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Feb 09 2022

When people go to the guitar stores in Malaysia, they see several guitars of different shapes and sizes. The store attendants ask them the type of guitar what would they like to buy. Whether a Fender guitar or the acoustic-electric guitar and various types of electric guitars. It can surely be a great experience to buy the first guitar. The main thing is that one should have a piece of complete knowledge about the type of guitar that needs to be purchased and the store where it will be bought.

Those who love to buy a great selection of musical instruments from different brands can choose Bentley Music which is definitely the place for them to go. Their showroom is spacious and massive and has hundreds of guitars at a diverse price range. The guitars at Bentley Music are classified according to their brand name. It means that those who have a particular brand in mind can directly go to that section. Besides selling different types of guitars, Bentley Music also offers guitar servicing as well as classes for the ones who need them.

What are the different types of guitars available at Bentley Music?

  • Acoustic guitar

For beginners or seasoned performers, an acoustic guitar surely makes the perfect introductory and practice guitar for them. This entry-level guitar not only sounds great, but it is also very easy to handle and play. You will find the dreadnought-sized body belting out an all-rounded as well as bold tone. This design makes it fantastic for starters and progressive players.

  • Electric guitar

An electric guitar is known to be quite a versatile kind, and you will be able to find several sizes and types of electric guitars out there at Bentley Music. The hardware used in the electric guitar Malaysia can be different from one instrument to the other. It is also worth mentioning that the electric guitar price in Malaysia might be a little more than acoustic, as it has several features.

It would help if you kept in mind that every electric guitar gives a completely different feeling to the player. The electric guitar Malaysia is available in significantly different shapes and designs, while their tones can also be completely different.

  • Acoustic electric guitar

The electro-acoustic or the acoustic electric guitar is an acoustic guitar that one can plug into the amplifier or even a mixing board. The acoustic electric guitar resembles quite a lot with the acoustic guitar but contains two important features, which include a jack where one can plug it in and a control panel where its volume can be adjusted. The acoustic electric guitar price may be a little on the higher side, but it is surely worth a try.

  • Fender electric guitar

The Fender electric guitar has become one of the most iconic electric guitar types that are characterized by its dual cutaway design that is balanced with the body contours and forearm. The Fender electric guitar price varies, but these are surely the best models for customization. Many artists use different switching configurations and pickups in order to cater to their specific music needs.

What should you look for when buying a guitar at Bentley Music?

  • Always buy the one that you like at Bentley Music

Try not to buy a guitar that you think you should get, or the one liked by your friends. It would be best if you didn’t even go for the one with great reviews, but your hands are uncomfortable with it. Try to go with your gut, and as your guitar is the sound connection, you need to make sure that you buy the one that gives a good feel.

  • Go for the guitar and not the brand

Although Gibson and Fender are the largest of the brands, you can buy better guitars with other brands. It means that whenever you are trying out any guitar, you should never think that it must be a very good guitar because of its brand. In fact, you need to use your ears, hands, and guts in order to decide about the right one.

Buy the best guitar for yourself at Bentley Music with Atome

There is no doubt that Bentley Music is one of the top music stores in Malaysia because of a huge selection of musical instruments, including guitars. It is also an authorized seller of fender and fender electric guitar in Malaysia. There is a huge variety to choose from, and you can go to the one according to your preference and try it yourself. Walking into their store looks just like a dream where they have an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, acoustic-electric guitar, fender electric guitar, and much more for the customers.

If you plan to buy a timeless electric guitar at Bentley Music that never goes out of style, you can use Atome app, a buy now pay later platform in Malaysia. The main reasons for its popularity are convenience and the choice of flexible payments for different products and services that it offers to the users. Atome has a headquarter in Singapore and is available in 9 markets.

There are over 5,000 partnered merchants with Atome, which include Bentley Music, and with their app, the shoppers can easily split the payments into three interest-free monthly installments by scanning a QR code or through the website check out. The Atome users can better break their finances through payment split while having the best products and services reachable. You can visit https://www.atome.my/ to check out their merchants.

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