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Jan 29 2022

Travel storage has always been a concern for men and women. Consumers always point out the insufficient storage space in bags. However, crossbody bags have proved to be the perfect solution for this problem. However, they’re used because they make up for the fashion quotient. Now you don’t need to make compromises because crossbody bags at Milliot and Co. not only promise sufficient storage capacity, but they also don’t lag in the fashion department either. You can find a large variety of crossbody bags on a platform that fulfills various needs. From men’s crossbody bags to take to work to crossbody bags for women, Milliot & Co. has it all. Milliot & Co. is a fashion and lifestyle store initiated in Asia that promises to adapt to emerging fashion trends.

Milliot & Co.- A look into its shop list

Milliot & Co. expands its collection in shoes, bags, and other lifestyle accessories. These include eyewear, costume jewelry, footwear, watches, and yoga mats. The store is committed to incorporating emerging fashion trends into its shop list. The brand aims to deliver to people in-fashion accessories at an affordable price to make fashion more accessible. As we talk about crossbody sling bags, Milliot & Co. offers several different types of bags, including handbags, purses, handle bags, shoulder bags, and tote bags.

The best Crossbody Bag at Milliot & Co.

At Milliot & Co., you’re bound to find some of the best crossbody bags collection going around. These crossbody sling bags aim to solve your storage concerns by maintaining a touch of fashion and class. Some of the top crossbody bags for women are as follows:

  • Monica Sling Bag

Monica’s crossbody sling bag is caramel in color, while the texture and material make it a classic fashion choice for women. It is made up of leather and polyurethane. It consists of a scalloped strap with its interior being elegantly lined. The handle and shoulder strap are detachable and adjustable. The bag’s top flap is magnetic, adding a shiny element to it. This crossbody bag is enough to solve your storage problems once and for all.

  • ASTRID Sling Bag

This bag is a perfect fit for women with a laid-back and classic fashion sense. It can be used as a crossbody sling bag for various functions. It can be used as a bag to carry your lunchbox to work or in your daily life. Made up of polyurethane, it consists of an exterior slip pocket and two zippered compartments with an interior slip pocket. This makes up for sufficient storage space. The bag has a top handle which makes it easier to carry when not hung to your body. It has a lined interior with a shoulder strap that can be detached and adjusted.

  • NORA Sling Bag

This crossbody bag is perfect for carrying to formal dinners, work, or college/university in a midnight blue shade. It can also be used to carry makeup. However, it is designed as a camera bag to carry your camera with utmost ease. It’s made up of polyurethane and consists of one zippered compartment. With that, it consists of 2 interior slip pockets. It has a lined interior, with its shoulder strap being detachable and adjustable. Both men and women can use it. So if you’re a person with love for photography, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

About Milliot & CO.

Milliot & Co. is an international retailer that sells bags, watches, eyewear, jewelry, yoga mats, and other lifestyle products. The store is a modern-day outlet that adapts to the changing trends and emphasizes providing its customers long-lasting and presently relevant products. The brand aims to deliver quality products to its customers and ensure that the customers receive value for their money.

Milliot & Co. in Collaboration with Atome

Milliot & Co. has collaborated with Atome to provide relief to its customers. This relief comes through the division of your purchase into three payments. Milliot & Co. is a merchant of Atome. Therefore, people shopping from the store are given the option to get three payments. The initiative has helped the customers greatly and attracted more customers.

What is Atome?

Headquartered in Singapore with over 5,000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for various products and services. The Atome app allows shoppers to split their purchases over 3 interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR Code or website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will better our merchants manage their finances while making quality products and services more reachable. Come and free download this app for a better shopping experience.

How to pay for your crossbody bag through ATOME

The integration of Milliot & Co. with ATOME is made simple to make it easier for consumers. You need to follow these three steps to complete the payment for your crossbody bag through Atome.

  • Choose Atome as your payment method; once on the checkout screen
  • If you’re an existing Atome account, you will be led to the following menu
  • Make the payment for the first payment at this menu to complete the purchase

Ending Thoughts

If you’re looking for crossbody bags and other top-quality lifestyle products, we would recommend you to look no further than Milliot & Co. Happy Shopping!

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