What makes a Lanyard card holder so special? How it’s better than a wallet

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Sep 16 2021

Do you know what a lanyard card holder is? It’s used to carry your card around using a cord or a strap. You can customize and make it look trendy to go with your outfits.

You can get your customized lanyard card holder to avoid the boring office look. This article focuses on the benefits and uses of car holders and how you can convert them into stylish accessory. Keep on reading and learn more about how a simple card holder could make life more interesting.

Why Should You Get A Lanyard Card holder?

Many of you might still be skeptical about the idea of wearing a name card holder, but before you start hating it, know about its significance and how it can get work done way faster. There are many benefits of a lanyard card holder; let’s take a look at each one of them:

1. Easy access

You will never realize the importance of a card holder except when you use it in a hurry. Many institutions and offices require employees to swipe their cards on entry. It can get frustrating if you can’t find the card in your wallet and there is a long queue behind you. You certainly don’t want an ID card to waste so much of your precious time.

2. Reduces chances of getting lost

We all have lost our IDs at least once in our life. The moment you realize that you can’t find your ID anywhere, you start panicking like crazy. In many cases, your entrance can be denied if you fail to provide an ID. Such situations give rise to the need to get a branded card holder.

3. Accessible for other employees

If other employees need to get certain information about you, they need to check out your ID from the card holder. It’s much easier and convenient for both parties to access each other’s information quickly. The office environment is really busy, and it’s all about getting work done on time.

4.  Identifies victims

Many victims of car accidents or people who died of a blast/ fire aren’t recognizable. So many families cannot find the dead bodies of their loved ones, which is the saddest thing ever. It’s best to carry a lanyard card holder around so that if you ever get into a mishap like this, at least the authorities can identify you easily. Moreover, doctors can start treating you much faster if your blood group is mentioned in any of your IDs.

5. Helps in advertising

If you have a cute lanyard card holder, everyone would want to know where you purchased it from. If you are the company owner, getting all your employees trendy-looking car holders with company logos can promote your brand effectively. Many employees like to show off the company they work for, and what better way to do that than flaunting the name card holder.

6. Making Friends

Gift someone a beautiful and thoughtful lanyard card holder, and they will cherish you forever. Being a newbie in an organization can be tough. Getting acquainted with new people can be hectic. However, a card holder can make it easier to recognize people and call out their names without asking them repeatedly.

How can you use a Lanyard card holder Malaysia?

There are many productive ways in which you can make use of your branded car holder Malaysia. You can also consider it a trendy fashion accessory since many users are fond of cute customized car holders. You can use it for a number of other ways to save yourself from carrying too much load around.

1. Card holders are great companions while traveling, and you don’t need to worry about taking a heavy and bulky wallet with you everywhere. Your business cards, IDs, and even some cash can fit easily into it without any problem.

2. There is little space in a lanyard card holder compared to a wallet. You won’t ever get the chance to clutter it with useless receipts or trash ever.

3. Moreover, there is always a chance that something might fall out of the wallet. It could be a card, cash, or anything important. Since all you will carry around in the lanyard card holder are cards and a few bucks, it’s harder to lose things in general.

4. It’s a great option in today’s society. Credit and debit cards are handier than cash. A card holder might motivates you to carry only cards around and make your travel easier than ever.

5. Branded card holders give a classy and professional look, making your whole outfit look admirable.

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With the increasing demand for card holders, you can consider it as one of the top gifts Malaysia.  They are simple yet more accessible than a chunky old wallet.

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