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Dec 10 2021

Looking for comfortable shoes can turn into a daunting experience for many. Have you tried Converse Jack Purcell? These shoes are soft on the heels; apart from that, they hold the foot more naturally, resisting force and frictional injuries.

The Inspiration Behind It All

It was not long ago when a highly talented Canadian badminton player Jack Edward Purcell made it a world champion in badminton in 1933. Before this success, the shoes for badminton players were only made by B.F Goodrich and a high-end shoe brand.

After winning the championship in 1933 that converse decided to cash their name and fame, naming the entire enterprise converse jack Purcell. These shoes were already a winner in the badminton industry.

Still, with such an amazing win from an amazing athlete, They launched their first converse jack Purcell original shoes. An autograph of Jack Purcell indicates the authenticity of these shoes.


The Converse Jack Purcell originals cost around $65 to $70 on average. These shoes will hold the victory of Jack Purcell that won the badminton world championship in 1933. This joy will forever remain in the hearts of Canadians and all Badminton players.

Their shoes are rubber canvas classic sneaker shoes; the high white sole and a but toe mark the original style of these shoes. These amazing shoes at converse jack Purcell Malaysia are trendy, comfortable, and soft.

These are some of the famous badminton shoes providing better grip and increasing players’ speed. Apart from the popularity of badminton, these shoes are also worn as a fashion statement and for daily work routines.

The original shoes may be ripped off by other rubber, and mental industries have made copies for these shoes, but the originals will always stand out as there is an engraved sign of jack Edward Purcell on the back of the shoe by the top.

It has a rich history and a well-explained motivation. The company works under the administration of Nike, which makes sure every piece manufactured is perfect without question.

Converse Jack Purcell Leather

Leather has always been the elite choice for attire and shoes. When it comes to Converse Jack Purcell, they have a limited edition of leather shoes known as the converse jack Purcell leather shoes, which have been made from premium quality beautiful leather tinted as either white or black.

The price range of these converse jack Purcell leather shoes is $70. The best thing about converse Jack Purcell is that they are unisex, and all genders can enjoy these amazing shoes. Having the joy of wearing a show that made one man a world champion is a dream come true.

Defined by its signature tiptoe mark and a signature on the front rubber, there is no fooling the customers with these shoes.

The Converse Jack Purcell is the most practical and elegant shoe. Apart from the leather covering, the shoe is similar in comfort and weight. These shoes are highly breathable and help in proper maneuvering of the feet, so they are one of the popular shoes for badminton.

Kasut Converse Jack Purcell

 Kasut means shoes, and the Converse  Jack Purcell Malaysia provides the Malaysian fans of Jack Purcell to avail amazing shoes as Kasut converse jack Purcell. These shoes are nothing different than Converse Jack Purcell, but you can get your kasut as customized as you want.

Depending on your choice of badminton shoes, you can co-create a shoe only for yourself. The customization falls into these categories:






6.Available collection



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