Trendy loungewear that feels the comfiest

Penulis Mavis

Feb 24 2022

Nothing sounds more relaxing than coming home to wear your softest loungewear after a tiring long day at work. Whether you want a good night’s sleep or keep up with self-care, loungewear proves to be your best friend here. And don’t worry, you are not alone when it comes to staying in your loungewear all day; it’s so common that it has now emerged into a trend. The 2020 loungewear trend speaks of how comfortable and relaxing it is to have your loungewear as your “all-day-wear.” And keeping that in mind, we have brought you the best quality loungewear in Malaysia.

Larney Loungewear is the best form of self-love to celebrate at home.

You will be at the right place if you are looking for uniquely designed loungewear in soothing pastel or dark colors. Here are a few top designs from Larney’s loungewear collection.

Daphne Hooded Satin Sweater in Lilac

The Daphne Hooded satin is loungewear that can be worn as a hooded top separately or even matched with its bottom to make a whole dress. Even better, it’s designed in such a way that you can go grocery shopping or in the corner store wearing it too. The light color and plain silk texture make it the comfiest loungewear to wear at home or even at a meet-up with a glam up. The stretchable elastic tailored sleeves make it an excellent option to wear outside or for a morning walk. It can also be worn as a sweater that has 2 pockets. You can choose your favorite color from the Daphne Hooded Satin loungewear series.

Charlotte Oversized Dress in Mint Green

This is a perfect loungewear meaning for romance and elegance.

A 2-in-1 loungewear that can be styled as a dress is just as amazing to have as it sounds. The mint green oversized long loungewear is designed with dropped shoulders. It comes with a removable belt and side pockets making it an ideal outfit for picnics and hangouts. The satin silk covering your whole body gives off a feeling of self-love and romance, which ultimately enhances your mood. The floral prints feel light on the dress and lighter on your body. It has 3 gold metal buttons to style it the way you want.

Violet Satin Long Cardigan in black

This loungewear comes with an elongated cardigan that can be styled in multiple ways. The elongated cardigan has an elastic strap at the waist that can be tightened, so you feel cozier than usual. You can use the two pockets at the side of the cardigan while you wear it in your house all day long. It can also be fashioned as outerwear with accessories. The plain satin silk cardigan is a decent option for those who prefer simpler clothing. So, in other ways, you are not just buying simple loungewear, but also a dress that can be styled otherwise.

About Larney

Larney is a fashion house for elegant and classy fashion looks in Malaysia. Their material is guaranteed top-quality that gives their clothing collection a high value. The brand keeps up with the fashion trends for various occasions.

Larney prioritizes the comfort and luxury of their customers, hence their comfortable minimalist designs. They are famous for their puff-sleeves signature design, suits, and fabric petals. Larney clothing doesn’t limit you to a specific category of wear, but they can be worn for multipurpose due to their modern and trendy appearances. The most comfortable satin silk loungewear that won’t limit you to your house can be best found at Larney Loungewear. You can visit their website to check out various collections, including traditional, workwear, capsule, Raya, and more.

Larney, in collaboration with Atome

Atome and Larney prioritize their customer experience and are always working towards bettering it. Atome is always on the hook to collaborate with authentic and prestigious brands. Thus, Larney and Atome collaborate to make your shopping experience so much more enjoyable with trendy clothing and an easy payment system.

About Atome

Atome is a leading online store for various high-end brands and products. Situated in Singapore, Atome serves across the world. The company aims to provide flexible payments options for its users. Shopping on their app is made easier with their easy payment methods. Atome offers a “buy now pay later” option, which is your best choice made during online shopping. They allow you to pay in three interest-free payments over time, so you won’t have to wait to buy your favorite designer products.

Atome is a buy now pay later company that collaborates with over 5,000 merchants worldwide. So you get feasible payment methods and authentic, high-quality products. You can browse for your favorite products in their different categories available for beauty, women, men, electronics, babies and kids, sports and outdoor, and more. So shop now on their website. You can also download the Atome app for a better shopping experience.

How to pay for your Loungewear through Atome

Paying through Atome is very easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Here is how you can pay through Atome following these simple steps;

  • After putting your favorite loungewear in the cart, proceed to the checkout.
  • Choose Atome as your payment option
  • Pay your first payment, and enjoy your order!


Loungewear that can be worn at home all day long and even for your quick trips to the store is not eBay to find. But now that you have found loungewear that you can style on multiple occasions don’t miss the chance. And what’s more to think about when you pay in three payments through Atome? We got you covered if you are planning to have budget-friendly shopping.

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