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Sep 26 2021

When you are part of the lively league of friends who often visit each other’s place for entertainment at weekends or on special occasions, they would be visiting your house. It would be your innate Desire to entertain your guests in the best possible way and let them enjoy all the comfort that you can provide them while they stay at your place. Many people prefer to have a coffee table, which helps in entertaining the guests and enhances the appearance of the room. 

The coffee table is normally placed in the living room to entertain your guests with refreshments like coffee etc. People from around the globe use these tables extensively made with the help of various kinds of ornate materials that impart an artistic touch to your room. Having such tables enchant not only the guests but also make the host feel pride in their choice. Along with serving coffee, these tables are also used for keeping books and magazines.

Benefits of a Marble Coffee Table

Having a coffee table has a life-changing impact on your life, which you can’t understand until you don’t own one. Moreover, among these tables, marble coffee tables are the ones that stand out from the crowd. If you plan to get a coffee table from Malaysia for your living room, you must spend a few minutes reading how it can prove beneficial for you. 

Resistant tables 

Marble coffee tables from Malaysia are the most resistant ones. The marble surface cannot be scratched easily, and if their legs are strong enough, these tables can support even a considerable weight placed on its top. 


The base of the table can be made up of versatile materials. The bottom of the marble top table can be made with the help of steel, and if you love a wooden base, you can use pinewood or any other wood that you like. 

Light up your room 

Selecting a white marble top table gives a brightening look and lights up your room. Suppose your living room is not large enough or has a poor lighting system because of improper way of natural light coming to that room. So, having a light color marble top creates a fair balance in your darkroom. 

Reselling value 

Even if you want to change your coffee table at any time, you can get a good amount by selling it because the surface of the marble is easy to keep in pristine condition. 

Easy maintenance 

It is easy for users to maintain a marble coffee table. That’s why you can even use it without placing coasters. It can bear any temperature. It does not retain any stain or watermark. You can clean it, and if it gets —rough, you can polish it. You don’t need to worry about how you would maintain it when you have a marble-top coffee table. 

Simple Decor Elements

Some people love decorating their homes and spend a great amount of investment on it. But, when it comes to marble coffee tables, you don’t need some fancy decor. As with this table, something simple would look more elegant. So, instead of placing expensive materials, let them shine naturally. However, if you still want to play something over it, you can stage small plants in the center or at the sides of the group. 

What to Look for in a Marble Coffee Table 

If you are interested in getting a marble coffee table for your living room. Discussed below are some tips that can help you buy a good quality table. 

Real marble 

While purchasing a coffee table, you need to ensure that the table you are buying comprises a trial marble top. This is important because many manufacturers, due to many orders, sometimes do dishonesty and sell their customers tables made up of faux material. False marble is less expensive and is not too good in quality as a real marble is. To get bulk orders, manufacturers sometimes replicate the real marble table with a faux marble table. You might get it at less price, but you will soon think of replacing it. 


The next thing to think about while purchasing the marble coffee table is determining the size of the table you need for your room. There are a large number of tables out in the market available in different regular and irregular shapes. You might like some table, but there are possibilities that it won’t fit in your living area because it would either be too large or too small for that place, so before buying any marble table, you need to make sure that the size of your table is well-suited where you want to place it. You need first to measure the area and then look for the tables with similar measurements. 

Consistent with existing decor 

Another important factor to consider while purchasing a coffee table is your existing decor environment. You should look for some tables that blend well with your pre-existing decoration. This is because you will surely like to have a table whose color matches your room’s colors or the rest of the furniture or wall paints. Suppose you have a brown leather sofa and you purchase a coffee table with steel legs and having a black marble top it would not look good. 


Many people believe that marble tables are very expensive, so they don’t go looking for them when in reality, a marble table is not that expensive. If it is not the cheapest table around the corner, it would surely not be the most expensive one. You can get a marble table that costs you around $150 or more than $1000. So, you can surely find some table that fits your budget. 

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