine lives. However, Puma is a feline that doesn’t need additional lives; the brand rules the sports clothing and accessories business. Puma items have been donned by some of the world’s greatest and most gifted athletes throughout history. Plus, considering how fast Puma shoes are gaining traction, much more popularity can be anticipated for its sports shoes in the future.

With its headquarters in Germany, the company has become the world’s third-largest athletic goods manufacturing brand. Furthermore, owing to their outstanding quality, Puma sports shoes compete with brands such as Adidas and Nike.

Puma and Puma sports shoes – A history

Puma began with a small amount of perseverance. The adventure started with two brothers who had a flair for creating sports performance-boosting footwear. Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory originated in 1924 by Adolf Dassler & Rudolf. Their breakthrough came in the 1936 Olympics when world-class competitors used Dassler spikes and won gold medals.

Rudolf Dassler created Puma in 1948, and the assets from the former firm were shared evenly between the brothers. The Atom, Puma’s first football boot, was released the same year. Puma made its first significant contribution to sport in 1952 when it introduced the Super Atom, the first football boot with screw-in studs. Later on, the business created an improved version named Brazil. This rose to worldwide prominence after the Brazilian squad won the 1958 World Cup in Sweden while wearing Puma sports shoes.

Puma became well-known in the 1960s for its superior vulcanization production technology (a technique that bonds the sole and shaft of the shoe). This resulted in improved performance. During the 1960s, world-famous sportsmen such as Pelé and Portuguese football player Eusebio won competitions, and Puma was always in the limelight.

Lutz Backes, a cartoonist from Nuremberg, created Puma’s world-famous jumping cat emblem, unveiled to the globe in 1967. In 1979, the logo was changed to a puma leaping over the corner of the word PUMA.

Puma shoes for all occassions

Get the best Puma shoes for yourself!

If your shoe rack isn’t loaded with new Puma shoes, are you even living your life to the fullest?

To put it in a nutshell, you’ll find a great variety of puma shoes in stores, including Puma white shoes, Puma basketball shoes, Puma black shoes, Puma BMW shoes, Puma kids’ shoes, Puma running shoes for women, women’s white Puma shoes, pink Puma shoes, Puma football shoes, Puma Mercedes shoes, Puma running shoes for men, Puma shoes for girls, and much more.

Moreover, Puma’s outlets are brimming with the latest Puma shoes like Puma football shoes, Puma high cut shoes, red Puma shoes, Puma casual, Puma ladies’ shoes, Puma original shoes, Puma racing shoes, Puma training shoes, Puma hiking shoes, Puma jogging shoes; you name it!

If you’re looking for a decent pair of sneakers or shoes to chaperone you as you embark on the running experience of your life, choosing Puma running shoes would be a wise decision on your part. Moreover, Puma shoes are backed by a lot of history and consumer adoration to vouch for their excellence.

  • Looking for decent football shoes? Get Puma football shoes.
  • Looking for contemporary hiking shoes? Get Puma hiking shoes.
  • Looking for excellent training shoes? Get Puma training shoes.
  • Looking for something sophisticated and voguish? Get Puma white shoes.

Basically, there’s a pair of Puma shoes catering to every need of yours.

Here are some of the best Puma shoes you can get your hands on!

ShoesTarget UsersColor SelectionFunction
Puma Future RiderWomenGray, white, pink, black, blue, beige, orangeRetro, Sporty – Running
Puma RS-XMen/WomenGray, whiteRetro, Sporty, Chunky – Running
Puma RS-FastMen/WomenWhite, black, pink, blueSporty, Futuristic – Running
Puma X-RayMenWhiteSport, Chunky- Running
Puma RS-X3 PuzzleWomenMulti-colorsRetro, Sporty, Chunky – Running
Puma City RiderMenBlack, GrayRetro, Sporty – Running

Puma shoes in Malaysia – What has SportsClick got to offer?

If you’re looking for Puma shoes in Malaysia, we suggest buying a pair from SportsClick. Among many brand shoes, here are some of the best Puma sports shoes offered by SportsClick.

SportsClick’s Puma shoes for men

If you are looking for men’s shoes, you might as well take a look at the below options.

Puma LQDCELL Method Men’s Training Shoes – White Peacoat

Feel the drive for speed with Puma’s LQDCELL Method, a better design developed for agility. These high-tech Puma sports shoes combine LQDCELL technology with a ProFoam midsole to provide you with the lightest step you’ve ever felt. These shoes designed for men are ideal for any nimble sportsman on the run.

Puma shoes size chart – US

Puma InterFlex Running Men’s Shoes – Black

You can hit the ground running with the contemporary INTERFLEX Puma running shoes. These trendy shoes have a traditional top with prominent branding and an EVA midsole for maximum comfort and performance.

