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As one of the largest logistics platforms in the Asia Pacific, we are committed to providing an eXtraordinary logistics experience to our users every day. E-commerce businesses have always been one of our key market segments, we are not only here to understand their difficulty but we are also here to help them explore business opportunities. We believe Atome’s “buy now, pay later” feature could help e-commerces unleash the great potential of the digital economy, creating better engagement with the digital-savvy Gen Z & millennial users.
Thanks to Atome’s support, we are thrilled to roll out a competitive marketing campaign that delivers up to 37% rebate to our GOGOBUSINESS clients, creating great synergy between both brands to acquire quality leads.

Amethyst Lau, Business Development Manager - GOGOX


Shoppers get to stretch their dollar and fill their baskets when they pay less upfront.



Shoppers purchase what they want right away, with less hesitation and more flexibility.


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70% of our shoppers are mobile-first, digital savvy Gen Z & millenials. Make them yours too.

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