The best Baju Kurung moden styles designed for perfect occasions

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Mar 04 2022

If you’re a proud citizen of Malaysia, you must be familiar with the traditional baju kurung moden. The Baju kurung modens are liked by all Malaysians alike, and people simply cannot get enough of these exquisite dresses.

Baju kurung modens are traditional dresses that originate from the Malay Peninsula. Baju kurung modens are worn by many people around the world, including those residing in South East Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and Southern Thailand. However, the exquisite dress is not confined to these locations. People all over the world wear baju kurung modens to celebrate their roots and feel immense pride carrying them with quintessential grace and elegance.

Today, in this article, we will be looking at Larney’s collection of fashionable baju kurung modens in Malaysia. We’ll also be looking at its variants, including baju kurung kedah moden, baju kurung pahang moden, baju kurung moden batik, baju kurung moden with lace, and more! So, without further ado, let’s get started. You’ll absolutely love these voguish baju kurung moden designs!

Baju Kurung moden that you can get from Larney Malaysia

If you’re looking for the best baju kurung moden designs in Malaysia, we suggest you pay Larney’s online e-commerce store a visit. From simple baju kurung moden to baju kurung kedah moden, baju kurung pahang moden, baju kurung moden batik, baju kurung moden with lace, and other variants, Larney has got it all.

Mentioned below are SOME baju kurung modens that you can bless yourselves with through Larney.

Lockdown Kurung Kedah Batik in white and green

This baju kurung kedah moden is from the elegant Larney Raya 2021 collection. This baju kurung Kedah moden allows you to amalgamate luxury with fashion and lightens up your mood with its voguish design.


  • The neckline is round.
  • Zip fastening – back hidden.
  • Loose fit to regular fit.
  • Premium satin silk.


  • Regular fit.
  • Hooked back zip.
  • The waistband is elastic.
  • Lined with cool and soft cotton.

We can win Pareo dress in light pink

This dress is from the Larney Raya 2020 collection and showcases modernity with an easy-to-wear style. This dress is very comfortable and gorgeous-looking at the same time.

  • V-neckline.
  • Buckled side wrap tie.
  • Regular fit.
  • Soft satin silk.
  • Zip fastening – back hidden.

TQ frontliners kurung last in dusty pink

This is another kurung dress from Larney Rata 2020 collection that boasts elegance and gives off a contemporary vibe.


  • V-neckline.
  • Zip fastening – back hidden.
  • Regular fit.
  • Zipper fastening with long sleeves.
  • Soft Matte Duchess.


  • Lace and tulle detail layering.
  • Regular fit.
  • Back zip fastening.
  • The back waistband is elastic.

Heal the world kurung in white blue

From the Larney Raya 2020 Collection, this baju kurung moden is one of a kind. It’s comfortable, easy to wear, and boasts luxury and vogue, all the same. If you’re looking for a baju kurung moden to jubilate your mood, this traditional dress is for you.


  • V-neckline.
  • Handmade detailing of excellent quality.
  • Loose fit.
  • Premium satin silk.
  • Breastfeeding-friendly.


  • Regular fit.
  • Hooked zip.
  • Elastic waistband.
  • Premium satin silk.

About Larney

Larney is a fashion brand that boasts extraordinary vogue and is always in sync with the latest trends and fashion fads. Larney is based in Singapore and meticulously produces dresses and other apparel for every occasion. Moreover, Larney only uses the supreme and best quality material in making its products, and these products are priced at affordable price models that make them affordable and accessible for everyone out there.

Larney’s designs are adored by people all over the world, especially those people who are fans of fabric pleats, puff-sleeves, and suits. Over and above that, Larney’s designs are chaperoned by a wide selection of colors – there’s a color for every personality, mood, and preference!

Wearing Larney’s baju kurung modens, you’ll give off a positive vibe and will definitely be the envy of every room or occasion that you step foot in. Plus, you can use your accessories or other outfits with your baju kurung moden to complement your style. Larney’s baju kurung modens are all about maximum comforts, ease of wear, and affordability.

Get your favorite baju kurung moden from Larney now; your wardrobe and glamorous fashion sense demand it! Also, did you know that Larney is also a partnered merchant of Atome? Well, now you do!

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If you want to purchase Larney’s baju kurung modens, utilize the Atome app! Atome is your wallet’s best friend, and you can organize your budget with ease.

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Whether it’s a simple baju kurung moden, baju kurung kedah moden, baju kurung pahang moden, baju kurung moden batik, or a baju kurung moden lace, Larney has got it all! Show the world your roots as you don your favorite baju kurung moden from Larney.

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