4 Reasons why invitation cards are better for special occasions

Penulis Mavis

Feb 24 2022

The rise of digital media often makes us believe that the internet has taken over everything, and while that may be true, certain things are more effective with a human touch. One such example is invitation cards! Here are 4 reasons you should send your friends and loved ones an invitation card instead of a group text message or e-card.

They are personal

Nothing seems more personal than a personalized card addressed with your name on it. Although e-cards are inexpensive and easier to send, they are no match for the feeling of happiness one experiences when they receive a card in the mail just for them.

They set the tone for the event.

An invitation card conveys the overall tone of the event they are invited to. Moreover, when you receive a card for a birthday party or wedding, the event automatically stands out from the rest of the invitations you have received, making it more important than the rest.

You can get creative with invitation cards and make your event appear much grander and more fun!

They are more informative.

Invitation cards are more tailored to the individual you are sending them to, and they also contain important information such as the address of the event, the timings, dress code, etc. For an event to run smoothly, it’s crucial for the guests to know all the details, and real-life invitations can do this job better than online invites and texts.

They are memorable

Online invites can easily get lost in your list of emails and files, and the same goes for text messages. The best thing about a physical invite is that you are bound to keep it somewhere in view once you receive it. That increases the chances of all your guests arriving at the event. Additionally, many people like to hold on to the invitations as a keepsake, and an attractive invitation card is hard to forget.

Invitation card at Shein’s online store

If you are planning an event or a party, Shein is an ideal store to buy everything you need. You can find event and party supplies such as disposable tableware, banners, balloons, invitation cards, party hats, and accessories.

Shein has an excellent collection of invitation cards that you can choose from. Here are a few good invitation card options you can find at Shein’s online store:

16pcs piano invitation cards

This cute musical card can be perfect for a birthday invitation card. It features a piano along with small colorful pictures of other musical instruments.

16pcs mermaid print party invitation cards

This multi-colored card reminds us of the cool blue oceans and the magical creatures within them. Featuring a mysterious mermaid with flowing hair and colorful stars and seashells, this can be the perfect invitation to a beach party.

1 set hollow wedding invitation card

We love the elegance and grace of this wedding card. The invitation card features an intricate design that your wedding guests are sure to remember.

Let’s Explore Shein

Shein is an international clothing brand that caters to the fashion-forward youth of today. The brand mainly focuses on women’s wear, but you can also find an exciting variety of children’s clothes, men’s apparel, accessories, shoes, party supplies, bags, and other fashion items.

Shein was founded in 2012 with the mission to make fashion more accessible to people around the world. They ship to more than 150 countries and territories, including Europe, America, the Middle East, and Australia, among other markets.

The company prides itself on bringing the latest fashion trends from across the world to both young women and teens, all the while helping them stay within budget. Shein is the ultimate shop for contemporary fashionistas.

Shein is one of Atome’s partnered merchants

Atome is an app (Get the app) that offers its users flexible interest-free payments. Since Shein is Atome’s partnered merchant, it means you can shop from their online store and use Atome’s payment plan to complete your purchase.

What is Atome?

Atome is a leading buy now pay later brand which aims to empower digital-savvy consumers by allowing them access to their aspirations. With over 5000 leading offline and online retailers, Atome gives its users a chance to shop high-quality products and services, ranging from fashion, beauty, fitness, homeware, and lifestyle.

Atome is based on three pillars: Aspiration, access, and advice. The service aims to enable users to buy quality products they aspire to by making them affordable and more accessible. Atome’s features are customizable, which means you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Merchants that have partnered with Atome offer payment choices and flexibility to their customers, which in turn drives their sales higher. You can find out more about Atome here: https://www.atome.my/

How to pay at Shein’s online store with Atome

  1. Select Atome as your payment partner when you check out the online store.
  2. Insert your used credentials and proceed to check out.
  3. Pay one part of your total bill at the time of purchase, and the remaining balance can be paid over the subsequent months.

Shein is the ultimate fashion stop

We know how young fashionistas always want to stay on top of trends, and that’s where Shein can become your ultimate fashion shop. With so many categories and amazing products to choose from, you can buy all your season wardrobe essentials from Shein’s online store.

We love this store because it’s not limited to apparel but also offers fashionable and high-quality accessories, including invitation cards, wall clocks, watches, jewelry, and even electronics. It really is a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. Shop for your favorite products and pay with Atome’s easy monthly payment plan.

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