How to Pack Luggage-The Finest Way to Do It in 2021

by Starry

Aug 18 2021

When everything is organized, everything is perfect. This is the phrase that every person should add to their daily lives. Luggage is one of the things that require proper organization. Packing your luggage is a perfect way of organizing every piece of clothing and accessory. The best way to pack your luggage is to find the perfect bag or suitcase for it. In fact, every person needs a bag or suitcase. Today we have brought the best from METROJAYA in Malaysia. They have the best suitcase and bags which are perfect for packing your luggage. However, even if you have a bag, some people might not know how to pack luggage. This article is the guide towards the best way to pack luggage

The perfect way of organizing your luggage in a bag is straightforward. If we pack our luggage in a haphazard manner, we might require two bags instead of just one. This happens when we don’t care about our clothes and just through the stuff in them. To get rid of the struggle of taking two bags instead of one, we will solve this problem by introducing the best way to pack your luggage. 

People travel a lot. Aeroplanes are now more comfortable and more reliable. Likewise, road travel as well. For that purpose, every person needs a perfect bag and a perfect way to know about the luggage. METROJAYA is making everyone proud of their product. They have a comprehensive collection of bags and suitcases available. These are the recommended ways on how to organize your luggage.

Steps of How to pack luggage:

The packing of luggage is a straightforward way of doing and organizing every item. There are many ways on the internet to pack your luggage. Now there are different methods to pack your luggage. There are different ways for using a suitcase and then for using a bag. The way we will define it is applicable for both methods.

The first thing to do:

The first thing to do is to gather every item you want to pack. Like if you are visiting for a five-day trip, then gather everything for a five-day trip. Then pay attention to organizing them one by one, like picking up the same colour and tops and other alternatives. Pick out the shoes, socks, and other footwear. Get all these and place them in front of you. 

First to pack:

Now, if your trip is more than one week or up to a month, then you will need a much bigger suitcase or more than one suitcase. In this case, you can pack everything you want. After selecting the perfect number of your luggage suitcase, give much time to it because if you have more than one suitcase, it is a struggle. You have to carry it with you every time. In fact, it will be a lot more challenging to carry two instead of one. So to keep yourself away from this, try to use larger suitcases if you have more to carry. 

2nd to do:

Pick up everything you want to put in the suitcase first. Because those things which you don’t need the most have to be placed first in the suitcase. In this way, you don’t have to pick up what you need by digging all across the suitcase. Placing the most wanted thing in the last will make it easy to get it from the suitcase when you need it. Moreover, if you want to make it easier, create a list of what to wear and what to use. In this way, you can then easily decide what to put in the bag first.

3rd to do:

The third and the most critical step toward packing luggage is by placing everything in an organized fashion into the bag. Make different compartments in the bag for every specific item, as for tops, shoes, socks, and delicate jeans pants. Mark out categories for every particular item you use during the trip. Then make sure you organize every shirt and pants of yours in the steps. In this way, the shirt and other clothes will remain straight, and it will not require extra space. 

For the last step:

Lastly, after putting and placing everything according to the above steps. Take out your list again and start analyzing what is remaining. If you have anything remaining, put that into the suitcase as well. If not, then zip up the suitcase, and your suitcase is ready. 


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Packing is work that no one likes. For that reason, we just threw everything in the luggage bag. But invariably, it costs us a lot. The best way to do packing in an organized way is to do it exactly as we mentioned above. Follow these particular steps, and you would fall in love with packing. Everything will be a lot easier than throwing stuff away. METROJAYA has a wide range of suitcases and other alternative bags available. Please make your choice with them and complete your needs. 

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