What Is A Graphics Card? How to Find The Best Graphics Card for PC in Malaysia

Have you ever booted up your favorite video game on the computer only to find your PC struggling to keep up with the high frame rates and specifications required by the game? Or maybe you are a creative specialist who edits videos and pictures and have found your videos dropping frames and taking forever to render? This may be due to your computer missing a crucial component, the Graphics Card. In this article, we will discuss what graphics cards are, how they work, and what are some of the best graphics card for PC you can find in Malaysia that would perfectly suit your needs if you are a gamer or editor and need that extra juice.

What is a Graphics card?

Most high-end and heavy video games and editing software require, in addition to a fast CPU processor and more RAM, a graphics card. You see, the language of your CPU is just 0s and 1s called the binary. For the information to be displayed on the monitor, the CPU needs a translator to convert this binary information into a picture that can appear on the screen.

A Graphics card, also known as a video card, is the interface between a CPU and a monitor. The CPU sends the graphical information to the graphics card, which decides how to use the pixels on the monitor to create an image and the motion. Then the GPU sends that information to the monitor via an HDMI or VGA cable to be displayed.

All CPUs have a built-in graphics card, an ‘integrated graphics unit’ soldered into the motherboard. This integrated graphics card is sufficient for most cases, like watching movies, browsing, and emailing. But high-power users may require an additional graphics card capable of processing complex visuals more efficiently and quickly.

How does a graphic card work?

The function of a graphics card is to receive binary information from the CPU and convert it into graphical or visual information, which is then sent out to monitor via a cable. It performs these tasks by using the following components:

  1. A GPU

The Graphical Processing Unit or GPU is the processor of a graphics card. A GPU is like the brain of the graphics card. It contains transistors, enabling it to perform complex graphical rendering.

  1. VRAM

A VRAM or a video RAM is like a RAM except that it stores only the graphical information. A VRAM can temporarily store information about each pixel on the screen, like its color, brightness, texture, etc. It stores the information about the completed image, and hence it can improve the loading speed. More VRAM is better for video editing and playing high-end heavy games. The best graphics card with the most VRAM is the GDDR6.

  1. BIOS chip

It is an input/output system chip that stores information about the graphics card’s settings and performs diagnostics on the memory.

  1. Connection to the motherboard

Most graphics cards plug into the motherboard via a dedicated PCI or PCIe slot.

Why are graphic cards important for computer operations?

Since the inception of computers, technology has improved a lot. From faster CPU processors and powerful RAMs to the invention of Solid-State Drives (SSDs), computers have kept getting smarter, faster, and more efficient. Entire industries have now been built upon the backbone of computers. The front-runners in these industries are the gaming, graphics designing, and video editing industries.

Here are the reasons why graphics card is important for computer operations:

  1. Display images on the monitor

While a CPU performs billions of complex calculations and coordinates all the different components of a computer, a graphics card takes up the job of performing graphical calculations to convert the binary information from the CPU into visual information, which can be displayed on the monitor. A graphics card does this by using its processor, i.e., GPU.

  1. Graphics card reduces the loading time of images.

A graphics card comes with a built-in short-term memory chip called the Video RAM, i.e., VRAM, which temporarily stores graphical information about each pixel on the screen. Since it stores the information of the completed image, the loading time of graphics and visuals becomes shorter, making your computer feel blazing fast.

  1. Smoother video games

Modern high-end games and editing applications like the premier pro, Davinci Resolve, lightroom, etc., require complex graphical rendering and calculations to work. A graphics card improves the video game experience and makes it smother. It does this because of its GPU, capable of handling graphical calculations, and VRAM, which makes the graphics load quickly and smoothly.

What kind of graphic cards are there?

In today’s world, where so many companies are making video cards, like NVIDIA graphics card, Intel graphics card, ASUS graphics card, etc., it can be hard to find the correct type of graphics card that your computer needs. Following are different types of graphics card made by these companies:

  • Integrated Graphics Card

This graphics card comes soldered onto the motherboard of most modern laptops. But it is not sufficient for graphics-intensive games or heavy video editing.

  • PCI

This is a very old graphics card that uses the PCI slot to connect to the motherboard. This has been mostly discontinued. However, since many older motherboards still have PCI slots, you can find these once in a blue moon. They are not very powerful, though.

  • AGP

Accelerated Graphics Port, or AGP, is not widely used anymore and has been replaced by the latest PCIe graphics card. The last AGP graphics card released by NVIDIA was their GeForce 7 series.

  • PCI Express

The latest graphics card is the PCI Express or PCIe graphics card that connects to the motherboard via a PCIe slot. PCIe 5.0 are the latest in this technology; however, the PCIe 4.0 can handle most high-end games. They can also share their graphics processing capabilities with other graphics card, further increasing their power. PCIe 4.0 technology is available in Intel graphics card, NVIDIA graphics card, and others.

  • External Graphics card

These are the graphics card for laptop. They are either based on the Express Slot or can be used in-line with an external monitor.

How to choose a graphic card?

Choosing a graphics card depends on your needs, budget, and future goals. There are multiple options available in the market, like the NVIDIA Graphics card, Intel Graphics card, AMD Graphics card, and more. Making a proper graphics card comparison between different manufacturers and models is essential.

The NVIDIA RTX 2060 super may suffice for video games requiring less graphical power. For heavy games, there is the high-end option of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 available too.

Looking at the graphics card ranking and system requirements by the games and applications you want to use is the best step to finding the right graphics card for your needs.

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