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Oct 11 2021

Have you heard about Bally Malaysia? Are you someone looking for sturdy and fashionable items? Because let’s face it, most of the time when we like something, they end up breaking or getting ruined way too quickly.

Now that online shopping is the new thing, frauds have also increased. But thanks to brands such as Bally Malaysia that uses premium quality fabric, usually leather, and decades of craftsmanship to create their amazing fashionable items.

The Bally Malaysia is a Switzerland brand that has been around since 1851; back then, this company made wedding shoes and other luxurious leather items. With time, modern technology and creative minds put together and expanded their category.

Story of Fashion: Bally Malaysia

It all started in the lands of the Swiss back in 1851; when Bally took on fashion, they started as a simple ribbon shop, and they made beautiful ribbons made out of different types of fabrics and designs. With time and gaining popularity, the Carl Franz family started inclining into the shoe business.

For a very long time, Bally was a shoe company that mostly manufactured beautiful premium quality wedding shoes for men. Later as time modernized and generations of the Bally family took their time with the fabric and modern styles slowly Bally expanded in chains, such as Bally Malaysia with different items;

1. Bally Shoes

2. Bally Bags

3. Bally Wallet

4. Bally Male Wallet

5. Ready to Wear

6. Accessories

These categories are for both men and women because why should only one gender enjoy the benefits offered by Bally Malaysia.

The Bally Shoes

When it comes to Bally shoes Malaysia, it is a blend of decades of craftsmanship and modern fashion icons. The finesse and make of every shoe come with practice and generations of the bally family company’s success. The shoes have become an inspiration for the Bally Company. Their shoes are mostly leatherwork with modern fashion and other fabrics that separate season shoes from general wear.

1. Women Shoes

For women, the site has to offer plenty of shoe options; some of them that are on the popular sale list are:

a. Faelisa

b. Gaila

c. Gioele

d. Valiant

e. Jessye

f. Jemina

g. Janelle

h. Elsa

i. Edeline

j. Deasia

k. Diella

l. Daika

m. Pinkie

n. Darcie

o. Marcy

p. Mandye

q. Malya

These trendy women’s shoes are mainly leather and can be easily added to uggs and boots. The heels are mainly small and have a vintage look and a very Swiss shoe that offers years of history and craftsmanship.

2. Men Shoes

Similarly, the Bally Malaysia offers men’s shoes of high elegance and sophistication. The brand is known for its amazing quality and style. Some of these shoes have become very popular in the eyes of male customers; here are a few options to look into;

a. Scavone

b. Skirian

c. Nokor

d. Kristan

e. Mikelin

f. Nimir

g. Scardino

h. Scamardo

i. Scolder

j. Scotch

k. Scrivani

l. Wedmer

m. Plizard

n. Midyal

o. Payton

p. Nilder

q. Lindron

r. Lizzar

s. Sconier

t. Webb

u. Webmer

v. Wesper

w. Planker

The variety of the men’s collection on the Bally Malaysia would make wedding shoes for men back in the 1851. Their leather craftsmanship is amazing, and their finesse is remarkable.

Items to Check Out for Bally Malaysia

There are plenty of items you can check out on the Bally official website. If you have been lucky enough to have an online store in your region, try the Bally Malaysia for other items, all these items are made up of premium quality leather. They can be found in different colors and patterns. Depending on the use, you can find bags, wallets, and even ready to wear. Some of the amazing and practical items are;

Bally WalletSupplement to Bally Malaysia

Having a wallet is stylish, but it is very practical to have all your money sorted out as singles, coins, and big bucks. Apart from the money organizing, it is also a cardholder. You will find wallets under the category of accessories; there are bally wallets for women and bally men’s wallets. At the online store of Bally Malaysia, you can find all the similar categories for male and female selection.

The women’s selection of wallets is vibrant and very trendy. They are more spacious and have separate compartments. Compared with the bally men’s wallets, they are found in different earthy and subtle colors, all made up of premium quality leather. You can check out the;

a. Bord

b. Bevye

c. Bhar

d. Barsai

e. Benner

f. Balder

The Trademark of Fashion: Atome

Though there are many fashion brands on the market, every brand has its signature fabric or signature dress. Also, there should be different options on the market as human interests and choices are pretty distinct from each other.

Similarly, Bally Malaysia is a house of elegant fashion that has subtle and yet highly sophisticated items. Due to their amazing reputation in fashion, Atome has collaborated with the brand and provided online customers the privilege to order from Bally.

Headdquartered in Singapore with over 5000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making higher quality products more affordable.


Having the opportunity to order from the most sophisticated brand of all time, the Bally Malaysia. It is their quality and craftsmanship that matters the most when it comes to fashion and trends.

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