Crumpler – Redefining Fashion for Bags

Crumpler is a brand name that’s synonymous with leading fashion and innovative designs. Their bags are simple, functional, and very stylish – everything you need in a fashion accessory.

Reasons why everyone should carry a satchel bag

  1. It provides a safe place for your electronic gadgets

When one heads to work or school, their hands are full with a laptop, charger, phone, iPad, tablet, earpods, and the list goes on. Carrying electronic gadgets without a bag can be dangerous as something might slip out of your hands or get soaked if you encounter rain on your way.

A bag offers a safe place to store your belongings. Carrying a satchel bag means you can travel however you want–on a bike, bus, or car. It allows you the freedom of movement, so even if you decide to jog your way to work, you can do that easily.

  1. No more bulky pockets

People who don’t carry bags often end up stuffing their phones, car keys, wallets, etc., into their pockets. While that is a convenient way to store your belongings, the bulging pockets don’t look all that attractive. In addition to looking bulky, there’s always a chance of things popping out of the pockets when you sit. Countless phones have found their way into the toilet bowl due to this reason.

With a satchel bag, you can give your pockets a break and enjoy a carefree range of motion wherever you are. Once carefully stowed away into a bag, your belongings will be safe and look more presentable.

  1. Easy to handle

When you’re wearing a backpack, you cannot change its position quickly, but a satchel bag with a long shoulder handle can be quickly adjusted however you want.

Similarly, when you want to access a backpack, you have to take it off your shoulders, bring it to the front and then extract what you want. On the other hand, satchel bags make reaching for things effortless. So, if you’re in a tight spot, such as a public bus, a satchel bag can be your best friend.

  1. Better ergonomics

If you compare the design of a backpack with a satchel bag, you will find that the former is more bulky. Because of its size and dimension, it can be challenging to store or wear a backpack. However, if you opt for a bag with a shoulder strap, its weight will depend on the number of things you keep inside it. So, if you prefer to carry only your essentials daily, a satchel bag will remain light and easier to maintain.

Crumpler – A class apart

Crumpler has been a leader in innovative designs and fashion for many years. The company prides itself on its ability to create bags that are functional, trendy, and highly durable. The brand stands out for its vibrant colors and the rebellious spirit of its marketing.

Crumpler bags come with a lifetime warranty which shows the brand’s confidence in its products. Since customer satisfaction is a number one priority, Crumpler promises to repair any manufacturing defects or faults in the bags free of cost. However, the warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by wear and tear, abrasion, fading, or product misuse.

Crumpler offers several styles, including backpacks, messenger bags, travel bags, photo bags, totes, and accessories. Let’s have a closer look at some options available at Crumpler Malaysia.

Strength of character – Large fold – over Messenger bag

This Crumpler messenger bag is ideal for people who have a lot of things to carry every day. Since the bag can be folded over, you can use it multiple times, even when you want to travel light. The bag has a heavy-duty shoulder strap with removable padding to carry your belongings comfortably without the straps digging into your shoulders. It is also weather-resistant; therefore, your valuables will remain safe throughout your commute. This bag is available in 9 different colors, giving you several options to choose from.

Isobar – Cross – body sling

This Crumpler sling bag has a sleek and modern design that men with minimal preferences would appreciate. It features a soft triangle shape with a single water-resistant zip. The bag is lightweight and has two storage zones. It can be an ideal companion if you commute on a bike.

Idealist – Slim Backpack

Nothing beats the functionality of a Crumpler backpack, and this one is no different. Available in six trendy colors, the Idealist combines a thoughtful design with clever features. The bag has an internal laptop sleeve, a smaller front pocket, and side-accessed zippered pockets, making it the ultimate storage package.

Crumpler Malaysia is Atome’s partner merchant

Atome is a buy-now-pay-later service that joins shopping with convenience. Crumpler Malaysia has partnered with Atome to bring its customers flexible payment options. It allows users to shop for their favorite bags at Crumpler and pay their bills in three parts instead of one.

Read on to learn more about how Atome’s service benefits users.

About Atome

Headquartered in Singapore with over 15,000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases across three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Signing up for Atome is easy. You can download the Atome app (Get the app) from its website and create your account. After your payment details have been verified, your account is approved. You can then shop from any Atome partner merchant’s online and offline store and pay your bill through monthly payments.

If you download the app now, you get a welcome voucher of RM15 off that you can avail on your first purchase.

How to pay with Atome at Crumpler Malaysia

  1. Scan the QR code from Atome’s app for in-store purchases.
  2. For online shopping, select Atome as your partner when checking out from the website.
  3. Pay one part of your Crumpler bill at check out and defer the remaining payment to subsequent months.

Shop at Crumpler Malaysia to stay in style

With Crumpler, you don’t have to compromise on practicality or style. Whether you prefer to travel light or carry all your important belongings every day, there’s a Crumpler bag to satisfy your need. So, head to your nearest Crumpler store or shop online with Atome.

Atome’s platform is reliable and secure; therefore, it is trusted by thousands of users worldwide. With Atome, you only need to pay the amount on your bill since they don’t charge a service fee or interest charges. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Crumpler bag today with Atome.

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