Size chart – US


Puma InterFlex Running Men’s Shoes – Dark Denim

The day begins with a bang thanks to modern INTERFLEX Puma running shoes. This contemporary Puma shoe pair stands out with its traditional design and strong logo and an EVA midsole that gives great performance and exceptional comfort.

Size chart – US


SportsClick’s Puma shoes for women

Here are some of SportsClick’s Puma shoes for women worth mentioning.

Puma LQDCELL Method Untamed Women’s Training Shoes – Black

Meet the LQDCELL Method, the lightest-weight member of the LQDCELL family, designed for demanding, nimble women athletes. The combination of LQDCELL and ProFoam in the midsole delivers maximum cushioning, while forefoot flex grooves and a zoned rubber outsole give exceptional flexibility and grip. The high-performance look is completed with an exotic pattern on the top and eye-catching metallic embellishments.

Size chart – US


Puma Flyer Runner Femme Women’s Running Shoe – Black Lotus

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for a pair of durable Puma running shoes that don’t skimp on style, design, or comfort. These are stylish and exceptionally comfortable, thanks to their elegant top design, SoftFoam sock liner, and EVA midsole.

Size chart – US


Buy your favorite Puma shoes from SportsClick; your feet demand it!

Get acquainted with SportsClick

SportsClick is Malaysia’s local online sports store where you can get inexpensive, authentic branded sportswear and other accessories. They exclusively offer legitimate items from names like Nike, Puma, Asics, McDavid, and Li-Ning that are 100% genuine. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get genuine Puma shoes from SportsClick now!

Atome & SportsClick

If you want to buy Puma shoes in Malaysia from SportsClick, you may pay with the Atome app, which will divide your payment into three monthly payments. You can only buy and pay for items or services from Atome’s partnered merchants by using the Atome app.

What is Atome?

Atome is a smartphone app that lets you buy now pay later by splitting your purchase into three equal monthly payments. It was created in Singapore, works with around 10,000 merchants, and now has 10 locations. It offers its clients the convenience and flexibility of flexible repayment options for various goods and services.

Atome is teeming with items and tools from various merchants that you may want to add to your wishlist for flexible payments. It does not impose any interest or service fees. You may pay in-store by scanning the Atome QR code or selecting Atome as a payment option on a merchant’s website after installing the smartphone app and establishing an account. You pay one-third of the whole fee right away. The second installment is due 30 days later, followed by the third payment a month later.

Visit to learn more about Atome’s merchants.

How to pay for your Puma shoes from SportsClick using Atome

If you’re ready to buy SportsClick’s puma shoes, you may use the Atome app to divide your purchase into three interest-free payments because Atome is a flexible payment app. Here’s how to use Atome to pay for your desired items branded by Puma from SportsClick.

  1. During the checkout process, choose Atome as your payment option.
  2. If you have an Atome account, enter your login information. If you don’t have one, make one! It just takes a few seconds.
  3. Pay one-third of the cost now and the remaining two monthly payments with no interest afterward.

Now is the time to split your expenses using the Atome app!

First Order Up To RM15 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To RM15 Off! Download Atome!

There are lots of stores you can get Puma’s latest shoes from!

Don’t think SportsClick resonates at the same voguish frequency as yours! Well, don’t worry – there is a myriad of stores in Malaysia (both online and physical) where you can buy Puma original shoes from!

  • ZALORA is one such store! From Puma casual shoes to Puma hiking shoes, ZALORA is a one-stop shop that offers more than just your favorite Puma shoes. View ZALORA’s collection of Puma shoes now!
  • Or, you can simply shop from Puma’s Malaysian outlet to get the best Puma shoes Malaysia price. You’ll find every Puma shoe you’ve ever heard of!

Celebrating Ramadan with SportsClick

In the holy month of Ramadan, we expect all our favorite brands to lower their prices so that we can inundate ourselves with our Ramadan shopping extravaganza! Well, SportsClick Malaysia is no exception! Celebrate Ramadan in style with SportsClick’s collection of trendy items when it comes to fashion articles for both men and women at discounted prices.

Yes, there’s a sale that’s life – you don’t want to miss it! Plus, we SportsClick’s Ramadan-only items, you need to shop from SportsClick right this instant!

Put it in a nutshell

Puma shoes are ‘the deal’ for high-end sports shoes. Puma running shoes are great for women and men alike and aren’t too costly either! Get your favorite sports shoes from SportsClick now! And, while you’re at it, choose the Atome app as your payment option and know what it feels like to manage your finances while not compromising on your luxurious choices.

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