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by jiatongma

Apr 21 2022

Can’t figure out how to start with self-care? OGAWA Malaysia has got you! With hustle culture spreading like wildfire across the world, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a time and way to relax. Managing your education, part-time job, family and friends, and the ideas you have floating around in your head for a viable business leaves you no time for downtime.

Nonetheless, taking good care of your mental and physical health is imperative if you want to become a holistic and active person without being overwhelmed by your responsibilities.

OGAWA Malaysia is a brand that vows to make healthcare and fitness accessible to all.

What is OGAWA Malaysia?

OGAWA means river in Japanese, and the brand’s concept and goals are centered around the ideology of a river. As a river flows, meandering through mountains, hills, valleys, and countryside, finally emptying itself into a vast ocean, so does OGAWA derives its passion for making wellness products available to all.

OGAWA doesn’t stop at selling only products; what the company advertises and sells to its customers is a lifestyle that prioritizes your physical and mental wellbeing. Established in 1996 with more than 1000 retail stores in 20 countries across the world and more than 20 awards in the bag, OGAWA is well on its way to achieving its lofty goals.

OGAWA massage chairs and OGAWA foot massagers are widely known as being the best wellness products in the market, providing their users with quality service and value for money.

The brand’s mission expresses its exemplary ideology with its 5 pronged approach – to value its customers, employees, and partners and make OGAWA a global brand that dominates the wellness market. Personally, if I had an OGAWA near me, that’s where you would have found me, no question about it!

Why should you get a massage chair from OGAWA?

OGAWA is here to change your perspective! With its state-of-the-art technology, attractive, and efficient designs, OGAWA’s products bring a whole new level of functionality and style to the market. Its massage chairs are built while keeping space conservation in mind, so you don’t have to worry about crowding out your living room. OGAWA massage chairs’ quick keys option lets you access basic modes and features at the press of a button.

OGAWA massage chairs are an absolute need for anyone who has trouble falling asleep. Settle in comfortably and turn on the massage chair with the press of a simple power button. With its soothing technology, let the machine take away all the stress from your body.

OGAWA massage chairs

OGAWA master drive AI 2.0

With this product, OGAWA brings you the most innovative piece of technology. Its powerful IA functions as your personal health assistant, tracking your health and automatically analyzing your progress. Its face recognition technology lets the machine know its user and allows it to learn your preferences and modes of use. This massage chair will collect your information from the cloud and use it to craft the kind of massage you need.

Built-in is the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Peripheral Capillary Oxygen Sensor (SpO2). The GSR will precisely locate areas of stress on your body by skin contact, whereas the oxygen sensor will monitor your vitals, including your heart rate, and customize your massages for you.

Master drive AI 2.0 is built for you. Its algorithm will program the machine to find a massage combination that fits you out of its whopping 5184 massage combinations. A certain spot just above your shoulder giving you a hard time? Not to worry, your OGAWA massage chair will know where it hurts and ease your pain in no time. Not only that, with each use, your massage chair will only come to know you better!

The product comes with a unique voice command control technology where you need only say the words, and your massage chair will carry out your wishes. Master drive AI 2.0 understands Chinese, Cantonese, and English, so there are truly no restrictions.

4D thermal rollers will distribute heat to areas of acute pressure and relax those stiff muscles. Airbag technology will increase blood circulation to your knees and calf and even improve liver function!

It’s not just about efficiency; there’s some fun to it too. The massage chair comes with BlueTooth and surrounds sound, so you can turn on your favorite songs to create a truly immersive experience.

OGAWA’s LED phototherapy technology will even make light do your bidding. Its 7 LED lights will leach out the tiredness from your system and activate your mind so you can reach ultimate productivity.

(Limited Edition) OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0 Violet Royale

This limited-edition product will bring the positivity you need in your life. Check out the beautiful lush violet color on OGAWA’s website, and fall in love with a chair.

It will infuse your home with a bold personality and give your daily life the boost it needs. In a world where people are happy to follow trends, be a trendsetter and change the game.

OGAWA foot massager

OGAWA prides itself in covering all aspects of wellness, and with that aim, it also brings its customers a variety of foot massagers to choose from.

OGAWA O.M.G, foot massager

Are cold feet hindering your nights of much-needed sleep and relaxation? Not anymore. This product uses thermotherapy to unlock stiff muscles from the base of your foot. With OGAWA’s foot massager, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Bring the device on all your travels. Its compact and light build will make it your most valued companion.

Precise rollers to hit the sweet spot and a myriad of massage styles such as kneading, rolling, Gua Sha, and airbag massage will let you completely explore your massage needs.

OGAWA foot massager

Habo by OGAWA

OGAWA even dominates the market in beauty technology. Habo by OGAWA brings you various products that use the latest technology to give you that stunning glow. Its anti-aging series, clear skin series, and hydrating series optimize the care you can give to your skin. Make use of the OGAWA service centre to explore the most innovative beauty technology and find what fits you best.

This Ramadan, take good care of your wellness by investing in OGAWA’s unique products, and with Eid around the corner, upgrade your furniture by adding a bold and striking OGAWA massage chair.

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