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Apr 20 2022

Kate Spade Malaysia takes the spotlight on inspiring strong women towards freedom of expressing themselves through fashionable wearables. The brand encourages women’s empowerment with its bold and unique fashion style. There is no limit to the fashionable approach and style for Kate Spade.

Ranging from distinctive colors to unique designs, you’ll find a collection of “never seen before” items at the Kate Spade Malaysia store. Whether you are searching for optimal-sized wallets or vogue purses, the Kate Spade outlet in Malaysia is your stop because you are sure to fall in love with their minimal yet trendy bags and wallets.

With the wide variety of items from different brands, choosing your handbags, purses, and wallets becomes hard.

A glance at the Kate Spade Malaysia store is all it takes to win your heart

If you have combed through various local and online stores or brands in Malaysia and still don’t seem to find your favorite purses or handbags anywhere, don’t worry. This points out that you are probably looking for something uncommon and not of a similar design that every other brand offers.

So, now is when Kate Spade is waiting for you with their incredibly fashionable collection of Kate Spade Purses, handbags, wallets, and backpacks.

Kate Spade Wallet & Purses

Starting from their elegant and simpler wallets, Kate Spade has a collection of black wallets that come in compact, small, and large sizes. You aren’t limited to choices here because you’ll find semi-fold, Slim, Bi-fold, Continental, and Compact styles. You don’t only get to choose from different colors but also out-of-the-ordinary designs like “Kate Spade Embroidered Lea Daisy Floral Bifold Wallet” or even “Kate Spade Navy Disney Alice In Wonderland Card Holder.”

Speaking of graphic designs like textured floral and beautiful bright colors, or metallic polka dots on slim wallets, Kate Spade has it all. Not missing out on the solid, plain wallets and purses to maintain simplicity and elegance. Proceeding on to the material, their wallets and purses come in Leather, Metallic, and Non-pig skin material. Kate Spade displays deep concern and appreciation for eco-friendly and no animal cruelty standards. Moreover, you can shop for your Kate Spade Purse or wallet from various categories such as bridal, evening, party, casual, and summer.

kate spade wallet

Kate Spade Backpack

When going on an adventure, or a short trip with friends and family, a backpack is the top essential you need. We can not stress the importance of a spacious backpack, especially when topped with beautiful trendy designs from Kate Spade. Now you won’t have to miss out on any of your important traveling stuff because Kate Spade Backpacks are spacious enough to carry all you need.

You can wear them to the office or carry them to the gym. And the best part is that their collection also consists of formal wear backpacks. They come in Animal Print, Floral, Geometric, Polka Dots, Graphic, and Solid designs. Not to forget the wide range of colors and styles.

Kate Spade Handbags Malaysia

Starting from elegant and spacious black leather tote handbags to medium-sized satchel bags, Kate Spade store has all the bags you could wish for. You will find unique colors like pink, orange, yellow, and green are seen in the trending fashion at Kate Spade.

Besides their plain textured bags, they also have animal print, stripes, and solid print bags. Their straps are adjustable and long enough to keep your shoulder relaxed as your carry them. You can search through occasion categories like beachwear, workwear, evening, formal, and more according to your need.

kate spade handbag

About Kate Spade

Kate Spade has always displayed bold and confident femininity since the start of its brand, with just six handbags. The New York company is a worldwide lifestyle and fashion brand specializing in handbags. Moreover, clothing, shoes, jewelry, home décor, and technological accessories are all items that you utilize daily.

Kate Spade appreciates and shows attention to detail. The brand believes that trendy, sophisticated hues create a unique personal style statement. They believe that a veneer of polished effortlessness looks (and feels) elegant, just like their bags.

These guiding ideas serve as the foundation for their distinct style. It is fascinating how their idea is attached to serving happiness. You will notice meticulously designed brand marks of spades in all their designs for a nice surprise.

You can visit their website to browse through their tremendously fashionable collection of Leather bags, Tote bags, Crossbody bags, handbags, backpacks, purses, and wallets. The fun doesn’t just end here; there is more to their collection, like women’s beauty and women’s accessories on Zalora’s website.

kate spade

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Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

How to pay for Kate Spade items with the Atome app

With Eid just around the corner, customers are in a rush to buy and collect their favorite designs. Or even earlier, Kate Spade bags are the best choice for attending Ramadan festivities.

Atome makes sure its users are eased with the buying process. The process is a piece of cake; here’s how it’s done:

1. Go to the checkout page once you have made your selection in your cart

2. Select the Atome app as your method of payment

3. Confirm your order and enjoy your trendy bag.

Come to upgrade your wardrobe with Kate Spade Malaysia for this Ramadan!

Is your wardrobe one of those simple wardrobes with nothing fascinating or fun to wear around? If yes, the Kate Spade Malaysia store is at your service to greatly upgrade your style and fashion with their trendy bags and accessories.

It gets hard to keep up with the pace of the rapidly evolving fashion and trends, but not anymore because you have found Kate Spade. Plus, all your budget worries are taken care of because Atome comes in to save the day. shop without worries because you can buy now and pay later with Atome.

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