Want to have a fade hairstyle for you to change your look?

by Starry

Aug 18 2021

Whether you want to give a different style to your hair for a specific occasion or you are going to have a complete rejuvenation. A Cut Above will help you in changing your look completely. It works on the belief that by changing a person’s hairstyle, his/her personality can be altered. They have also established a hairdressing school which has been provided a certificate by a committee of Singapore. Their highly qualified professionals have philosophy knowledge and provide different kinds of fade hairstyles.

A Cut Above, a Malaysia boutique, considers the individuality of customers. Due to their understanding with customers, they truly trust A Cut Above to do their hairdressing in a way that perfectly fits them. This provides new life to the founding vision of A Cut Above. Their main vision is to make A Cut Above a marketplace to which people look forward to having a good hairstyle.

A Cut Above provides a great variety of services to its customers according to your requirement. A Cut Above focuses on customer individuality. Our highly qualified stylists have enough experience to provide you with a faded hairstyle according to your lifestyle and personality. Then they will give a magical transformation to your hair that will eventually change your look, providing a range of creative and innovative services of hair that will be customized according to your needs.

Classical hairdressing:

Their classical hairdressing package includes: a simple formal hairstyle and fade hairstyle, washing hair, and then blow-drying. But even this simple look will amplify your personality. The cost of this package is quite reasonable. They also provide convenience to our customers by collaborating with Atome, which will make the payment process easy for you.

Hair treatments:

Hydrating hair treatment:

Your smooth and silky hair will make you fall in love again. You will love your easily managed, simple, soft, and smooth hair. We use high-quality products to nourish your hair. It also provides conditioning to your hair, detangles it, and is highly effective for all types of hair. They use specially formulated products designed to enhance softness, texture, and shine to your hair, as well as perfect hair repair shampoo that will moisturize your scalp and will repair the damaged hair.

Keratin treatment:

Do you love long, shiny, and healthy hair? Exposing your hair daily to pollution and other hair styling products will harm your hair, and eventually, they will lose their shine. Blow drying your hair will also eradicate the hair keratin as heat from the dryer is harmful to your hair. When the natural keratin is lost from the hair, the hair cortex becomes more prone to damage.

Many approaches came to our minds to protect your hair from this kind of damage, but keratin treatment is the most effective amongst them. It is a chemical-based therapy of hair that will add volume, shine, and elasticity to your hair.

Scalp treatment:

Hair thinning and hair loss further leads to hair damage. If this happens to you, then you should work to bring back your strong hair. It is necessary to protect your hair by doing scalp treatment in the early 20s. Prevention is better than curing hair loss. They provide scalp treatment for your hair to provide them with a healthy environment, conditioning, and enhancing hair growth. It rejuvenates the important nutrients in the scalp and will provide strength to the hair root.

Kerastase scalp ampoule treatment:

Many hair treatments will benefit your hair. Kerastase treatment has helped many people throughout the world in enjoying their good hair. Anyone having damaged, dry or over-processed hair can have this type of treatment. Similarly, coloring, styling, pollution, or even the sun’s UV rays can also damage your hair.

This special treatment is designed in such a way that it will restore the effects of the damage and will repair your hair. Their stylist will choose the perfect Kerastase treatment for you that will be according to your hair type. The solution used to provide Kerastase treatment is inside the ampoule. It contains all the essential nutrients required by your hair. After applying the solution and leaving it for few minutes, you will feel the change in your hair quality. It will fight breakage, a frizz of your hair, and will provide nourishment to your hair. It will penetrate your hair and will provide long-lasting results.

Kerastase fusio dose treatment: 

Kerastase fusio dose treatment is a completely customized treatment with active ingredients to solve all your hair problems. The attractive feature of fusio dose is that it is a combination of different hair treatments. Many types of hair boosters are mixed to fulfill your hair needs. Concentrate plays a major role in providing smooth and perfect hair. It provides freshly fused therapy for your hair.

Hair coloring:

We also provide the service of bleaching and coloring to your hair which will completely change your look. You can either opt for single shade color, Ecaille color, or technical color. These entire offers differ in their costs. But we take care of our customers by providing them convenience by collaborating with Atome.

Why buy at ATOME?

A Cut Above provides its customers with the opportunity to enjoy different hairstyles without even worrying about the amount. This convenience is provided to people by collaborating with Atome. This is a leading buy now and pay later brand in Asia. Through this, the shoppers can easily afford the product and can get services in time. This is the immediate call to action to own one’s deepest aspiration and passion in a wider context. Through this, the brands can increase their audience and sell their products at an affordable price. A Cut Above provide services to its customers by offering hair treatment like hair color, keratin, and cutting or styling. Our professionals have enough experience to provide fade hairstyles for our beloved customers. Through Atome, they can make their audience wider.

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